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Mother Mary and the Farmer 5000, by Kiddo1

Mr. Handsome found this in Kiddo1’s backpack. They were studying Tall Tales at school, and he wrote one about me! Here it is, preserved on the blog. I did replace my real name with my blog name. Otherwise, all spelling, punctuation, and formatting were copied exactly as written by Kiddo1. Enjoy!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Mother Mary is a very nice and delightful person. She grows food at her farm and sells them at the farmers market. Every day is the same, her picking and watering plants and taking them to the farmers market, then going back home. But today, it was different. When she got to the farmers market, she saw a huge grey box. She walked over to it. When she arrived, she was in a group of farmers. They were all muttering about this weird grey box. A small man stepped forward. “This, is the Farmer 5000,” he said, “and I am the owner and creator, Bob,” Bob finished.

“What does this Farmer 500 do?” someone asked. “Well, it farms and it can farm better than all of you… COMBINED!” he yelled. They all gasped and looked at Mother Mary. She stepped forward. “Not to be offensive, but no one is a better farmer than me!” Mother Mary said. “Then I challenge you to a grow off!” Bob said.

 photo 20140613_095950_zps09ssnjih.jpg

Cover Art by Kiddo1

The next day it started. The ref gave them pumpkin, watermelon, and strawberry seeds. The ref blew the whistle and off they went. They planted, they watered, Mother Mary added her homemade sauce stuff. Then they went to sleep.

The next morning they awoke to find that all of their plants have sprouted! And their ripe and huge! The ref came over and was amazed! He got his measuring tape and measured.

Mother Mary’s strawberries were 3 inches tall! Her pumpkins were 5 feet tall! And her watermelon were 2 feet! Farmer 5000’s strawberries were 2.5 inches tall! It’s pumpkins were 6 feet tall! And its watermelon were 2 feet tall! The Farmer 5000 won!

Now it was time for the taste test. The people of the town were the testers. Mother Mary’s strawberries were WAY better. Her pumpkin pie was AMAZING! And her watermelons were AWESOME! Mother Mary wins the grow off!!

And that’s how the rest of Mother Mary’s life went. People challenged her every week. She won every week. And if you every went out to country side where she lived, you’ll notice a very, VERY nice green patch of grass. That’s where she lived.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Updated to add a penmanship sample:  photo 20140616_102128-1_zpsqfsomvg1.jpg

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