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Self-Sustaining Goal

Here’s a quick recap of the 9 Years Later mission.


In a nutshell, my goal is for my household to produce more than we consume.

Whenever we can make something instead of buying it, I want to make it. If I can’t make it, I want to learn how or, at least, find someone local who does make it and will hopefully trade for something I make. I’d like to rely less on the conventional economy and more on the economy of community and skill.

9 years from now, 2023, I want to have the skills that will enable my family and me to be free. Free to live anywhere we want – stay in our current house and build on, or maybe move to a farm, move to another country if we felt like it. I want to be free to decide whether or not I will continue with conventional employment. Free to make decisions about our future that are not hindered by questions like where will our food come from and where will we buy X, because those things won’t be major players in the decisions any more. I’d like to learn to use my home and my land to be centers of productivity – growing food, making trade-worthy goods, educating my children, and feeling fulfilled as a productive member of society.

I don’t feel fulfilled right now. I’m in a very corporate job that, while it does provide me the benefits of steady income, health insurance, and flexible hours, is still a contributor to the economy of excess. It’s a job that most people would use to be able to buy a bigger house, a fancy car, a bunch of fancy material goods: those are things I’m realizing I don’t want. I don’t want to have a big house. I don’t want to feel pressure to out-buy the neighbors. I want to rear my children to be good people. I want to contribute to my local community.

This blog is my motivation to keep up my work. By posting my progress online I hold myself accountable to reach my goal. Hopefully I can even inspire others to join me!


Here are my first few posts about my goal:

Where does the time go? In which I had my revelation that started it all.

More about my crazy goal, where I talk a lot about toothpaste and why I want to become self-sustaining.

The HOW (and the when), a brainstorm on how I’ll get started.

Also check out my master To Do List where I outline a bunch of the skills I want to learn during my journey to self-sustenance.

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