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He Follows in My Footsteps

An historic event happened this week: Kiddo1 started his very own blog! I’m excited to announce, your latest and greatest source of movie reviews by a kid.

Kiddo1 loves to watch movies. LOVES them. He’d spend an entire weekend vegging out if I’d let him. In order to space out his movie viewing and build his skills in writing and typing, we’ve agreed he’ll review a movie before he can watch another one.

He’s posted a review of Jumanji and he’s working on one for Wreck It Ralph today. He’s writing under my handle of MotherMary9 (so I don’t have to maintain a separate wordpress account, mostly) but he has done all the site-building: he picked the name, the layout the categories, etc. He’s writing all his own posts with very little guidance from me.

I hear there was also an election of some kind this week? Oh yes, Kiddo1 was elected as Student Council Secretary on Monday! I call him Mr. Secretary sometimes now. What an awesome kid I have, I tell you what.

Finally, however you wanted the outcome of the national election to be, I think there’s one thing we can all agree on: thank goodness campaign season is over! …for now.

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