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More about my crazy goal

Day Two! In a row! I came back, dear blog, and I will try to keep coming back.

Today I’ve got my goal on my mind. Yesterday I stated it, and then promptly drank too much wine celebrating it. I’m on a wine kick (red, the darker the better). But if I drink too much of it I wake up with a headache. Today my head has been hurting all. day. Anyway…

Here’s the goal: make more than we (as a household) consume.

Aren’t the most complex things sometimes wrapped up in the most simple packages? Five words (if you don’t count the stuff in the parenthesis), but they could take so many directions. What do those five words mean to me? Like I said, they don’t (necessarily) mean I’m quitting my job and opening a shop where I knit and blow glass and shit*. They don’t mean that I’m halting consumption either – some things just can’t go away (like wine**).

Let’s go back to what I’m working on already: eating better, growing food, making stuff over buying stuff. Like I called out yesterday, that last one has some good meat in it. Not making things for the sake of making them but making them instead of buying them. I started making my own toothpaste a couple months ago. It took about a week month of getting used to the new taste and texture, but now I love it (and my mouth feels so clean! All the time!). I have yet to get the rest of the family to make the switch though. But soon the Crest will run out… and that’s when I pounce! I think. I don’t have a clear strategy for converting them yet.

What is the point of making my own toothpaste? It isn’t like I don’t have the steady income from my job – I can drive myself to Tar-jay and buy some toothpaste. But lately I’ve become more… aware? Or am I just curious? Regardless, do you know about all the shit they put in toothpaste? And fluoride… I’ve always been skeptical (and was a supporter of Portland’s push to not fluoridate water last year), but after some recent fluoride news, I just can’t feel right about putting that in my family’s bodies (even if they do spit it out). The point I’m trying to make is – why should I buy toothpaste with a bunch of crap in it when I can relatively easily and hella cheaply make our own?

And why the fuck do “they” have to put so much crap in toothpaste??? Corporations aren’t looking out for their consumers’ interests in the slightest (this is not a new revelation to me, I know they are in the business of making money, it’s more like a clarification – not only do these corporations that make this shit want to profit above all else but they don’t even care if people are hurt because of their irresponsible practices).

The toothpaste point is, this goal isn’t about making stuff just to save money. It’s isn’t about figuring out how to making money in an unconventional way and it isn’t really even about saving money (although that is certainly a very fantastic by-product of being a producing household!). It’s about… the opposite of money: learning skills, finding non-corporate resources, carrying for my family with my own two hands and contributing to my community’s body of support. It’s about becoming aware of the shit that is in the shit the corporations want us to buy and… not buying it. Ignoring their noise entirely.

I digress. I’m totally going off on “the man” and that wasn’t my intent with this post. Buuuuuut, I’m kinda out of time for today. We’ll have to get to more logistics tomorrow. I think this is going to be a pretty lucid blog. I’m documenting my thoughts, sometimes thoughts I’ve already thought and sometimes thoughts that come to me as I’m writing down my thoughts! No more sentences like that though. 🙂


* Not that I wouldn’t do those things, because I totally would. They’re just not the focus right now.
** This is a bad example; I could totally make my own wine. I should! A better example would be…. paper. Silverware. Garden tools. Shoes. I’m overwhelming myself now, thinking about how I can make ALL THE THINGS.

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