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The Future of 9 Years Later

For awhile now, I’ve been wondering what I’m going to do with this blog after my pregnancy is over (whenever that is!). I started the blog as a way to document and journal my pregnancy (beyond my The Nine Pregnancy Countdown Journal, of course). My plan is to take all my blog posts and put them into a memory book. makes these amazing photobooks – you can upload your entire blog, photos and all, and they can make a book out of it for you! I figured this would be a nice keepsake.

But after the book, what happens to the blog? I’ve had a good time writing over the past several months. Blogging has become a great outlet for me. I think I would miss it if it were to go away (plus, it will probably keep me sane while I’m not working during maternity leave!).

So I’ve decided to keep up with the blog. I probably won’t post as often, but we’ll see what happens there. I’ve been thinking of some ideas for reoccurring posts, too. They probably won’t happen weekly, maybe not on a set schedule at all but, rather, when I can fit them in or I have an update. Here are some ideas I’ve been kicking around in my noggin, complete with fun titles:

  • The Great Stroller-Free Experiment: my own personal mission to get out-and-about with kids, without stroller.
  • The Age Gap Chronicles: what life is really like with two kids who have a nine-year age gap between them.
  • Baby2’s Adventures: the growth of a baby is rapid and fascinating. I’ll probably record a lot of the goings-on here.
  • An Office Worker’s Breastfeeding Story: my experiences trying to maintain breastfeeding while working outside-the-home full-time.
  • Book Reviews: of course! I find that knowing I need to write a review on the books I’m reading makes me focus on them more while I’m actually reading them. A little help in the reading comprehension department never hurt anyone. Maybe I’ll read some “real” (ie not pregnancy/baby-related) books now and then too!
  • Fluffy Butt Fun: cloth diapering successes and, most likely, the failures too (failures that we learn from, of course!).

Okay, that’s a good start for now. There are some things that will obviously be discontinued now that the pregnancy is over, such as my weekly pregnancy updates (it’d just be awkward if those continued!). Tie Tuesday will likely be a thing-of-the-past, too, as a non-pregnant belly isn’t nearly as interesting as a pregnant one.

I’m looking forward to what my blogging future might bring!

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  1. I hope you keep blogging – all those topics you listed would be fun to read about.


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