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10 Months

Baby2 is really active now. She wants to move all the time! She will make her way over anything that gets in her way:

 photo null_zps709ef4eb.jpg

She is determined to get to her destination! She won’t even let the frilly dresses we put her in get in the way. Sometimes she crawls more on her toes to get around the extra fabric. She is a quick crawler, too. She loves scooting right over to her brother or trying to get in his room. Everything about him is just so interesting.

 photo null_zpsf975b140.jpg

She pulls herself up to standing on anything and everything that she can. She’s especially good at it when she’s in her crib and doesn’t want to take a nap!

 photo null_zps10486e9d.jpg

Her naps are going okay I think. She’s been in more of a somewhat predictable rhythm this month. Still one good early morning nap and maybe a mid-day one as well. Her naps took a turn for the worst when she had her first cold, though.

Her cold lasted for 8 days and it was probably worse on Mr. Handsome and I than it was on Baby2, at least when you consider the emotional state her cold put us in! She just had a runny nose and small cough, but it was so sad to see her cough! Sad and cute all at once. She hated having her nose wiped, but luckily it never got really red or chapped.

The problem with her naps was that she couldn’t breathe very well through her nose, so she couldn’t use her pacifier when she went down for a nap. She had a hard time settling herself down to sleep without something to help her sick self feel better.

 photo null_zpsa21df05d.jpg

Otherwise she was such a good baby for being sick. In this picture with the yellow pajamas she was a couple days into the nose/cough cold but just as happy as can be. We are so very lucky.

Nighttime sleep is a little better, although we still get the longest periods of sleep if she’s next to me. I certainly feel more rested lately and less like the “zombie” that I felt like last month. I’m not sure if last month her sleep was really interrupted by teething or something else, but this month it is better. She’ll wake up one or twice during the night but she always just eats a bit and goes back to sleep. Not too bad.

She is getting more practice at eating “real food,” but she isn’t into it yet at all. She seems to like having a chunk of food and nawing on it, but she really just gums a piece so she doesn’t get much actual solid food in her. Purees go okay when we try, but she usually needs lots of encouragement in order for her to consume much. Lately I’ve been clapping for her after each bite and that seems to be enough motivation to take the next one.

 photo null_zpsfad0eefe.jpg

Next post I’ll talk about a trip Baby2 and I took together recently plus I just might finally post about the 9-month breastfeeding milestone!

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