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Weekly Lunch Wrap Up #6

Here’s what Kiddo1 took to school for lunch this week! I thought I might write a little bit about where we get these foods from too, so each day will have two paragraphs of explanation. I don’t know if I’ll keep up this format, but I’m giving it a try this week.


 photo 2014-10-08 23.10.47_zps8vnp97bh.jpg

We’ve taken to eating chicken on Sundays so Mondays are becoming chicken leftovers days for Kiddo1. He also had grapes and cucumber, mashed butternut squash and a homemade brownie.

The chickens we get directly from a farmer who is committed to pasture-raised animals who are not fed soy or GMOs. The chicken is tender and delicious, with fat little legs that obviously got a work-out on pasture (as opposed to those factory chickens with tiny legs because they don’t get any exercise!). The veggie produce (cucumber and squash) are from the farmer’s market we go to every Sunday. The grapes are from the local grocery store (not a national chain, and of course they’re organic like all the produce we buy). The brownie is actually a mix from Bob’s Red Mill. I haven’t gotten to making my own recipe from scratch just yet, but I’ll get there!


 photo 2014-10-08 23.12.26_zpsn5atbkcf.jpg

We had some interesting vegetables to use after finding romanesco (the green pointy one) and purple cauliflower at the Farmer’s Market on Sunday. Kiddo1 also had carrots, slices of ham, raisins, and another homemade brownie. The pan of brownies lasted the whole week! I’m so proud of us for pacing ourselves.

The carrots came from the same farmer’s market as the romanesco and purple cauliflower. Man we love that market so much. The raisins are Sunmaid – I’m sure there’s something better out there… maybe we could make our own raisins!


 photo 2014-10-08 23.13.35_zpsyhtlzhl4.jpg

Oops, another rushed and blurry picture! Oh well! On Wednesday Kiddo1 had leftover turkey stir fry with a bed of romaine, skinned and sliced cucumber, carrots, and, you guessed it, another brownie.

The ground turkey is from our local grocery store, the produce items are all from the farmer’s market and the brownie is still made from the Bob’s Red Mill mix.

Wednesday bonus!

 photo 2014-10-10 13.13.12_zpsbktmxjfb.jpg

My pictures were so rushed this week! I need better lighting… and more time! This “lunch” is actually Kiddo1’s dinner on Wednesday – his after school class when on a field trip until 7pm so I wanted to make sure he didn’t get too hungry. He had snacky foods that he could munch on whenever he had an opportunity – sticks of ham again, cucumber pieces, cantaloupe, blue corn chips, and a brownie.

Once again all the produce is from the farmer’s market. The blue corn chips and ham came from the local grocery store.


 photo 2014-10-09 11.52.39_zpsllto1ntg.jpg

Thursday was our Friday because there was no school on the real Friday! Kiddo1 had a four-day weekend (so there will only be four lunches next week, and probably a Wednesday snack too). Lots of repeats today (clearly we needed to get to the market again!): more ham, more cantaloupe, more cucumber, plus carrots, roasted acorn squash seeds, and a final homemade brownie to end the week.

Except the meat and brownie, all the food from this lunch came from the farmer’s market.

More lunches to come next week!


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