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Top 10 Things I’ll Miss About Pregnancy

As this pregnancy draws to a close (I’m sure it’s almost over, right?!), I’ve started to think about all the things I’ll miss about being pregnant. As I’ve mentioned, I really like being this way! Sure, I do miss my beer and I don’t like spending so much time peeing, but all-in-all this is a pretty great state of being. I especially like the last month or so, when having a babe in arms is so close to being a reality but pregnancy is also in full-bloom, in all its glory.

Here are the top 10 things I think I’ll miss most about being pregnant (with some memories of just-after-pregnancy from the last time, too):

10. Learning about birth. Last time I was pregnant, I chose the “ignorance is bliss” route to childbirth. I read a couple baby-care books, but the amount of reading I did doesn’t compare to this pregnancy’s course load. I suppose that’s because I’m older now and a bit more inquisitive than I was nine years ago. Of course I could continue my studies but I don’t really see the point. If I had aspirations to be a midwife or doula then maybe that’d make sense, but I don’t. I just want to make it through this birth with a little more knowledge than last time!

9. Planning a nursery and doing all the projects. It has kept me busy and gives me a good creative outlet. I used to spend a lot of time on home-improvement projects, but since we’ve been renting for the past five years or so, I don’t get to do that stuff to often (and I’m pretty sure Mr. Handsome is grateful for that!). Luckily for us both (haha!) I’m sure we have some little girl’s room projects in our future!

8. Having her all to myself, knowing she’s safe and protected. I only have to worry about one child right now; the other one is safely attached to me and, as long as I’m taking care of myself, she generates a minimal amount of worry. After she’s born, though, all that changes. Suddenly I’ll wonder: is she getting enough to eat, is she to hot/cold, is she meeting developmental benchmarks, is this a growth spurt or did I mess up the feeding rhythm, and on and on and on. Right now, she’s pretty darn easy.

7. The Best Excuse Ever for being tired. Although, The Maternity Breastfeeding Plan loves to tell me how tired I’ll be while working and breastfeeding. Totally pumped up for that now (hehe funny pun).

6. Also good excuses for forgetting things and eating more than what my be appropriate (like ice cream). My poor friends have taken the brunt of my forgetfulness I’m afraid: I forget to return their emails/calls, I forget to ask them about recent events, I forget to thank them for things… My head is a mess. I’ve been able to (mostly) keep it together for my work tasks, but I have a big ol’ notebook AND a computer for writing that stuff down. I should really think about organizing my personal life in some fashion…

5. The anticipation, the planning, the excitement. Wondering what she’ll look like, how big she’ll be, what her temperament is. She’ll be here soon enough and I’ll know all these things, but for now it’s kind of like a kid on Christmas Eve: I just don’t know what we’ll get and that is pretty darn exciting.

4. Dressing the bump. Regular dressing just isn’t as much fun! I think about what I’m going to wear and how I’ll accessorize a bit more now than I used to. I’ve also learned that taking a couple extra minutes in the morning makes me feel so much better about myself all day long. I’ve made it a goal to put on actual clothes throughout my maternity leave (I’m giving myself the first week off though!) so that I’ll be more motivated to leave the house and I’ll feel better about myself overall. It may be a little vain, but anything that improves my outlook on life is acceptable to me!

3. Adoring smiles and compliments (again, a little vain, I know). The truth is, I was afraid of people’s comments but people have turned out to be surprisingly sweet and awesome! I haven’t gotten one nasty delivery or recovery story and no one has (yet) asked why I haven’t “popped” yet. I’ve got to give major credit to the people at work for being so dang nice. My faith in humanity is somewhat renewed.

2. Shinny, fast-growing hair and nails. I’m still telling myself that I’m not growing my hair out (I’m just not cutting it!) but I’ve noticed it growing pretty fast. My nails need to be trimmed twice a week rather than once. My skin (currently) seems healthier than normal and is quickly recovering from the many sunburns I have forced it to endure. I just can’t miss out on some sun time lately. It has been so rare this year!

1. Baby Movement! Always, always baby movement. I know I’ll miss this the most because when Kiddo1 was born, the instant he came out, before I actually saw him, I remember mourning the loss of those kicks-from-the-inside. I thought, “Aw, I won’t be able to feel his kicks anymore.” But then I saw him and a TON of other amazing thoughts flooded my brain, so many good things coupled with a brand-new set of fears.

I’m super, duper, can’t-even-begin-to-tell-you-how excited for this new addition of our family. At the same time, though, I will miss how amazing growing a new life feels. As the days close in and, maybe, my patience wears thin, I hope to remember all that I have listed here and to remind myself to savor every last minute of this experience.

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  1. Feeling the baby kick was such a surreal experience. I do miss that. Keep taking prenatal vitamins while you are nursing and your hair & nails will continue to be bountiful!

  2. I totally feel you on #8. I love knowing exactly where he is and that I’m all he needs. I’m excited to see him of course, but…yeah. I’m going to miss this!


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