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Weekly Lunch Wrap Up #3

Here are the lunches we sent to school with Kiddo1 this week!


 photo a1d2a1d6-e047-45df-a175-278130d7ee12_zps4b207b5a.jpg

From left to right we have a roll-up in romaine leaf with leftover pork and cucumber, small carrot sticks and cucumber disks, regular red watermelon (we miss yellow watermelon!) and a homemade chocolate chip cookie. I was all set to publish my chocolate chip cookie recipe, but then I started on a mission to remove the granulated sugar from it. So it may be a few more weeks.


 photo 2014-09-22 15.41.21_zpskndciddb.jpg

Kiddo1 was fairly receptive to the last salad I sent with him, so I thought I could push my luck a little and sent more of a real salad than just white lettuce with cucumber and ham all over it. This time it was more of a “build-your-own” approach with leftover beef and disks of cucumber and carrots. My attempt didn’t work out too well, though, since he came home with most of the food still in the box. But baby steps. Somehow the watermelon and Enjoy Life chocolate cookie disappeared though…


 photo 2014-09-17 13.02.25_zpsdd71rjyg.jpg

A little more simple today! Just some ham sticks (shapes are fun), disks of carrots and cucumber again, some dehydrated zucchini chips (he actually did eat one or two, but he says he still doesn’t really like them yet), grapes, and an Enjoy Life snickerdoodle cookie.


 photo 2014-09-22 15.44.51_zpsvoumzdhq.jpg

Too bad this picture sucks ’cause I thought this lunch was gooooood. We just couldn’t seem to get away from carrots and cucumbers for lunch this week, but on Thursday I did add a new homemade treat – blueberry gummies made from fresh berries that came in our CSA box. We also have mini kabobs with turkey meatballs and leftover red kuri squash with some BBQ sauce.

We skipped school Friday – Kiddo1 was not feeling well. Mr. Handsome and I ate big salads and Kiddo1 had some fruit. No pictures though! Sick day threw me off! We will strive for better next week!

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