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Monthly Archives: April 2013

Having a Small Child

Baby2 is a Small Baby. I don’t mean a young baby, I mean she’s physically little. We haven’t had her nine-month doctor’s appointment for the official weigh-in (due to the crazy admin staff at the office) but I imagine she’s about 14 pounds, which puts her in the lowest percentile for weight and about the 15th percentile for height. Like I said, she’s little (and as you can likely guess, I hate percentiles. I hate having my perfectly healthy baby compared to other babies. But I digress).

Our pediatrician is not worried, as Baby2 meets all her development milestones, has a regular output of wet and dirty diapers, etc. Plus, Dr. P also had a son of her very own with the exact same growth chart as our dear Baby2. That experience of hers is probably helping us a ton, because Dr. P is super supportive at every visit when I voice even the smallest concern about her size.

We had an awful pediatrician with Kiddo1 (and we were too naive to think we had the option of finding someone else). Kiddo1 was also a Small Baby and our ped made us feel like the scum of the Earth because of it. I stopped going to well-baby visits after awhile and made Mr. Handsome take the lashings (in my defense, I did have to work!).

So we’ve been here before, in Small Baby Land, with Kiddo1. And man, people made us feel SO BAD about having a Small Baby. Mr. Handsome’s parents actually asked us if we fed him. Can you imagine? And Mr. Handsome was a Small Baby too! Size IS fairly genetic. We are not big people. Yet, our own parents questioned our practices.

Now with Baby2 I feel a bit better about her size because I know it’s genetic, I know she’s healthy, etc. I worry less than I did with Kiddo1: I attend all the appointments, I don’t lose sleep with worry (I lose sleep for other reasons, though, of course!).

Yet no matter how fine I feel in my own mind, there’s still a gaggle of people who just seem to LOVE to tell us how small our baby is.

It’s like someone pointing out a zit on the tip of my nose. Well hello, Captain Obvious. I had NO idea she was small! Yes, I see how your two-month-old is bigger, how wonderful for you. Could you maybe stop to think for a second how I may be feeling about having a Small Baby? Could you think that maybe there’s a reason she’s small? That maybe it is painful for me to even think about, let alone have it pointed out time and time again?! (The reason is genetics, and that is not painful, but what if she had a disease? Or was a premie?)

We were at a friends’ house a couple weeks ago and they must have said half a dozen times in a five minute period that she’s “just SO SMALL!” They are bigger people, they had big babies. Fine. But why must the obvious size of our baby always be pointed out? Whether it’s family, friends, or totally strangers, people love to state the obvious, and it is driving me crazy.

I no longer worry about her, instead I worry about other people. What will they say? What will I say back? I just avoid strangers most of the time, especially old ladies. They are THE WORST, mostly to Mr. Handsome (I think they secretly love tearing the confidence away from excellent fathers).

She’s little, but she’s little AND PERFECT. And I need to remember that I shouldn’t have to defend her, or anything about our family (including our genetics!), to anyone.

 photo null_zps3c64cf66.jpg

Her shirt says, “Little and Perfect.” I think so too!

9 Months

More leaps and bounds from this baby this month. Baby2 is growing so fast, I wish I could slow down time a bit.

She has been officially crawling for a week or two and it is just the cutest thing to watch. She can move so fast across the living room floor (and why do babies always go straight for the one spot or item that hasn’t been completely baby-proofed?!). She’s so proud of herself, practically laughing as she makes a bee-line toward a toy (or hap-hazardly placed laptop). Sometimes she’ll stop and make this very cute pose where she turns half-way around and puts her hand on her hip. It is most difficult to get a picture of (like the plank was last month!) but this one is pretty decent:

 photo 07D40699-1AA2-4190-B4C8-0AA010544AAE-1152-000000C8156EFDAE_zpsb509178a.jpg

She also stands now, which started almost a month ago. She loves to stand at the edge of the sofa so she has something to hold on to. Once she starts to get bored of crawling after toys, you can stand her up at the sofa and she’s peachy keen all over again. Such an easy baby to amuse, we have it so very nice with her.

 photo 14DAAF4A-53F3-4AD8-AE14-D88166C7C4B9-1152-000000C76A6B0F64_zpsce14c760.jpg

She will also pull herself to standing now, which is a new trick she’s started this week. The first time she did it I was so shocked! We then spent some time lowering her crib mattress, just in case she starts standing in there, too. So far she just crawls around but I wouldn’t be surprised if she “takes it to the next level” once she understands how she can use those “jail bars.” We call them that because whenever she looks out from her crib she has this sad look on her face like she’s a baby prisoner. Once she makes eye contact with us, though, the smile lights up her face. Such a delightful girl!

Eating out has gotten a bit easier as she’s started to sit in a restaurant high chair quite nicely. She’s too squirmy to hold while eating anymore, and she wants to grab everything on, and including, our plates. But, put her in a high chair with a few choice toys/books (and remove everything else within reaching distance!) and she’s one happy camper. Here she is this past weekend at brunch:

 photo 4113F276-F717-4E18-925B-E5C9D6CB6AF2-1152-000000C770828ED3_zps1d5a1a61.jpg

She loves that puppy in the book – this book is one of those with a furry patch on each page and she just loves it. She’s quite the reader. A book is usually just, if not more, enjoyable as a toy.

On another note, Baby2 seems to be close to getting some teeth. Her nighttime sleep patterns were all messed up this week. Several times she woke up around 2 AM and just cried uncontrollably for a couple hours. It didn’t matter if she was in her crib or if I snuggled next to her in bed and the crying persisted whether she was being fed (or attempted to be fed) or not. Each time we would change her and inspect her for “owies” but those things didn’t seem to make a difference, either. She was just a very, very unhappy baby. It breaks my heart to hear her cry without stopping for so long. Even when she would breathe it sounded sad. Mr. Handsome and I could only helplessly stand guard, as even no amount of holding her seemed to help at all.

With the restless night and my very hectic work schedule these past couple weeks (several big projects have me working 50-60 hours a week right now), I am straight-up exhausted. Being sleep-deprived totally sucks. Luckily Mr. Handsome is awesome and lets me sleep in on the weekends, but during the week I feel a bit like a zombie. I’m sure he does too, since he works a couple nights a week and gets home sometime around midnight. Luckily he has a little bit of time during the day to nap, but only if Baby2 is cooperating.

Her naps are pretty regular now, though. She has always loved a good morning nap, and continues to sleep 2-3 hours after she and Mr. Handsome arrive back home from dropping Kiddo1 off at school. She’ll take a fairly decent afternoon nap, too. Sometimes when I work from home she’ll sleep through the afternoon time for picking up Kiddo1, so Mr. Handsome only has the dog as company on his walk. Lately, though, he’s allowed Kiddo1 to walk home from school with a classmate (who is also our neighbor) which I think has allowed Baby2 a bit more consistent afternoon nap schedule.

Finally, we celebrated Easter this month too! I couldn’t resist the opportunity to dress Baby2 in a super-fluffy girly dress. The whole family also dressed up and we hosted brunch for Mr. Handsome’s parents and some friends. The weather was amazing for March in the Pacific Northwest, the food we all brought was so satisfying and the kids discovered a great bunch of dollar- and coin-filled eggs in the yard (we had to convince Kiddo1 to participate somehow!). A good time was had by all. Happy Spring!

  photo 19D910C2-299B-49C0-BD2E-0C3CC78559DD-1152-000000CA7E42421E_zpse66eb380.jpg