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Weekly Lunch Wrap Up #4

Welcome to another week of lunches! If you’ve found 9 years later via Instagram, a special welcome to you! Please check out the archives for lots of posts about our recent diet changes, our garden, and even some posts about our summer vacation (those are taking me way too long to write, but only a few posts left!).

If you’re a regular reader, did you know 9YL has an Instagram account now? Check me out over there – @9yearslater is my user name. I post a lot of food right now, including a collage of the week’s lunches. I will get more eclectic as we settle into our new food routines, I promise!

Anyway, on to the lunches!


 photo 2014-09-23 13.20.14_zpse3mflfqj.jpg

This week started off with Kiddo1 still not feeling well (last week he stayed home sick on Friday). So we took it easy with some light, liquid foods to help him feel better. He had leftover squash and sweet potato soup (in this awesome thermos that keeps the soup hot all day – even the leftovers were still warm when he brought them home) and a small fruit salad.


 photo 2014-09-23 13.18.36_zps2uzhb8vw.jpg

Poor kid, still not feeling well. And the soup + fruit salad was just too much food for him to eat on Monday. So we went even lighter with a brothy soup made with ham hock, spinach, sweet potatoes, onions, leeks, garlic, spices, and homemade broth (of course this picture does not show off very many of the yummy ingredients!). I ate this soup for lunch two days straight – I just couldn’t get enough! Kiddo1 was kind of “meh” about both soups. He did (mostly) eat them though!


 photo 2014-09-24 09.11.40_zpst6n7pztt.jpg

Back to some regular foods! Still trying to keep things pretty watery though. Kiddo1 agreed to a salad with leftover ground turkey and cucumber. He also had some cantaloupe and homemade blueberry gummies. Gummies are so easy to make! I should write a post about all the wonderful things one can made with gelatin. So much better for you than that processed and industrialized Jello!


 photo 2014-09-25 11.23.10_zpsnmvhmglj.jpg

More salad! And a “non-watery” food too! Kiddo1 was starting to feel just about 100% on Thursday. So he got to have these blue corn chips that he loves so much as a snack in his actual lunch. He was pretty excited! He also had more salad, yes, again with cucumber, plus some carrot sticks, raisins, and applesauce. He didn’t quite finish it all (I guess I got carried away packing everything!) but he said it was good!


 photo 2014-09-29 09.30.08_zps8cmtxo6b.jpg

Apparently I was in quite a hurry this week because all my pictures are just a bit blurry! But there’s always next week for improvements! Anyway, today Kiddo1 had leftover chicken!! I understand that usually chicken doesn’t get two exclamation points. But we hadn’t had a whole chicken in at least a month and only some chicken tenders a couple weeks ago, so we were really excited to have a whole chicken for dinner again. We tried out a new farm (because the farm we love actually switched to a GMO-soy-based feed – who does that anymore??) and bought 6 chickens so having the first one turn out so good was so satisfying! And a bit of a relief. We took a gamble getting 6 chickens on the first shot, but I’m so glad we did. They should last us through the end of the year if we’re careful.

But back to the actual lunch! I offered to give Kiddo1 some strips of chicken or other shapes, but he just wanted this big ol’ chunk! It was the only bit of leftovers from the whole chicken that we had! (Besides making broth from the bones, of course! We do that every time we have a whole chicken so we have a nice stock of broth in the freezer.) He also had cucumber, carrots, strawberries, more of his favorite applesauce, and one Enjoy Life chocolate chip cookie.

It was a yummy week!

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