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Tie Tuesday

Welcome to Tie Tuesday! For background, check out the prologue post.


We have had the weirdest weather up here in the Pacific Northwest this week. A couple days it was 80, a couple days were 60 and rainy. Summer just keeps flirting with us. What a tease.

Over the weekend, the weather was quite pleasant so I sported a big of a sunburn on my arms and nose come Monday. Luckily the red nose doesn’t stand out too much in this picture but at the office I was slightly self-conscious about it.

Does black minimize the intensity of a sunburn? If white intensifies it than maybe black does the opposite. Either way, I went for black on Monday – this tunic, doubling as a maternity shirt, is from (say it with me) Forever 21. The bronzish snaps reminded me of this bronze necklace from Target so I coupled them up. Don’t they make a cute couple?

Of course I needed more Forever 21 gear so these maternity jeans are also a Forever (Love 21) find – yes, they are the $6 pair and yes I will say that every time. Because I’m so damn proud of the find.


Tie Tuesday day! I purchased this pencil/straight skirt from the Gap a month (or so?) ago. I’m probably crazy to buy more maternity clothes so late in the game, so I’m trying to get my money’s worth. It’s getting snug at the waist so I’d better get use of it while I can! Any skirt with pockets is worth even one wear to me, though. Designers need to put pockets in more dresses and skirts!

To cover up any ill-fitting bits of this skirt, this purple maternity tank does the job. It’s from Old Navy and still fits really well, thank goodness. Plus it’s purple and I seem to be on a purple kick lately! Oh and it’s soft too. I like Old Navy’s tanks.

These purple heels from Madden Girl are one of my favorite pair of heels. The color is fun and they have a little ruffle all along the foot opening part (I have no idea what to call that part of the shoe!). They’re fairly comfy, too, and not too hard to walk in because they’re only about three inches tall, or less.

I believe this necklace is Forever 21, most likely!


This black maxi (Old Navy) is starting to become my favorite long dress. It’s a really good maternity dress because it has ruching on the side that draws the below-the-belly part of the dress back in. This way the dress doesn’t just hang from the widest part of my body. Much better than the other Old Navy dress I have (it’s a grey one with hot pink and fuchsia and is becoming not-so-flattering).

Because this is a tank-style dress, I wore it with my jean jacket, my go-to shoulder cover for summer in the office! It’s a Gap jean jacket and I’ve had it for so long I can’t remember when I got it. High school? Early college? Beats me, it’s pointless to guess.

Anyway, I wore it all with these Kenneth Cole sandals whose cuteness you cannot see because of this long dress. It isn’t the dress’s fault, I should have taken a better picture! At least my purple toenails get to make an appearance! I hardly ever wear sandals to work anymore!

Also pictured is another Forever 21 necklace (of course!).


This is a nursing dress from Old Navy. I like it well enough because it has all the goodness of my other Old Navy garments – softness, good color, decent fit, good price. This one is also great because it’s long enough to be office-appropriate at this point!

I bought this dress because of it’s nice purple color (see, totally a purple week!) but it has this weird bow-like twist thing that I don’t like. I always work cover the weird part with a belt of some sort. This time, this white scarf fulfilled the belt role. It’s nice to have a belt there anyway (as long as it isn’t some super cheesy bow-twist thing!). It gives the dress more shape and definition.

We’ll see what I end up doing with it when it’s time to use it as an actual nursing dress. It will certainly come in handy this summer when it’s hot and the boob has to be accessible.

I also wore my best neutral shoes, these wedges by Report.


Max would just not leave me alone so I made him sit down to be my picture buddy. It always takes a couple tries to get him to pose facing the camera, though. Good puppy!

Anyway, it was back to cold on Friday so I bundled up in my Doc Martin boots. Nice and cozy!

Another Old Navy find was this striped shirt – $5 on clearance! I think I bought this one almost exactly a year ago, when I was cruising the maternity section for dirt-cheap finds (and stuffing them in the back of my closet and trying not to forget about them). Also from Old Navy are these maternity jeans.

I don’t often bust out my “teacher necklace” but it seemed to be a good fit for Friday. It’s from Forever 21! Shocking, I know!

There you have it, dressing myself in my 37th week of pregnancy!

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