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12 Months

What a great month it has been. A great year, too, but a particularly good month. We’re all completely settled into our routines now, Baby2 is fairly predictable and all that “normalness” does ease the mind a bit.

I’m pretty sure Baby2 said her first word this month, and I think she understood the context as well. We were looking at her books and she made the “wa” noise, so I said, “wow,” at the book and she said wow too! I swear she did. She says it now still, mostly when she’s looking at her books. I swear she’s saying wow when she likes something. I swear.

Mr. Handsome and I both think we’ve heard her say “hi” and “bye” in the appropriate context too, mostly when one of us is leaving for work (he says bye to me in the mornings and I say bye to him when I get home in the afternoons). She also just started waving too which, like the clapping she started doing last month, is just super adorable. She has a whole-forearm kind of wave, and she often waves both arms at once. Either she waves or she does this cute thing with her arm where she reaches out for… something… air? Recognition? It’s almost a ballet arm pose, but I’m not sure what to call it. It looks sort of like this blurry picture:

 photo null_zps5356a8e9.jpg

She moves so quickly most of my pictures of her lately are blurry. A few days ago, Mr. Handsome asked me to take some pictures of her in this cute dress I bought her.

 photo null_zps20ec4357.jpg

I got maybe three pictures before she made a bee-line for my camera/phone.

 photo null_zps9b7f034c.jpg

I turned the camera to front-facing and she took a few funny pictures.

 photo null_zps7fd35468.jpg

And a video. I love this video so much because you can hear her little noises, it’s almost like you can hear her learning and thinking about the camera. Plus I like that her face just kind of randomly appears. You just have to get past my obnoxious commentary!

She’s so fun. She was also doing this one day, which was just hilarious:

What a silly crawler! She just laughed and laughed, and kept going for at least three minutes.

She’s been really wanting to crawl through small spaces lately (that’s not at all nerve-wrecking) so we got her one of these collapsable tunnels at IKEA. Not only does she love it, but Kiddo1 took to it right away as well. They have spent a lot of time chasing each other through the tunnel. Kiddo1 has even worn it a few times. $14.72 well spent.

When she’s not crawling through the tunnel, we’re attempting to work on our walking. She’s just so good at crawling that I don’t think she cares too much about walking. She will walk around with her push toy:

Just as happy as can be. She has risen to standing without holding onto something a few times and if she does pull herself up with assistance she lets go and stands on her own for a couple seconds. She is testing her limits I think.

She is getting more and more independent. She loves figuring things out for herself and she usually pushes away any form of assistance. Except when it comes to food! Like last month, she still doesn’t really get much in the way of “real food” unless it is a puree. She does enjoy a good gnaw on a strawberry or a cool steamed carrot, but she won’t take in much from that and she still has a bit of a gag reflex. Even on her birthday she wasn’t interested in the cake!

Purees are going better and better though. The last couple days she has had a least a couple tablespoons instead of a couple small bites. Progress! And getting her on goat’s milk is still going really well. We’re down to our last jar of breastmilk in the fridge so the switch is about to be complete! She’s still nursing at night, too.

Her sleep hasn’t changed too much lately. Her naps have been fairly predictable for awhile. She still wakes a few times a night to nurse but goes right back to sleep. The past couple nights she’s had a hard time getting down to sleep BUT yesterday she had two vaccination shots and we think she might be getting a whole slew of teeth now that one little guy has pooped through those gums.

It’s still quite difficult to get a picture of the lone tooth so you’ll just have to take my word for it that it is indeed there.

What’s also getting a little teeny bit difficult is Baby2 when you try to take something away from her or do something she doesn’t like (like change her diaper). She is starting to make the tantrum noise, this whinny high-pitched squeal that sounds like frustration and anger and sadness all mixed into one. I dread the tantrum phase, but honestly, if that’s the worst thing going on right now then I consider us extremely lucky!

Baby2 is such a good baby, such a happy baby. Being around her is just pure joy, even when she makes the tantrum noise (well, most of those times).

Finally, I leave you with another super cute video! Kiddo1 renamed this Tommy Toot toy, “Professor Joe.”

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