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8 Months

 photo F61A1642-EEC1-4B2B-AC6C-94D31C335B8E-1095-000000C659F68994_zps89debb74.jpgBaby2 has gotten to be so animated this month. She’s developed her “confused” face… or maybe it’s more like a “what the bleep is going on around here?!” face. This picture just doesn’t capture the clear distinction between her looks of upset/about-to-cry versus this newest look of bewilderment. It’s really cute – she wrinkles up her whole face. Such a departure from her usual smiley face but so funny!

She’s starting to rub her eyes when she’s tired which is adorable! Not only is it a cute move but it’s also a much clearer sign that she’s sleepy. Before all we had to go on was this sort of whiny sound she made. And she leans forward as if her head is starting to get a little harder to hold up. She wears herself out so fast because she’s busy scooting all over the house. I have a video I will post as soon as I can get on our desktop computer. She isn’t  crawling yet, but certainly moving in a forward direction.

She can also do this cool “plank-”style trick where she balances on her hands and toes. She’ll only hold it for a second so it’s hard to get a picture of, but here’s an attempt.

 photo 26776C05-9127-4CAF-AD21-D269C99891B3-1095-000000C65D8C4575_zps0c11f372.jpg
Look at her little toes pushing her up! Sometimes she’ll push up to her hands and knees but same thing as the plank – she only holds it for a second. She’s only been doing this for a week or so, though, so perhaps as she gets stronger she’ll add the scooting element and be an official crawler. We’ll see!

Until then, Baby2 will gladly roll herself right off everything, apparently. She would certainly have rolled off the changing table dozens of times if we weren’t so diligent in never leaving her alone on it. The second I sit her down sometimes she flips right over! And now she knows the knobs on the dresser (which we use as a changing table) are shiny so she wants to flip over so she can reach down and play with them. I can distract her sometimes with cleaver objects such as her comb or a bracelet but diaper changes have certainly taken on a whole new rhythm. She’s a smart cookie – she knows what she wants.

She’s very distractable in general. When I’m feeding her she’s all over the place – unlatching and arching her back to see what’s going on behind her, twisting her head all around while still latched (ouch, but at least she doesn’t have teeth!), flailing her arms all about so she can find something to play with, etc. At the same time, though, I can still distract her back to focus (if that makes sense) by just flickering my fingers or making a funny noise.

Oh and she reads. I’m sure she’s well above the 8-month reading level.

 photo 20F0F724-9F9F-4257-8A96-ED4B33778F8B-1095-000000C655E038B9_zpsdcf1331c.jpg

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