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Tie Tuesday: Special Finale Edition

Welcome to a special finale edition of Tie Tuesday! This week is a two-part post: first, Monday and Tuesday’s outfits of last week and second, some style tips I’ve picked up from “What Not to Wear.” Since I started this series with maternity style tips, I figured I’d end it with more style tips! This time they aren’t maternity-related, though, because I don’t need to wear maternity clothes anymore! Although some of the dresses are still in rotation because I love them so much (and they’re great for breastfeeding!).

This will mark the end of Tie Tuesday. I may make a random fashion-related post now and then (baby style? Breastfeeding style? We’ll see…). No more weekly outfits, though. Now that I don’t have a baby belly to show off any more it seems kind of odd to post regular outfits! I am keeping my motivation going for dressing nice to feel nice, though. I find that I feel so much better about my own self image when I dress up a little. Other than the day we spent in the hospital, I’ve worked hard to get myself in something presentable every day. Woohoo!

On to this “week’s” looks…


This was one of the few days in the past week or two that I wore jeans. I was seriously running out of skirts in general and dresses that I didn’t feel huge in, so I pulled out my loosest-fitting jeans, these awesome $6 Forever/Love 21 maternity jeans. I think that’s the best $6 I’ve ever spent. These jeans just kept on working and they still look great! I may have said before that they don’t have front pockets (which I always forget and try to use pockets anyway!) but neither do my Old Navy maternity jeans and those cost several times more!

This Old Navy shirt finally almost fits. Old Navy doesn’t really have consistent sizing when it comes to their maternity stuff. I always buy the same size yet some of the shirts stopped fitting weeks ago and some are still a bit big. What gives Old Navy? But I will miss these soft cotton shirts. I hope I can find a good home for them! Boxing up the maternity clothes will be bittersweet. But busting out the “box of unfittables” will be awesome! It’ll be like shopping in my closet!

Anyway, I wore these yellow Bandolino sandals as well, as my feet swelled and I couldn’t fit into any of my flats. I hope they go back to normal soon! (I tried on some flats yesterday and they were still a bit tight!).


The day before Baby2’s birthday! Oddly, that night I chose not to hang up my clothes as I usually do, but I just tossed them on the floor for some reason. Good thing I did, because I was able to get them on again early Wednesday morning before we jetted off to the hospital! It was this very outfit (minus the necklaces) that I gave birth in. Yep, I was wearing this skirt and shirt the very moment Baby2 was born. Crazy!

When I first wore this Old Navy skirt, I wasn’t too sure about it. It seemed almost too flowy for me. But I grew to love it more and more and it was a wardrobe staple for the last few weeks!

I think this might be my absolute favorite picture of the whole Tie Tuesday series. If I can get vain for a second, I think that for being four days overdue I look super happy and glowy in this picture. I never considered myself as having a “glowy” look during this pregnancy, but I certainly did on Tuesday. Ah, my last day of my last pregnancy. Makes me feel super awesome even now.

So that’s it for Tie Tuesday! Bye-bye pregnancy outfits! On to part two…

Sometimes I’ve mentioned my love of TLC’s “What Not to Wear.” Often when I’m preparing what to wear for myself, Stacy and Clinton’s rules pop in my head. Their rules are timeless and foolproof, so I thought I would share some of my favorites today. There are more, of course (I’m struggling to remember the basic three rules for patterns), but here’s what I usually think about:

  1. Neutrals can be paired with any color. ANY color! Including other neutrals! Patterns can go together too as long as they have similar colors and scale (but don’t over-do it!).
  2. Items don’t have to match but they do have to go.
  3. Shoes that look nicer than tennis shoes can still be comfortable. Plus they look nicer!
  4. Finding heels that don’t hurt not only elongate your legs and overall physique but they make you walk with better posture and tend to give you more confidence.
  5. A good tailor can be your best friend and he or she can open the door to so many more wardrobe opportunities. Found the perfect pants but they’re too long? Alter them! Love that dress but it’d look better with a cap sleeve? Change it! A small fee for tailoring is usually worth it (as long as the original garment was of good quality, of course).
  6. Bigger clothes make you look bigger. If you want to look thinner, highlight the smallest part of you. Emphasize the waist to draw attention away from the hips. Select a wide neckline to highlight the collar bones over a large chest.
  7. Most importantly – everyday life is an event and it deserves nice attire. Even if you’re just going to the grocery store, looking your best can’t hurt! Dressing well makes me feel good about myself, no matter where I am. Plus, if I run into someone (especially someone I don’t like or who doesn’t like me!) I present my best self. What if I ran into a celebrity and could take my picture with them? I’d want to look my best. So I try to always think of that every time I go out. Some may say this is vain. I say anything that helps one’s self-esteem (as long as it doesn’t hurt others!) is a win.

That’s it! Thanks for following Tie Tuesday!

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  1. I love me some WNTW too even though I know I break the rules quite a bit!


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