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To Do List: End of Third Tri Update

Might as well do a final check of the to-do list (even though I did just check it a couple weeks ago). I feel pretty well accomplished and ready for this little girl to make her appearance, but let’s see how my December self feels (because I made the list that long ago!).

A recap of the First Trimester list, all complete:
  • Research hospitals and choose a midwife, with birth plan in mind COMPLETE, and I’ll post about it in a couple weeks once my regular appointments begin (I finally posted about group appointments just a few weeks ago.)
  • Start a pregnancy journal STARTED, and this Sunday I’ll post about the journal I selected
  • Start a photo journal STARTED
  • Find a social pregnancy group FORMED MY OWN
  • Download pregnancy apps for iphone DOWNLOADED (three!)
  • Schedule first appointment/ultrasound FINISHED
  • Write down questions for midwife QUESTIONS ASKED AND ANSWERED
  • Get on a kegel schedule SQUEEZING CONTINUES FROM TTC
  • Get on an exercise schedule (cardio) COMPLETE (although I’m struggling to stick to it, but I cardio it up when I can)
  • Plan meals/eat well A WORK IN PROGRESS (but I’ve made vast improvements over my pre-pregnancy habits)
  • Start a blog COMPLETE!
  • Decide whether or not to do the NT scan COMPLETE (and we declined)
  • Find some books about the next few months/year COMPLETE (and book reviews will begin on Sunday)
  • Start a name list BEGUN

The Second Trimester list:

  • Budget evaluation (let’s make adjustments now where needed) COMPLETE, plus we figured out how much money we need to save between now and July so we can pay hospital bills and make up for my company’s disappointing maternity policy (see below) so that I can take at least 10 weeks off work.
  • More diverse exercises (yoga, swimming) STARTED, I love prenatal yoga and I love water aerobics!
  • Research childbirth class and sign up – We’re being major rebels here and opting out of a class entirely. We’re reading so many dang books and we’ve been through this before. I understand that a class would help, but I see it more as icing on the cake than a fundamental piece of the puzzle. Controversial!
  • Evaluate maternity wardrobe COMPLETE and I think I’m set for a least another couple months. I’m only nervous about the last month or so because I know I’ll be absolutely huge then.
  • Prevent stretch marks PREVENTING AS BEST I CAN
  • Check out classes such as bf, baby wearing, cloth diapering, etc. – Cloth diapering COMPLETE, breastfeeding and baby wearing classes are coming up in late May (we’ll miss the April classes, sad face). Update: we had to miss the May classes too, so I’m hoping the June classes will fit our schedules!
  • Brush up my knit and crochet skills and start some projects STARTED some ideas. Projects pending. Currently they’ve been tabled due to all the nursery prep I’ve been doing; I didn’t anticipate getting into it so much!
  • Research maternity leave policy COMPLETE but the policy is pretty disappointing. I get six weeks paid 100%. I could get up to 13 weeks paid but I’d have to have a medical excuse. Lame! I’m going to take 10 weeks regardless, though.
  • Dog training (stop jumping, door management) STARTED, Max is getting used to going to his crate when the doorbell rings (his crate is right by the door) but we do need to work on his responsiveness to “come.” It’s a safety thing at this point.
  • Learn the sex of our baby! GIRL!
  • Doula? COMPLETE; we had a lot of good conversations about this and how we both felt about what we need and want. Ultimately we’ve decided not to use a doula. Mr. Handsome is an amazing coach and I am a very independent personality. I know we’ll have to be our own advocates in the hospital this way, but we know what we want and don’t want and aren’t afraid to ask for it.
  • Register COMPLETE! We’re on Target and Amazon to appease our families, which are all out-of-state.
  • Nursery Ideas COMPLETE, projects started and quickly snowballing out of control.
  • Living Will IN PROGRESS! I’m so glad we got started. We outlined our final wills, we just have to fill in Baby2’s name and birthdate, once we have those, finalize who our executors will be if we’re both deceased (is it okay to use the guardian we’ve selected as executor, too?) and get a witness, sign and notarize. Then we need to start the living wills, too. Progress!
On to the Third Trimester list:
  • Finalize birth plan COMPLETE! Our plan is to have a waterbirth. My positive Group B Strep result shouldn’t interfere… too much.
  • Hospital tour, preregister COMPLETE! We took the tour in mid-June and completed our waterbirth class the week before. We’ll fill out preregistration paperwork at our next group appointment on Tuesday.
  • Plan for when labor starts How much can you plan for this, really? Hopefully I’m out of work by then, but if I’m not I need to just get out of there as soon as I can as I’ll likely be driving myself 15 miles back home.
  • Plan for Kiddo1 and Max while we’re at the hospital COMPLETE! We have four families lined up to watch our son (plus two more whose kids actually won’t be in town at the time but they’ve still volunteered to take them – awesome!).
  • Find out what the grandparents’ travel plans are COMPLETE! My parents arrive July 18th and it looks like Mr. Handsome’s have delayed until the 23rd (the day my parents leave) because his two older brothers will be coming then as well. I’m looking at, like, three solid weeks of family time.
  • Baby Gear, clothes COMPLETE! We’re covered for cloth diapers, that’s for sure! I’m not too worried about newborn-sized clothes because it’ll be hot so she’ll probably hang in diapers, light t-shirts and swaddle blankets for awhile. We’ve got our essential gear covered, too – car seat, crib, changing table (dresser), etc. I think we’re ready in this department!
  • Baby book COMPLETE! I settled on the Humble Bumbles journal. Review to come!
  • Decide if we want pregnancy photos We’re not taking any official photos for a couple reasons, mostly because we didn’t take any with my first pregnancy and I don’t want Kiddo1 to think that pregnancy was any less important. Also, we’ve been taking a lot of just regular pictures now that we’re out and about in the fabulous weather. I don’t think we’re really missing out on anything. I do want to take a bunch of nice family pictures once Baby2 arrives though!
  • Fill out cord blood donation paperwork/register COMPLETE! The paperwork came in the mail the other day and we turned it in at the hospital when we went on the tour.
  • Install car seat COMPLETE! Although getting to one of those car seat safety checks is a pain in the A for sure. The lines are ridiculously long (I have a friend who waited for four hours!) and the “private appointments” are difficult to schedule. Grrrr.
  • Pediatrician COMPLETE! We have a pediatrician for Kiddo1, of course, but I haven’t been all that impressed lately. I found a new one who has great reviews and is pretty close to us. I’m excited to meet her!
  • Make some frozen dinners Eh, whatever.
  • Wash baby clothes, blankets/sheets, prep diapers COMPLETE! My prefolds (cloth diapers) have been washed and dried six times per the manufacturer’s directions. All blankets, sheets, pillows and newborn- or 0-3 month sized-clothes have been washed, the other sizes have been folded and stored for the future.
  • Set up nursery/baby spaces COMPLETE!
  • Prep Kiddo1 for “culture shift” We’ve been talking him up about all the changes and I think he’s ready. We won’t know for sure until it happens but I’m confident. We ran into his second grade teacher last week and she just gushed about how great of a big brother he’s going to be. I agree – he’s going to be awesome. UDPATE: We got a present for him, too, that he can get at the hospital. We’re going to make it “from Baby2, to Kiddo1.” I’m excited for this moment!
  • Plan baby welcoming party for mid-August Looks like this is still the plan. We have to decide it we want it at our house/backyard or out in a nearby park. I can see the benefits of both and I’m having a very difficult time making decisions lately. Luckily this one doesn’t have to get done until after Baby2’s arrival.
  • Research c-sections and inductions, just in case COMPLETE and I’m ready to deviate from my birth plan if needed (but I don’t want to!)
  • Birth announcement (email, mail?) COMPLETE! We’ll send formal announcements to family while friends will get the typical Facebook update. I’ve already got the design queued up I just need a picture and some stats for our little girl!
  • Familiarize myself with contraction-timing apps Sure, I totally got this.
  • Pack hospital bag COMPLETE! Holy crap there’s a lot of stuff to bring. I consider myself moderately minimalist and I’ve still got three reusable grocery bags filled with stuff (although, in my defense, one entire bag is diapering supplies!).
  • Trial run to hospital COMPLETE! Mr. Handsome has got it down – stay left, follow the hospital signs and turn left at the gas station!
  • Clean house/have cleaned SCHEDULED! I found a couple Groupon-type deals so we’ll have the house cleaned and carpets shampooed in early July and then a cleaning again the day before our families arrive. They’re going to do our windows too! I’m so excited!

Eeek, that’s it! Are we really done? Well, I guess there is one more thing left to do – have this baby already!

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