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11 Months

 photo null_zps749c6dbd.jpg Sweet Baby2 is nearly one year old, I can’t even believe it! She is doing so much lately, too. A couple days before the big 11-month mark she started clapping, which is just adorable! She claps when people around her clap, when we say “Yay!” and even when she hears a round of applause. Most of the time she will drop whatever her little hands are around so she can give a proper clap. She smiles so big every time.

Baby2 and Kiddo1 are really into playing together now. Kiddo1 has even left the computer screen a few times to join her in a particularly amusing activity (whatever it might be at the time).

She’s even faster with her crawling now that she was last month. Sometimes I swear someone comes by, picks her up and puts her in another place while my back is turned because she can get from place to place so fast! At 11 months, she has just barely started walking around the furniture, she moves a bit cautiously. But she’s certainly getting the hang of it! 

She’s always loved when I hold her and we dance together, but now she’s working on a few of her own dance moves. She’ll stand and hold on to something and twist around or do these little dance-y squats. It’s kind of like jumping but her feet don’t move. I swear sometimes she even moves to the beat! Sometimes she “head bangs” too – or at least it looks like it, she nods her head with such excitement!

 photo null_zps5c368974.jpg She loves to go to the swings at the park. We put her in the swing and she giggles so much! It’s so fun, and the weather is just so perfect for afternoon swining at the park.

Baby2 is still not a big eater, but she is getting more real food in her. A little more every week! She takes in the most food when it is pureed for her and we spoon feed her, but she loves holding a strawberry and gnawing on it for awhile. Now that it is warm I think she’s especially loving to hold a cool object and chew on it – strawberries, carrots, an unopened package of string cheese. You know, whatever catches her fancy.

Speaking of chewing, we officially have a tooth! Officially the tooth sprouted after the 11-month mark but I’m too excited not to include it in this month’s wrap-up. A picture will come next month, though, since the little tooth has just barely broken through her gums at this point and she won’t open her mouth for a picture (let alone just let me look at it). I have to run my fingers across her gums to find it. So… if it is so difficult to get to the tooth, how did I discover it, you ask? Well, she bit me. While I was feeding her (so it wasn’t my finger that she bit!). I yelped in pain, she was surprised I yelled, she cried a little, she went back to nursing and she hasn’t bitten me since. Thank goodness! It didn’t hurt too bad because the tooth is really just a few sharp bumps on her gum at this point, but still, sharp little bumps. And I was surprised to feel something sharp during an otherwise not-so-sharp activity!

I am excited and sad that we are quickly approaching her first birthday. Watching a child grow is the best thing ever, THE BEST! But as each milestone passes, the pride and joy I feel is accompanied by mourning. The milestone we celebrate will never be reached by that particular child ever again. We’ll never go back to a her newborn body melting into my chest as she sleeps. We’ll never go back to the first time she rolled over (LINK!) or the first time she clapped in amusement. At the same time, the passing of one milestone or the closing of one phase opens the door to another. And those new things are what make life with children just so exciting. We can predict so many things about our babies, but we just never know exactly what they’ll do unless we let them get there.

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