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Last Group Prenatal Appointment

We had our last scheduled group appointment last night. I gotta say, I was super relieved to see another couple there! I sort of thought we’d be the only ones. And she was overdue too, which made me sad for her but it was great to have an empathizer. We swopped stories about post-40 weeks pregnancy. Good times.

We also learned that the couple who were due on the 11th (two days before us) had delivered that morning, so at least we had company in our overdue club.

The midwife talked to us about baby care and we watched “The Happiest Baby on the Block” video (I read the book ages ago, or at least it feels like ages!). The little baby faces in the video were so freaking cute. Very exciting.

The midwife freaked us out a little by saying that the hospital has been very full lately. They have had to “divert” people that call in (ie send them to another hospital). Our midwife basically says that if you just show up in the throws of labor, they can’t send you away. But when you’re Group B Strep positive and have to get antibiotics four hours prior to delivery, that advice is kind of conflicting. I guess we’ll see what happens!

As far as progress goes, baby’s head continues to be super low (so low the midwife couldn’t really feel it, but she knew it had to be there!). I was not checked again (and I didn’t want to be) so I don’t know of we’ve progressed beyond Friday’s 3 cm. She said baby is right-facing anterior, which typically means labor will start with my water breaking and will be intense but fast. Also that it should go down in the next couple days. We’ll see!

Obviously Friday’s membrane sweep did not put me into labor, but I have felt closer and closer every day. For the last couple days, I have had evening contractions that feel more and more productive. Last night they were getting a little more… noticeable. Not painful per se, but definitely there.

Anyway, I left the appointment feeling pretty relaxed (despite knowing the hospital has been full!). Even though I know our midwife could be completely wrong about her prediction, having a professional give me an estimate just makes me feel better.

My parents are a couple hours away – there’s just no stopping time! The next few days should be exciting. We have a “fetal assessment” scheduled for Friday, just in case. Fingers crossed we don’t last too much longer!

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  1. I have my fingers crossed for you!!


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