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Someone Else’s Birthday

Today is my dad’s and father-in-law’s birthday. So happy birthday to them! They were both hoping for Baby2 to hold out until today, of course. Up until a few days ago (or a week? Or yesterday?) I was sure we wouldn’t make it this far. Now I’m not even sure if she’ll be born today!

I’m fighting my tension. I know my lack of relaxation is not making things any better. I feel horrible that all my recent posts have been so negative. I’m usually a very positive person! I can usually see the up side of any situation, but I’m different right now. I must make my next post more positive!

But back to the bitching for just one more minute… The part of this whole thing that I’m stuck on is now there’s no chance of getting my wish for alone time with Mr. Handsome and the kids before my patents and in-laws arrive (my parents will be here in two days). I fought Mr. Handsome so hard on this and now… why was I fighting? What does it matter now? Ugh. I feel like if I didn’t have the family visits bearing down on me, I wouldn’t be having such a hard time right now. I want to enjoy these last days (weeks?) of pregnancy!

Don’t get me wrong, I am excited to see my family, of course! I just know that the closer to the delivery date that they arrive, the more tired and “not normal” (for lack of a better phrase) I’ll be. That’s just not fair to them. Whether they say they want/need to be entertained or not, I want to entertain them! I want to be a good host! And I can’t do that if I can barely stay awake… or sit down without an inflatable donut.

At this point, though, this is something I’m just going to have to get over. I can’t get my way with this one. Shoot, at this point I should just be hoping she arrives before their visit ends!

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