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Tie Tuesday

To learn more about the origins of Tie Tuesday, check out this post.


Monday was ultrasound day so I wanted to wear something loose and not have to unbutton my pants (because Kiddo1 was coming with too and, I don’t know, that just felt like it would be awkward). So I dug out a maternity tunic and put on some leggings, too.

This tunic is great because IT HAS POCKETS! Any dress or quasi-dress I own with pockets gets instant love from me. I think they should all have pockets, really. I wish my wedding dress had pockets (I really should have had them do that) because I wouldn’t have forgotten my phone that day, I’m sure of it.

Anyhoo, I was very comfortable throughout the day and the ultrasound was not at all awkward so the outfit must have worked! Plus I felt dressy enough at Mr. Handsome’s restaurant that night, too. I wish this tunic was a tad bit longer so it could pass for an easy summer dress – it will only get shorter as I get bigger!

This big white-ish ball necklace and Rocket Dog flats make the finishing touches.


Last Tie Tuesday I discovered that my last non-maternity dress pants and pencil skirts needed to move on to “the box of unfittables.” Sad day. But at least I know now so I won’t go trying those things on anymore! This A-line Banana Republic skirt is about all I have left until the one pair of maternity dress pants I have starts to fit (thank goodness I need to get a little bit bigger for those!).

I also found this little cardigan which I think is from Target and hits so nicely where the top of the skirt ends up now that I have to hike it so high over my bump. I don’t see this skirt lasting too much longer! I’m going to have to get creative for coming Tie Tuesdays I think!

Last week I picked up this white cuff from Forever – often I buy these cheap accessories with no outfit in mind. I just buy them because they’re like $4 and I like them. So when I find something to wear them with it makes it all worth it! I also really love this fleur-de-lis tights that I found a winter or two ago. They make winter more fun!


This is the second maternity item I wore this week (this and the jeans from last week and I believe I’m up to three maternity items so far, which isn’t too bad, really).

This lightweight sweater from Old Navy is still pretty big so I tucked it in to these black Forever jeans (did I mention these jeans were $10?! Yay jean deals!).

Old Navy’s maternity stuff isn’t too bad – I have a couple of their dresses now and about a week’s worth of shirts too. I recall wearing a lot of Old Navy/Gap stuff when pregnant with Kiddo1. They really aren’t too bad for the price (although I wouldn’t pay full price – Old Navy especially has lots of sales and coupons if you sign up to receive their email notifications. The emails are annoying but 30% off comes in handy now and then!).

I probably should have worn a belt with this too but sometimes I’m sleepy in the morning and forget these details. Next time…


This poor tank top worked pretty hard on Thursday – it kept wanting to creep up the belly (and I think a couple times it did get the better of me – I hope no one at the office noticed). I suppose this one goes in “the box” too, but I’m glad it made it out one last time. I like the little detail at the neck – it’s kind of like fish scales or something. Plus I like the blue color. I don’t have a lot of this color blue in my wardrobe.

My favorite Forever jeans… this is probably their last public outing. I wore them over the weekend and didn’t feel at all comfortable sitting down. Into the box they go, which is sad but I’m happy to look forward to their return later this year! Think happy thoughts!




I’m trying to smile more in these pictures for Mr. Handsome but I guess I kind of forgot about that until Friday! I’ll work on that more next week I swear!

Mmm this outfit was comfy. These are the same Forever maternity jeans that I wore last week and they are so comfy (and they were only $6!). Maternity jeans really aren’t that bad, you know? You don’t have to unbutton them or anything!

I think this purple shirt is probably from Old Navy… I always forget how comfortable it is. And at this point I’ll take any non-maternity shirt that actually covers me! Even the white stretchy Target tank underneath is getting a little creep-happy.

These shoes and this brassy-colored necklace are both from Target. I guess they go together fairly well!

Whew! I made it through another week without walking around naked!

Tie Tuesday


This week my favorite jeans have started to feel a little tight. I am a little sad at this. I knew they wouldn’t last to the third trimester, and I am super happy that they’ve lasted this long, but still, they’re about a week or so from landing in “the box” of unfittables. Sigh.

For now, though, I’m making the most of my favorite pair of $10 jeans from Forever 21. On Monday I pulled them out and paired them with this purple empire-waist silky shirt, also from Forever. It’s great because it’s kind of flowy so it has room for my bump. You could barely tell I was pregnant in it, I think.

I needed some kind of bracelet so I took this beaded black necklace that I have and wound it around my wrist a couple times. It worked!

I also wore my gray Report flats that I scored from Ross.



Ugh, Tuesday. I struggled finding something “Tie Tuesday” dressy enough that I could zip up! I thought my brown Banana Republic pants would still fit – I didn’t even bother trying them on the night before or anything because that would have been a waste of time, right? Oh no, it would not have been because those suckers didn’t even begin to zip shut. I cried to Mr. Handsome a little. He just gave me the “well, you are pregnant” look.

I thought maybe one of my pencil skirts (that fit like a week or two ago!) would work. Nope, that’s out too. The pile of clothes to relocate to the box grew exponentially. Ugh, I feel like I look huge here!

Finally I saw this black and white micro-checked skirt in the back of my closet. I found it at the Anne Taylor Outlet maybe two years ago. I quickly bought it because it was a great deal and we were out of time and had to go. Well it was too big – I meant to get it altered but I’m lazy and cheap. Well good thing I never did that because I had something to wear! I don’t know what I’m going to do this week – my maternity dress pants are still a bit too big. I’ll have to find another dress or something!

Oh, one more thing. I layered three of my grandmother’s pearl necklaces here: one gray, one pinkish and one white. I thought it looked pretty cool!


Since I know my favorite Forever jeans are on their way out, I wore them again on Wednesday. I had to unbutton them in the car on the way home, but they made it through the day!

This black cardigan has a little funky sheared detail at the top to keep it interesting. I pulled it back from the bump with this faux-croc turquoise belt (from Forever, natch) which is getting a bit too tight. I might bust out the power drill to give it another notch and another few weeks of life! It goes with so many of my cardigans so I can pull them back like this. I don’t want to have to buy another size XL belt!

I took a super long necklace and looped it around my neck a couple times so it would hit at the right height to dress up my bare neck a bit. I’m jonesing for more accessories lately. Time for an after work trip to the Forever accessories store? Who can pass up $4 necklaces, really?


Since I’m seriously running out of shirts that are long enough to cover myself, I dug into my t-shirts and found this super bright yellow v-neck to put under a blazer. Because everything works with a blazer! Plus bright colors are always fun, right?

This shirt was so bright that I didn’t think it even needed any accessories. Why try to district from all that brightness. I suppose the color is a distraction in and of itself!

Even though everything in my closet seems like it’s not fitting, this particular pair of Forever jeans are still holding up well. The waistband is pretty wide (normally I don’t even unbutton/unzip them). I feel like they’ll work for at least a few more weeks. As of Thursday I was still pretty reluctant to pull out any of the maternity jeans I’ve purchased. As of Thursday I was 19 weeks 6 days and, I don’t know, I’d just really rather make it the 20 weeks I guess!



Friday started off sad. I was all geared up to wear my favorite green kimono-style dress. It was my birthday and we were having a pot luck at work so I wanted something nice and loose so I could indulge myself my eating all the food. I was ironing the dress and found a stain that would have appeared right in the middle of my belly! Ugh! No!

So the dress was a go-no. I’ll try to address the stain to give the dress a bit more life but there was nothing I could do at 6:45 that morning. So I went for this sweater in the same color green. But what to do for pants? I can’t be constrained on pot luck day! So I did what I had to do – I pulled out the maternity pants. All my new maternity jeans are a little too long and need to be altered so I’d better get that done in the next week or so (luckily I have a Groupon for that!). I’m even wearing these same jeans as I type – they’re freaking comfortable and they fit pretty well now. It’s crazy how my size changes from day to day right now!

I should also mention that these Forever 21 maternity jeans were a steal at $6! They (actually Love21) are apparently liquidating their maternity line so I scored these cheap. They don’t have real front pockets but for that price I don’t really mind!

For next week, Mr. Handsome says I need to smile more in these pictures. So I’ll work on that!

Tie Tuesday


The funny look on my face is because of Mr. Handsome: he was telling me this story as I was trying to take my picture and he just would not pause even for a second! Once he gets rolling…

Here’s another shirt that you won’t see again. Look how short it is! It is from… wait for it… you’ll never guess… Forever 21. Shocking! I’ve had it for at least two years and it’s still holding up! I’ll be excited to see it come out of “the box” later this year.

These are my Urban Outfitter jeans. You can tell they are sitting lower because they look like they need to be hemmed. Getting a little bunched up at the bottoms! My Report wedges are not tall enough for them anymore. These jeans are relatively loose and will probably last another month or so, but if I have to wear my tallest heels in order to make them work then they might retire early. Heels aren’t as easy for me to wear lately. But I’ve got a secret heel trick…



I miss my heels. I don’t wear heels exclusively or anything, but I still really like the ones I have. Plus a pencil skirt just looks so much better with a good pair of heels.

So on Tuesday I pulled the ol’ flats switch-a-roo: I wore flats in to work for the majority of my walking (the lot where I park at work, when I arrive by 7:30, is a good few minutes walk from the door) then changed into my heels at my desk. I felt like I was cheating but my feet thanked me at the end of the day!

And oh my goodness this pencil skirt still fits! I was a little in shock when I tried it on. I could even push my belly out a good bit so I knew I wouldn’t be super constrained by the end of the day. It is on the boarderline of hem height for work now, in my opinion (because I have to pull it up over my belly) but with dark tights I think it still works.

This shirt is yet another Forever 21 find that I’ve had for I think at least three years. Like I’ve said before, their cheap clothes really aren’t so bad as long as you find them in a good fabric and don’t wash them too frequently (I usually change right after I’ve taken my picture after work so my clothes don’t get too dirty).


This is the day I woke up with a head cold. I really wanted to feel good so I did my best to dress myself. This shirt has some sparkle detailing so I figured, with the blazer, it might help me feel better.

It didn’t.

But at least I tried! I’m pretty sure this shirt came from Forever. Really, I should only start noting items that didn’t come from that store. I think that will feel up some more commentary space.

This is my favorite black blazer from Banana Republic and my Rocket Dog flats.








Gosh, I really wasn’t feeling it on Thursday, when my cold started to get bad. Even the camera was feeling off, as this image is blurry and I didn’t notice it until today.

So I went with my familiar lazy look because my head could barely focus on the morning routine, let alone dressing myself.

This is a Target long sleeve tee and a orange striped scarf from I have no idea where because I ripped the tag off but it’s probably Old Navy. Maybe.

These are Forever 21 jeans but not my favorite ones, that I wore Wednesday. They are longer and have a very loose waistband that I don’t even unzip. They should last well into this pregnancy.

My super comfortable Doc Martin boots finished everything off. I like that this is my go-to lazy combo. It’s easy, comfortable and not really that sloppy either. Yay!



Friday I was so sick at this point that I stayed home from work and didn’t put on much but my lounging yoga pants and my college t-shirt. I’m feeling much better now and am back at work this week so I should have a full Tie Tuesday post next week!

Tie Tuesday


Blazers are so wonderful. Take the blazer out of this picture and I’m just standing there in jeans and a tank top. Add the blazer and ba-bam! Professional office attire. Easy!

Given our casual dress code at work, people take notice when a blazer comes out. Oooo, do you have an important meeting? Interview for a new position? Haha, no. I’m just framing my bump!

This hot pink tank is from Target. I love these tanks because they’re super stretchy. I have a couple more colors and I hope they last well into summer.

The blazer is Banana Republic. I have slacks to match but those haven’t fit since week 7 or so.

Finally, I brought out my favorite Forever 21 jeans (okay, I admit, they were still at the top of the jeans pile) and my gray Report flats.


These kimono-style dresses are so comfortable right now. I have another one in solid green. This one is a black and white pattern. I’ve actually had this dress for at least five years (it came from the Urban Outifitters that was located just off campus) but I’ve only worn it maybe once or twice. I always feel like it needs a belt but I can’t ever find one that really works. I will keep searching, but in the meantime I’m not going to stress over it. I really hope this and my other, similar dress can accommodate my belly for awhile!

I added some Old Navy leggings and Rocket Dog flats for even more comfort. I think a bold necklace dresses up the whole thing a bit. Without it, I’d kind of feel like I was walking around wearing pajamas or something!




Ooo, I feel a little big looking at this picture. I mean, I’ll never be a person to call myself fat (especially while pregnant!), but I do feel like those eight pounds I’ve gained so far are showing themselves! Time to add some arm exercises to my routine!

This shirt is from Old Navy (clearance find!). I like the girly flowers on the shoulder. Unfortunately, it is probably on its last wear for awhile. It’s barely covering the top of my jeans anymore! Oh well, I will be happy to pull it out of “the box” this fall.

These Urban Outfitter jeans are still fitting (thank goodness, I’m done to only a few pair!) and my Report wedges are adding height without stressing out my feet or back. I’m already starting to miss my heels, which I have discovered are causing much more discomfort now compared to when I’m not pregnant. Sad face.


I like to use long necklaces to dress up a simple tee. This combo is a silver chain Forever 21 find that has three necklaces in one. Bonus! The other gray pearl necklace was my grandmother’s. I really like the pearls she passed down to me. I try to wear them as often as I can – no point in letting them sit in a drawer forever. They need to see the light of day!

This black tee is from the Gap. I’m going to need some maternity replacements pretty soon because this one is starting to fit a little short just like the Old Navy one from yesterday.

This jeans are from Old Navy and they are now in “the box” of things that won’t fit anymore.

Yay Rocket Dog flats!




Sweater-dresses are so super duper comfortable. The knit is nice and stretchy and they are even pretty warm! What was not comfortable about this outfit were the tights. Dang things have no good place to sit anymore. Under the belly they feel like they’re cutting off my circulation or something. Over the belly they are just overall compressing and restrictive. I haven’t felt this way about any of my other tights yet, though, so hopefully this is an isolated incident.

This pearl bracelet is really a necklace that I just wound around my wrist a few times. This dress isn’t really conducive for a necklace, but a big ol’ bracelet works great.

Yay for wedges, again. I think I need some more of these to perk me up from my “no heels” time.

Whew! Another week of dressing myself is complete!

Tie Tuesday

This week I completely forgot Monday’s photo. I don’t know what happened! But I still have four out of five photos, so not a total fail for the week. Let’s get to it!


These are the last pair of “work pants” I have that fit! They’ve always been a little loose, thank goodness.

This shirt is a clearance find from Target last year. I bought it when we first started TTC and I thought I might need some flowy shirts to hide my first trimester bloat. Now, thanks to it’s size, it fits the bit of belly I have too! But it won’t last long: there isn’t enough boob room! Oh well, I’m coming to terms with finding more things each week that go in “the box” of things I can’t wear anymore.

These shoes I just recently discovered again. Unfortunately I also discovered that most of my heels might be on their way out too. My feet never really hurt unless I left my shoes on well after I returned home in the evening. Now they hurt before I get to work! I’ll have to stick to wedges and flats. Sad face.

Another bracelet from Forever 21. I love their cheap accessories.


It was so cold that day! I swear I wasn’t being lazy with my long-sleeve-shirt-and-scarf combo. I literally needed something warmer! It snowed about four inches overnight on my side of town (of course over on the work side it barely snowed at all so no one could sympathize with me).

I needed the boots too, both to keep my feet warm and to keep the snow from freezing my toes. I had to scrape a lot of it off my car and of course it all fell on my feet (no matter how hard I tried to move out of the way).

Mr. Handsome’s aunt gave me this scarf for Christmas several years ago. It is so soft and colorful! And warm! It comes out on days like this when nothing else will keep me warm enough.

My favorite jeans from Forever tuck into these Doc Martin boots just perfectly. I was very comfortable that day.


It warmed up so I decided to bust out this skirt – I was afraid it wouldn’t fit at all. Well it didn’t fit like it’s suppose to (on my hips) but I was able to pull it over the bump and I actually liked the length a whole lot better! I found this hot pink tee too. I like going shopping in my closet.

Both the skirt and the tee are from Banana Republic. I know the tee was an outlet find and the skirt might have been too. I need a day at the outlets – you can find so much good, inexpensive stuff!

These tights are from Target. I love fun tights. Since this skirt is pretty plain, I needed something with a fun pattern to spice it up. Especially since I stuck with flats after Tuesday’s discovery about ouchy heels.

These are my Rocket Dog flats.


Another Forever 21 find and another shirt that’s about to be too small.

This green jacket I scored at Forever a good three years ago probably. I love my blazer-type jackets right now because I know they’ll fit – and keep fitting! As long as I don’t button them, of course. That isn’t happening for sure.

This simple Gap tee is a great staple for me. I usually have a few of them at one time because I either wear them a lot (they’re a great base layer!) or I stain them beyond what a bleaching can handle (I’m a big fan of marinara sauce and apparently I’m a messy eater too).

Urban Outfitter jeans again and my trusty Report wedges (which I just saw on the episode of What Not to Wear that I am watching right now and I freaked out to Mr. Handsome! Look honey, I have those shoes in a different color!).

Tie Tuesday

Tie Tuesday time again! This week I discovered my growing size and had to retire a couple more pieces. Sad, but happy because that means I’m closer to busting out some of my newer stuff (in bigger sizes, of course). Yay!


Gosh I was tired. Monday just hit me like a load of bricks this week. After having a 10-day “weekend” for the holiday break, a two-day weekend was sooo not long enough. If you recall last Friday I disclosed my lazy outfit secret: long sleeve tee and a scarf. Done.

I picked up some stretchy tees from Old Navy around Christmastime. They are coming in handy! They’re nice and warm and currently just long enough to not let my bump hang out.

My favorite stretchy jeans from Forever 21 also seem to come out on lazy days. I’m hoping they fit this belly for a long time because they’re the darkest ones in my closet and they skinny leg looks good with everything from flats to boots (no extra fabric to tuck in there!).

I think this scarf is from Target. It’s super soft.

Photobucket Tuesday

I put a little more effort into things the next day. However, I failed to really check the fit of my pants before I left for the office.

In the morning, these pants felt okay. Slightly snug maybe, but doable. But then even before lunchtime hit, I was feeling way constrained. When quitting time came around I was damn near miserable!

So my favorite work pants, from Banana Republic, natch, are now in the “box of unfittables.” I will miss them, but their absence will make my heart grow all that the more fond.

My turtleneck is from Target (I think. It’s a few years old, I hardly ever wear it but it’s been cold around here lately!)

The pearl necklaces were from my grandma – I wore the shorter one to my wedding (it was doubled-up choker style then though).

Purple belt is Forever 21 and the purple shoes are Steve Madden. I had to get some color in this outfit somehow!


There’s the little bump sticking out! And ba-BAM, a bum to match too. Whoa, I didn’t really notice that one! Bless me…

The day after the pants debacle I needed something super comfy that I could “let it all hang out” in. A dress to the rescue!

I got this dress from Old Navy a few months ago. I knew I was pregnant at the time and I thought it would work because it looked a little “billowy.” Well it’s already a little tight. I think it will work for a couple more months but it might turn into more of a shirt/tunic pretty soon!

The belt and leggings are also from Old Navy. The belt is this stretchy wrap-around style some I’m hoping to get a lot of use out of because it will grow with me. Score for that!

My shoes are by Rocket Dog from Zappos (I picked them because they have this dog picture on the soles. Hehe).


I got this green shirt from the Gap Outlet a few years ago. It, too, is getting a little short on the belly already, but I’ll use it while I can!

I picked up the necklace from Target the other day. I went there to get a totally different necklace that I spotted over the weekend and passed over at the time but then I could not get it out of my mind! Once I went back and saw it again, however, it lost its luster. Maybe I built it up too much in my mind. The trip wasn’t a total loss, though, because I picked up this other necklace. Yay!

These jeans are a few years old, too. I picked them up while I was in school from the Urban Outfitters that was just off my college campus. We had this awesome street full of shops just a minute away from my classes. Dangerous for the wallet, but convenient!

Shoes are Report from Zappos.


I think I have a Forever 21 addiction. Who can blame me though, right? I mean, thier stuff is cheap (and if you take care of it and don’t wash it too much it will last at least a season or two, which isn’t bad for the price) and I can buy online. I have a small online shopping addiction, too. One of my resolutions this year is to do more in-store shopping. No resolution to do less shopping though. Huh.

This cowl-neck sweater, chainy bracelet and my favorite jeans are all from Forever 21. I’ve had this sweater for at least a year and it hasn’t even pilled or anything. I probably paid like $20 for it (there’s not much from Forever that I’ll spend more than $20 on).

These shoes were a total score at $15 from Ross. They’re even Report, which is one of my favorite brands. Ross is so hit-or-miss. I went today (cruising for accessories) and found nothing. You never know I guess.

That’s it for this week’s outfit post. Happy Tie Tuesday!

It’s Tie Tuesday Time!

Welcome to my very first official Tie Tuesday post! Since I now have a little bit of a bump, I’m ready to start cataloging my “maternity wear” (which is in quotes because I’m not rocking any official maternity wear yet and I hope to put it off as long as possible. I have made my aversion to maternity wear known in a Tie Tuesday Prologue/Pre-Prologue post).

My goal is to post every Monday thru Friday outfit from the prior week (cause I’ve gotta have some time to upload my pics over the weekend). I hope this will motivate me to “keep up my appearance,” as they say, because we all know that pregnancy can take the motivation out of you sometimes. Let’s just get to it!

PhotobucketWell geez, I’m breaking the rules already. This outfit was actually from the Tuesday prior to this past week (so that’d even be before the holiday break). I included it because, 1) I thought it showed a nice little bump and 2) I’m not going to be able to wear this pencil skirt for too much longer. The latter reason seems to be a theme for some of the outfits I’m picking lately, too. I look in my closet for the things that are getting tight quickly. I must make use of them before they “expire!” I’ve already had to pack up a box of things that stopped fitting weeks ago. I’d rather not look at what I can’t have. And when it’s time to bring them back it’ll be like getting a whole bunch of new clothes again!

So this shirt is from Forever 21 and I’ve had it for about a year, which is a lifetime for some F21 clothes.

Skirt from the Limited.

Belt from Forever 21. Tights from Target probably, I don’t remember. I started collecting tights last winter. And shoes are Report from Zappos.

PhotobucketThis was on Tuesday, Tie Tuesday. So far my work pants are still fitting really well. Which is fantastic because I love my work pants so much. I get them from Banana Republic (every pair I have is BR). And before you judge me for spending $100 or more a pop on work pants, you should know that I keep these suckers forever. This pair I’ve had since just after my son was born, so at least eight years. They still feel fantastic. They’re a little worn at the hem, but I could get them altered and still wear them with a small heel or flats. I just haven’t done that yet because I’m lazy, but I did just buy a Groupon for alterations so I think I’ll finally tackle that to-do item.

Another shirt from Forever 21.

Shoot I think the turquoise beaded braclet is from Forever too. I love their cheap accessories.

Shoes are also once again Report from Zappos.

When I find something I like I stick with it!

Photobucket Wednesday: Yay for blazers! I am currently using them to hide the last bit of bloat at work. Also, my tiny bump just confuses my co-workers (at least the ones that I casually pass in the hall that I haven’t told I’m pregnant because that’s just a weird conversation with acquaintances. They’ll find out from someone or figure it out, and that’s all right with me).

I bought this blazer about 8 years ago with another pair of Banana Republic pants. The blazer cost more than the pants and Mr. Handsome freaked out about it big time. About that same time I bought a black winter coat from JCrew for a couple hundred bucks too. But you know what? I still wear both of those pieces a LOT. They have gotten their money’s worth and then some. So he has apologized, and continues to do so sometimes when he sees me in either piece.

Blazers are also great because they dress up a simple tee – this is a plain ol’ cotton vneck from Target.

Another necklace from Forever 21 and more Report shoes from Zappos. I’m pretty sure the jeans are from Forever too!

PhotobucketThursday: Oh yeah, there’s the bump! I got a ton of sideways glances at the office for this one. The fabric really made the bump stick out!

This is another piece that I’m afraid will stop fitting soon so I busted it out now. Also, all fall/winter I’ve been determined to make this summer work because this dress is just so damn comfortable and it has pockets. Pockets! Every dress should have pockets, they’re so handy!

Anyway, so I put it with a black cardigan (I have no idea where it came from, probably the Gap), plain black tights (because my usual “interesting” tights would have distracted from the print too much), and the same black wedges from the first outfit with the pencil skirt, above.

I felt pretty.

PhotobucketMax would not leave me alone while I was trying to take this picture! He really wanted to be in one, I think.

You know I’m feeling lazy when I go with my standard long sleeve tee and scarf combo. I have endless color combinations of this outfit. It’s good for this time in my pregnancy too because it hides a bit of the bloat. Belly peaks out a little bit, but not too much.

These are my absolute favorite jeans from Forever 21 and they cost me about $10. I know they won’t last for very long but I’m okay with that, considering the cost. They are a little stretchy and a low (but not too low) rise so I think I’ll be able to wear them for awhile.

White tee from Old Navy. The orange scarf I found on Amazon for like $8! It’s actually a pashmina so I’m hoping it comes in handy this summer too as a quick shoulder cover for the office or a cardigan substitute.

These boots are Doc Martins – they cost the same as they did when I was in high school (which I’m not afraid to admit was like 10 years ago)! Can you believe it! And they’re just a comfy as they were back then. Some things never change.

Okay, that’s this week’s and the very first Tie Tuesday post! I hope you’ve enjoyed it!

Friday Update: Week 13

PhotobucketIt’s Friday, time for another week to begin and this week it is another lucky number 13! (Not because last week was also the 13th week but because baby was the size of a #13 billiard ball and I talked about the due date being Friday, July 13th. Just in case you haven’t been paying attention.) Baby is about three inches long, the exact diameter of a Bubble Tape container. My son loves Bubble Tape and I recall feeling the same way when I was nine. What’s not to like about it? The taste is bubble-tastic (for about five minutes, but kids have a short attention span) and you can break off as much as you want! No need to stuff multiple pieces in your mouth and deal with all the wrappers. Score!

This week I am super excited because (drumroll, please) my baby bump has officially arrived! And it is noticeable to people besides myself! I caught a few people at work eyeing it as I arrived/left meetings or walked the halls. Yes, I do see you looking down and I know you’re not checking out my boobs (although there’s certainly a bit more of them to notice lately, too).

It’s exciting when the bump arrives. It just makes the whole pregnancy thing feel a little more real. I, like loads of pregnant women nearing the end of the first trimester, don’t have a lot of symptoms so it can be hard to remember that I’m pregnant sometimes… except for when I really want a glass of wine but know I can’t have it. Urrrrg.

Yesterday evening I was lounging on the sofa with the laptop (writing this post) and Kiddo1 looks over and he says, “Wow, mom, your belly is getting bigger every minute!” Out of the mouths of babes, I tell you what. Right now that kind of talk is music to my ears. In a couple months, however, we might have a situation on our hands…

So that’s the baby bump update. Let’s hear what’s going on with the actual baby, courtesy

Fingerprints have formed on your baby’s tiny fingertips. Veins and organs are clearly visible through his or her still-thin skin. Your baby’s body is starting to catch up with that oversized head, which makes up just a third of his or her body size now. If you’re having a girl, she now has more than 2 million eggs in her ovaries. Your baby is almost 3 inches long (the size of a medium shrimp) and weighs nearly an ounce.

Finally, the weekly standards:

  • Total weight gain: 5 pounds (apparently the “experts” say one should only gain 3-5 pounds in the first trimester. However, the midwives that I have met with tell me that as long as you are eating right and taking care of yourself, the weight can’t doesn’t need to be a focus. So I feel better.)
  • Cravings: pasta! I seem to have a huge pasta addiction this week. I ate pasta for lunch AND dinner a good four days this week. It wasn’t all bad though: the majority of the time I had whole wheat pasta and I tried to always mix it with a veggie like spinach.
  • Coolest symptom: having a real bump for a few days has been nice!
  • Lamest symptom: the headaches still linger, although they’re not as frequent as last week. I’ve read that this is a big second trimester symptom (and depending on who you ask I’m still not even technically in the second tri!) so yay. I still haven’t caved to the tylenol yet though!