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The New and Improved Mobile

Even though the nursery was finished a couple weeks ago, I wasn’t entirely happy with the mobile I created. So, I improved it. And probably just in time, too! I was having some mild contractions the other night when I was hanging the last few balls. (One thing about this project that I will miss – all the awesome ball jokes Mr. Handsome and I have been slinging at each other.)

For the before pics, check out the nursery post linked above. I’m focusing on the after here!

photo-5 I added 4 new balls: two yellow ones, a purple and a turquoise.

For the two new yellow ones, I used a different technique than with the first ball, which took almost three whole days to complete. These last two went a lot faster! I finished them in about a day. I took a strip of 2″-wide fabric, folded it in half (hot-dog style) and wrapped it around the balls, securing with a dab of hot glue every few inches. I should have taken some pictures during production so I could share a little tutorial, but I was really focused on just getting these done! I was able to use up some leftover yellow fabric (that I had planned on making a crib sheet out of, but then I liked the red sheets too much).

For the purple balls, I took away the one very textured ball I had up and replaced it with two simpler balls. They’re just white paper lanterns covered in purple tissue paper by using Mod Podge glue. They took about an hour for the set – way, way easier than covering the balls in tiny bits of crumpled up tissue paper like I did for the first purple ball I used. I lost some texture but saved myself from losing some sanity, so win-win.

The turquoise ball was just a leftover that I hadn’t hung yet. Now I have 11 balls strung up there. I hung them with simple hooks and some thick white sewing thread (the quilting kind, extra strong). The yellow ball in the middle is extra reinforced between two hooks and lots of thread because it is super heavy!

I feel really finished with the decorating now. I’m not even itching to do any other projects, which must mean we’re super close to meeting our little girl, right?!

Here are some more views of the ball-o-rama:

Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App

A baby’s-eye view

 Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone AppUploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App

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  1. Looks fantastic! Your baby is going to love the bright colors.

    • Thank you! And I hope she enjoys it once she can see that far! I wonder if I should get a small, regular mobile for her, but I think she’ll be okay. I’m over-analyzing a mobile, yikes…


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