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Book Review: Petit Collage Deluxe Baby Book and Memory Box

PhotobucketSince the Humble Bumbles journal didn’t work out, I needed to find a replacement. I really wanted to buy a journal in a store so I could see it and judge it without having to buy it, even though I bought Humble Bumbles from a store and returned it anyway. Alas, I found the Petit Collage Deluxe Baby Book and Memory Box on Amazon after freaking out realizing that Humble Bumbles wasn’t a good fit. To my surprise, it not only arrived just before Baby2 was born but it is exactly what I’ve been looking for! Here’s why…

First, a recap what I’m looking for:

  • The journal needs to look nice, not too girly, not too baby. Gender-neutral is fine but a little girly without going over-the-top is nice, too.
  • Kiddo1’s baby book was formatted like a three-ring-binder, so I could add pages of pictures. It was also in a box so I could throw in other stuff like the hospital bracelet. This baby book needs to have some of that flexibility too.
  • The book can’t be religious, because Mr. Handsome and I aren’t religious and I feel like the book should definitely jive with our philosophical preferences (although that sounds way more heavy than it is, I think!).
  • Preferably only a year’s worth of pages to fill out, but it can go longer as long as the focus is the first year.
  • Also, there can’t be too much to fill out. I’d rather spend my time experiencing baby’s milestones than recording them!

Here’s what I love about this new journal, the Petit Collage Deluxe Baby Book and Memory Box:

  • It’s cute in an OMG-I’m-dying-from-the-cuteness way – super adorable baby bird motif that is not at all “too baby” but perfect for a baby! It could be gender-neutral but I think it leans to girly. Most importantly, it is not pastel pink, thank goodness!
  • PhotobucketThe book rests within a generously-sized box with a drawer to keep all the mementos. It comes with small and large vellum envelopes for giving precious objects a little extra protection. Like the vellum envelope in Humble Bumbles, these aren’t iron-clad containers, but within the protection of the box they just work just fine.
  • There is space for lots of pictures and the picture spots are thoughtfully placed. There’s even a piece of vellum between the month-by-month pages that have pictures facing each other (there’s only one page per month so the pictures could stick to each other without the vellum). There’s also enough room within the box’s drawer for a small photo album, if the picture count gets a little crazy.
  • This book is in no way religious, not even hinting at it. Fantastic.
  • The book only covers baby’s first year! So I don’t have to feel guilty about loosing track of keeping up with each birthday. Whew!
  • There aren’t too many blanks to fill in. Only a few “before baby” pages – one for mom, dad and a couple for the pregnancy. Then there’s a few birthday pages, a few “baby’s firsts” pages, pages for baby’s favorite things and then it’s on to the month-by-month section, with a page for every month containing a picture spot, height/weight and milestone blanks. In the back there are a couple pages for baby’s first birthday and a family tree.

I’m so in love with this journal right now that I can’t think of much I don’t like. One thing that jumps out at me is that, while there is a sheet of vellum between the months to protect the pictures, there isn’t a sheet between other opposing picture pages (baby’s first haircut and first bath pages face each other, for example). I can stick a piece of vellum in there myself, but it’d be nice if it was already attached. Oh, the price was a little steep, too; I found it on Amazon for $31 but suggested retail is $55! I don’t love this journal 55 dollars-worth.

Overall, a great find for blindly trusting the other Amazon reviewers!

Next Review: On Becoming Babywise by Gary Ezzo, MA and Robert Bucknam, MD

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  1. We also have been on the lookout for something that is not too baby like and isn’t too fill in the blank intensive. This looks like a nice alternative!


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