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Monthly Archives: April 2014


Hello blog! I have missed you! Where did the time go? All of a sudden it has been 8 whole months since I’ve posted. But I’ve been thinking about you often. Things have gotten in the way – mostly the loss of my precious iMac last fall has kept me from writing (I dislike posting from my phone). Chasing a toddler and 11-year-old around hasn’t helped much either!

I’m resolving to post more – for real. I have all kinds of thoughts in my head that I need to get down here. I’m working on a post that I’m really excited for, about how I’ve evolved in my parenting ways so much since little miss Baby2 came along. Sleep rules – what the fuck are those?

I will post more soon, I promise. But wouldn’t you know – someone is calling for boobies at the moment!