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We Counted in the Big Latch On!

This morning, Baby2 and I participated in our neighborhood’s contribution to the Big Latch On 2012! There were about 50 mama-baby pairs joining in simultaneous breastfeeding. We had a great time!

I was a little nervous because the rules were firm: baby must be latched on for one full minute from exactly 10:30 to 10:31 AM. What if she wasn’t hungry? What if the room was too noisy? (She likes her mealtimes quiet!) What if I couldn’t get in the right position without my Boppy pillow?!

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Baby2 and me after the de-latching

But we were fine. We got there early and signed in, we found a spot next to someone I know and Baby2 was showing slight hunger signs just after 10:00. The room was noisy with all the babies, of course, but it got real quiet at 10:30. Baby2 confidently latched on and we were counted! My arms didn’t get tired holding all seven pounds of Baby2 – we held out and kept on nursing for a full feeding! Woo!

It was good to see so many mamas and even some whole families that are excited about breastfeeding. Some families brought their older kids wearing shirts that said how long they were breastfed (years!). I’m just glad Baby2 did so well – she didn’t get upset at all the commotion or anything. I was a proud mama.

So far the numbers on BLO’s website are killing last year’s – 8727 participants to 2011’s 5687. Lots more countries and locations, too! I was happy to be part of the event and I’m sure Baby2 was too!

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  1. Glad you could be a part of it! I didn’t participate in ours because the local event was a logistical nightmare… no parking so they asked people to carpool?!? Too much for me with two kids by myself.

    Did you see your birth story was featured in The Birthmuse’s Blog? Very cool!


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