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Update on the Kiddos!

Today I’m pausing on the goal talk because I want to super catch up on my documentation of how my children – big things going on lately! (Warning: proud mom bragging is about to commence!)

Today Kiddo1 had his last day of elementary school! And with it come SO MANY FEELINGS! I’m so proud of my son and all that he accomplished at elementary school: he was on the Safety Patrol (crosswalk guards) and did so many hours of work he got to go on the big reward trip to the local amusement park, he was a Junior Coach (playground helper) who helped to mitigate recess conflicts, he was voted into Student Council by his peers and served as Secretary, he served on a mentoring panel to learn about and carry out mentoring of younger students in the school, he read to Kindergartners and First Graders, he excelled with his grades, every teacher and admin only had positive things to say, and he was never sent to the office or kept after school. He’s a model student and friend, in my not-so-humble opinion.

 photo 10262216_10203125403788577_7870648822948637308_n_zps1c03048d.jpg

First day of elementary school on the left; last day on the right.

I’m proud and happy! Happy that we’ve all reached this milestone successfully together, and that he’s been able to take so much value from school. But I’m sad! Sad that my first born is already done with elementary school! In some ways it really does seem like not that long ago when we took him to school that first day. In other ways it seems like an eternity! So much has happened in our lives since that first day six years ago. He’s grown so much!

His next chapter brings a plethora of emotions, too. Middle school is coming! For context, I had a horrible time in middle school. It was easily the worst time of my life. It was my awkward phase – of puberty, of social relationships, of academics, everything. I had a great time in elementary school – just like my son I was involved, a great student, lots of friends. But in middle school I could not find my groove, and I’m not sure completely why, but I think about it often, trying to find the things to do or not do that will prevent my son from having the worst three years of his life, too. But the fact is, he’s a different person than me. When I’m rational about it, I know he will be fine. We will keep being involved, both with the school and of course with our son, and be as proactive as possible to keep things on a good path. He’s going to do great, I genuinely know that.

After school ended today, I officially have no children in elementary school! Baby2 won’t start for another three years. She has all kinds of other stuff going on now, though! She runs, she wants to touch and play with Every. Thing. She likes to take things out of containers – sometimes she likes to return things to their containers (but mostly not).

She talks, in a language few can totally understand, but we can. She says cute things like, “please mama” and “bye bye mama.” She says “shows?” when she wants to watch TV. She says ham, apple, water, pita and pizza (hard to tell the difference between those two, though). “Shoes,” that’s a cute one, too. She’s stringing a couple words together and I think I even heard a three-word sentence the other day (“Apple please mama?”). She tried really hard to say “Grandpa Bob” today – gapa bob is what came out. She will attempt to repeat almost anything, and she gets pretty close sometimes!

 photo 2014-06-13 16.47.09_zpsoxuv3yzg.jpg

Harvesting some garlic last week

Baby2 has weaned, officially. It’s been a week since I have offered, and she hasn’t asked for it. We were down to nighttime nursing, and had been, for the most part, since maybe a month or two after her first birthday. I was still working in the office back then, and I was just so damn sick of pumping at a year. I had a great conversation (via email) with my cousin in the Midwest who has a daughter almost exactly one year older than mine, about working without pumping or weaning. I told her I was sad to give up breastfeeding just because I was putting the pump away, and she encouraged me that I didn’t have to stop. I’m so glad I contacted her and followed her advice. It’s really been helpful for me, and of course Baby2, to keep nursing. I never, ever, never, in my wildest dreams, thought I would be nursing a 22-month old, but there we were! And I’m so grateful it turned out that way.

I’m really happy about the way our breastfeeding relationship has ended, too. It faded, slowly, literally into the night. It evolved from bedtime-to-morning nursing, to middle-of-the-night-nursing, to just early morning nursing, and then no nursing. The last time wasn’t really the “last time” because we didn’t know it. One night we were nursing, and the next night she slept through the night – no nursing. Don’t get too excited – she doesn’t sleep through the night consistently yet. It’s happened twice since. Not every night, but we’re getting there.

My sleep rules went totally out the window with this kid. Like I said the other day, I started writing a post about how my parenting views have evolved. Sleep is totally in there – it’s a big one. I’ll post it sometime. For now, just know that I went from rules, rules, rules, to what-the-fuck-ever. I threw up my hands with this baby and just let her do her thing, and it’s been okay. Yes, I would have liked to get more sleep this past year, two years. But, once I stopped trying to control the sleep, I really stopped stressing about it.

Okay, that’s enough for now.!


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