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Weekly Lunch Wrap Up #5

Welcome to another week of lunches! Here’s what Kiddo1 had for lunch at school this week.


 photo 2014-09-29 09.31.18_zpsyvpz9luw.jpg

We started the week off with a wrap! A romaine lettuce wrap with pork and diced red onions. We also made a little veggie kabob with carrots and cucumbers. Carrots and cucumbers seem to be our default veggies so I’ve got to find some ways to make them interesting now and then! Also adding interest were these purple sweet potato chips. They turned out pretty well and they’re super easy to make (slice thin and dehydrate!) but next time I will slice them thinner and add a bit more salt. Rounding out the plate is applesauce.


 photo 2014-10-01 11.43.12_zpstz7sl2bm.jpg

Haha, see more carrots and cucumber? We also added some celery and cubes of ham, plus raisins and an Enjoy Life chocolate chip cookie. I’m still getting the jokes in the lunch box one way or another, even though I can’t remember them to jot them down here!


 photo 2014-10-01 11.44.19_zpsdvbmr2ou.jpg

Leftovers day! Kiddo1 had leftover ground turkey and quinoa from dinner, plus carrots (natch) and broccoli. Kiddo1 won’t take the broccoli without ranch, which has been difficult since ranch is typically full of dairy (which he can’t have) BUT we found a couple vegan and gluten free ranches that we’ve been trying and he seems to think they’re okay! So broccoli is back! Rounding out the box is another Enjoy Life chocolate chip cookie.

Wednesday snack

 photo 2014-10-01 11.45.09_zpsrti7vlyb.jpg

I forgot to take a picture of Thursday’s lunch! I don’t know what happened – a lapse in mama brain I guess. But luckily I did snap Kiddo1’s snack which I don’t normally do! Weird. Anyway, Kiddo1 has a late day on Wednesdays for an after school class, so we’ve been sending a snack with him (the school provides a snack but it is packaged bags of Dorito’s and other junk he can’t have). Today’s snack was some cantaloupe, raisins, and another one of those Enjoy Life chocolate chip cookies that he loves so much.


 photo 2014-10-05 23.33.19_zps9fe4gpk1.jpg

Changing it up a little bit on Friday – no orange foods! Unless you count the roasted acorn squash seeds. The family wasn’t too keen on these at first but we’re all coming around to them! They’re easy to make, too, once you get all the squash goo off them! Just roast and salt – yum! We also had more broccoli with vegan/gluten-free ranch, blue corn chips, ham, and an Enjoy Life chocolate chip cookie to finish out the week.

Thanks for visiting our weekly lunch post!

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