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Everything goes wrong the day before vacation, right? So far today:

  • Realized I don’t have everything I need to make some things I MUST freeze this morning, so I need to go to the store again.
  • The car battery died 40 minutes before my son’s doctor’s appointment (with a new doctor, who I really wanted to see before vacation).
  • The computer charger stopped working, so our only personal computer is out of commission.
  • The meat for the stew I want to make is still frozen (ironic, considering I need to half cook it and get it frozen solid again before we leave).
  • There was a shooting across the street from my son’s school (where he’s in a morning “hang out” camp) and he was on “lock down” for two hours.

Due to that last one it’s now mid-afternoon and I am super behind! (The kids in the school are okay. There was an incident in a house across the street from the school so the building went into lock down. I was following the details in order to gauge when the authorities might let us have our children, but once I found out they were evacuating I stopped caring about the story. I grabbed my child and got out of there! I’m sure Mr. Handsome will keep me posted on any details of the event, should they be released.)

But, I think, maybe, I need to slow down a bit. I’m trying to be super prepared for this vacation so everyone is happy and nothing goes wrong… but I have to remind myself that things will probably go wrong, and there will probably be times of “emergency” like if we don’t have buns for hot dogs or something. I have to remind myself along the way that these are not true emergencies.

If I don’t finish making these last couple things, there will always be food along the way. It may not be perfect food, but it will not be the end of the world. I’m going to try to scale back these last few hours of prep time and remember why we do these family vacations in the first place: to be with our family and have fun.


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