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Weekly Lunch Wrap Up #17

Welcome back to the weekly lunch posts! We took last week off since we were out of town and not making any school lunches. But now we’ve been back for a full week so we have lunches to share again! Let’s get right to it…

Monday – no school on Monday! A nice way to ease back in to the routine after vacation.


 photo 2015-02-03 09.57.42_zpsizfoqhlf.jpg

Lots of sticks for Tuesday’s lunch! Ham, carrots, and cucumbers. The children have been obsessed with these little oranges, so Kiddo1 has been frequently getting them in his lunch. He also had some homemade brownies – yum!


 photo 2015-02-03 09.58.09_zpswoqjhqnl.jpg

More carrots, brownies, and a little orange! Also leftover tacos, Kiddo1’s favorite.


 photo 2015-02-03 09.57.21_zpsnwcqn43q.jpg

Still more little oranges to use up! Kiddo1 also had a salad with ham, cucumber, and romaine lettuce. For dessert – vegan and gluten-free chocolate covered pretzels from Missionary Chocolates.


 photo 2015-02-03 09.56.50_zpstahn3ril.jpg

Finally Friday – we made it through the week! Kiddo1 had some chunks of leftover chicken, more carrots and cucumber, red graps, and applesauce for dessert.


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