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4th Fun

Why don’t I ever take the 5th of July off work? Every year I struggle to get going on this day. I’m not even hungover this year! It was just a late night last night, as Kiddo1 pleaded to go see the downtown fireworks (honestly, I’m a big fan of the fireworks too!).

Yesterday was periods of busy activity mixed with lazy, lazy times (for me, at least; Mr. Handsome is nesting like crazy so he cleaned all day). First we went to a neighborhood parade, just a couple neighborhoods over from ours. We biked over – 4 miles, roundtrip! – and took our dog so he got nice and tired (he’s still super tired this morning, he feels the July 5th drag as well). Some photos of the parade:

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After we got home I rested since we had to ride uphill to get back. I made it up all the hills but I was a slow one! Kiddo1 shot up them like lightening; it was rather impressive actually! Mr. Handsome proceeded to clean and organize the entire laundry room and I read a book. Then he threw a bunch of excellent meat on the grill. The restaurant he’s working at has a small but fantastic butcher shop and he gets 50% off! Amazing meat at this place, we are so very happy about it. We He grilled up a flank steak and a ribeye plus a burger for Kiddo1 (the only thing he’ll eat off the grill, silly child) and some asparagus, too.

After some more afternoon lounging it was time for fireworks! We were trying to think of a good place to go all day. We couldn’t go down to a park we’ve been to in the past because there’s only one road in and out which made Mr. Handsome very nervous if I were to go into labor (he’s so protective, awww). We didn’t want to go all the way downtown either because it’s just crazy. We thought we’d wing it and go near his old work (which, up until this year, had a big 4th party with a nice fireworks viewing area).

Luckily when we got there a big parking lot had opened for free parking so we scored a fantastic spot. We didn’t have to walk far out of the parking lot to get a good viewing spot, too. We lit some sparklers and only waited about an hour for the show. Plus we ran into another family we know and the boys ran off some energy together, which was much needed for Kiddo1. Lately he’s had a lot of what Mr. Handsome and I can only think is nervous/anxious energy.

After the fireworks started, he proceeded to take several hundred photos of them with my phone, which was pretty cute. It’s hard to get good fireworks photos! But it was an amazing show this year, much better than any that I remember in the past. It started with a huge bunch of very loud and bright blasts all at once – it made me instinctively move my hands to my belly to protect it! I think Baby2 wasn’t too bothered. I felt her moving down a bit but not violently kicking in protest or anything.

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It only took about 30 minutes to get out of the parking lot and then 10 minutes home, which is pretty damn amazing considering our luck in years past. We shot off a couple of our small, legally purchased fireworks (no big ones this year, just not up for it), even though Kiddo1 was dead tired he insisted. We all made it to bed about midnight, Kiddo1 was out in an instant I’m sure.

Wow, our last holiday as a family of three. Kind of strange, but awesome!

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