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Tie Tuesday

It’s the last-week-of-work Tie Tuesday post!


This week was really the first time that I seriously felt like I was running out of clothes. I know I have more than enough to choose from, but… still. My messed up not-wanting-to-make-decisions mind thinks I’m out of clothes. But somehow, I managed not to walk around naked all week. Score.

On Monday I went for comfort. This grey Forever 21 shirt is a long, non-maternity shirt that has proven quite useful over the last few months. It is soft and stretchy – just what I need! Plus it has pockets! Who doesn’t like that?

I also wore my $6 Forever 21 (actually Love 21) maternity jeans. You know what is totally awesome about these jeans? I only wore them for a few months and I don’t feel like I need to sell them to make myself feel better about spending the money on them! I can’t say the same for a couple pair of jeans that I had dropped some good cash for, wore in early pregnancy and then quickly grew out of them. Those need to hit ebay STAT! Who am I kidding, I should have sold them off already!


On Tuesday my team at work hosted a going-away potluck for me (on Tuesday, not Friday, because half the team was going to be out on vacation after the 4th). They’re so sweet, and the food was awesome!

I know I should wear something non-constraining on potluck days, because it’s a food fest all day, starting with donuts in the morning and ending with some kind of ice cream treat in the afternoon. We are a spoiled bunch!

My friend gave me this shirt (and a bunch of her other clothes!) because it no longer fits her – she’s been working out a ton and looks amazing! But she didn’t want her bigger clothes to go to waste. Good thing I can use them! Perfect timing, too, since I’ve had these “I’ve got nothing to wear” feelings.

I put it with this cotton Old Navy skirt, these Kenneth Cole Reaction sandals and a Forever 21 cuff. And I ate to my heart’s content.


Wednesday was the 4th of July and I was all set to go all red, white and blue with my blue Forever 21 necklace (another piece that I bought on a whim and haven’t worn until now), my white tanks and a red belt. But when I got dressed the red belt was no where to be found! Sad face. Maybe it was getting tattered so I tossed it. I know I’ve had it for awhile but I would think I’d remember getting rid of it! Oh well, blue and white was all I was going to get.

I added some summer yellow bright shoes to the mix and, later, a yellow cardigan for the fireworks viewing.

This blue necklace is kind of cool – it’s four strands of metal covered in blue plastic and those strands are woven with a thin metal chain. I should take a close-up picture of it, but I didn’t. I never know what to wear this necklace with, though. I guess I don’t feel like it goes with much of what I have. But it’s Forever so I only spent like $5 on it anyway. Still worth it for at least one day of wear!


I feel baby’s head really low in my pelvis, the midwife says it’s super low, but I don’t think it looks like baby has dropped at all. I guess they do say that the second baby sometimes doesn’t drop until labor starts, but since it has been nine years since my last pregnancy, I kind of thought that wouldn’t apply to me. Oh well, as long as her head is down low enough that she won’t flip to breech, I’m good!

This shirt/tunic is another non-maternity dress-turned-shirt. It is working hard with its stretch but, hey, it still covers me which is all I can ask for at this point! It and the belt (that always gets mistaken for a necktie) are both from Old Navy. So are these jeans, too. Well, I do tend to go all-outfit with my stores sometimes, don’t I? “My stores” being Old Navy and Forever 21, of course.

I also wore these Steve Madden tweed heels. By the time I got to work in the morning I was seriously questioning why I wore heels, but my feet didn’t really hurt. They just started to swell a bit by the time I got home. I didn’t take my usual lunch walk but that’s just the price I had to pay for getting to wear my cute shoes!


Ah, the last day of work before leave. It was kind of a bittersweet day! One that I figured I might as well dress up a little for, since I won’t have much of a need to “go professional” for the next 10 weeks.

People were so, so sweet on Friday. I got lots of compliments and well-wishes. I have appreciated all of my office mates so much in the last few months. To be honest, I was a little afraid of people’s comments going into this pregnancy. I mean, people can say some pretty mindless things to pregnant women. But everyone has been amazing and so complimentary – it’s a great office of kind people. No horror stories or questions about my size or anything! Whew!

I wore a knit skirt from the now-defunct Forever/Love 21 maternity line (good thing I got it and the $6 jeans when I did!) with a Gap favorite tee. The tee isn’t maternity and is pretty damn short now, but with the high-waisted skirt you can’t see that at all. This Forever 21 belt helps make a nice transition between skirt and tee. Plus I think it sort of matches these neutral Report wedges.


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