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Tie Tuesday


Everyone likes a little color to liven up a Monday, right? Well, I do. So I wore this hot pink shirt from Old Navy, which is finally starting to fit pretty well! Good thing since I’ve only got a couple more weeks to wear it.

Over the weekend I stopped by the actual Forever 21 store (as opposed to the online store, which I typically frequent). I was looking for cheap accessories (and scoping out the non-maternity clothes, in the hopes that I can wear them soon!). I found this silver multi-strand necklace. It’s big and a little sparkly! It fits nicely with all the scoop-neck maternity shirts (why are there no crew-neck shirts?!).

These maternity jeans are from Old Navy. I think they’re probably my favorite pair of maternity jeans. I like the soft maternity band and how it fits nicely below my belly, without restricting me at all.

And these grey flats are by Report, one of my favorite Ross finds of all time ($15!).


Speaking of nice-fitting pants, these Old Navy trousers also fit nicely. They are the “real waist” style so they have a button and a real zipper fly and all that real pants stuff! And I can wear a belt with them (a size XL belt, but a belt nonetheless!).

This t-shirt is from the Gap. It’s very soft and is still long enough to cover me! It is maternity, though, so I should hope it can still fit well enough. It’s usually my evening/lounging shirt but I’m running out of things to wear to work lately. (I didn’t realize how huge it made my boobs look until now, though.)

To dress up this soft t-shirt, I wore a couple long necklaces. The black and silver one is from Target and the three-strand silver one is from Forever (of course).

These pants are long enough for heels, but I felt like sandals on Tuesday, so I had to roll the pants up a bit. Sure, flip flops aren’t entirely work appropriate but they’re nice enough, right? These are Kenneth Cole Reaction.


More Old Navy and Forever 21 today! Yes, my post-maternity wardrobe will need to be more diverse. Perhaps I will cut back on my online shopping. Perhaps… (but Old Navy did just come out with a whole bunch of summer dresses that I am lusting after. Why must they tease me?)

This is an Old Navy dress, paired with a Forever 21 cardigan (gotta keep those shoulders covered at work!) and necklace. These flats are from Target. Boom, my three favorite stores, all in one outfit. Not a lot of planning required there, I suppose!

I’ve been experimenting a little with my hair lately. I’ve started wearing actual bangs and tucking my “ear pieces” back. As it gets longer I have to do more to it. It’s kind of nice, though, having more hair to play with. I still haven’t decided if I’m growing it all the way out or not – I could go in for a trim and chop it all off again – but for now it’s just growing, doing its thing.


I almost left the house without these leggings on, and that would have been a big mistake seeing how short this dress is in this photo! (Plus, Mr. Handsome saw me bend over before I left for work and said something like, “That’s nice, but I wouldn’t bend over like that at work.” Isn’t he sweet?) Of course I had to pull the leggings out of the hospital bag, but it was worth it! They promptly went back in the bag at the end of the day (I’m planning to wear leggings and Mr. Handsome’s shirt during my hospital stay).

This green dress is from Target. It is soft and comfortable and quite forgiving, too, so it will come in handy post-maternity. Plus it’s probably going to be a good nursing dress too! What with it’s low-cut neckline and everything.

This hard-working belt is from Old Navy – poor thing almost gets folded in half since it’s smashed between my belly and boobs. I’m trying to convince myself that she’s dropping a bit but they I take off my poor folded belt and I regress a little! I adjusted the belt for this picture so it will look somewhat normal.


I was all set to wear this dress a little higher, but the band still sort of fit around my belly so I wore it normal style. Good for me because I’m much more of a fan of the maxi length than the tea length I would have had if I had adjusted the belt height. Of course, the waistband is working pretty darn hard, but it fits!

I really love this necklace – I never get to wear it since I don’t wear a lot of brown. It’s from Old Navy and I feel like I’ve had it forever. Well, seven or eight years at least, I think. It’s got a mother-of-pearl-like round pendant that is engraved with a swirly sort of design.

My Gap jean jacket, of course making an appearance to make me work-appropriate, since this is a sleeveless dress. Finishing it off are these bronze-ish flats from Target.

And that’s what covered me during my 38th week! Happy Tie Tuesday!

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  1. You always looks so nice. I feel like I’ve been wearing the same black pants and tank tops forever! Love that pink shirt in the first pic.

    • Aw, thank you! Having to be somewhat profess’ for work is a good motivator. That, and knowing I’ll be posting pics for the internet to judge. But on the weekends, oh the yoga pants and tank tops get their fair share of time!


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