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Yesterday’s post laid down a whole lotta my opinions on some fairly heavy stuff: diet changes, health issues, parenting. I thought today would be a good day to step back and issue a few disclaimers. This will probably be a good reference page for me to link to when my posts get all opinionated about things (which I suppose is the very nature of a blog, right?). Anyway, here are some things to know:

  1. Everybody is different. If you’ve read my pregnancy posts on this blog you’ll know that I love to say that what works for me or my family may not work for you. The choices we make as individuals and as a family are the choices we feel are right for US. You made need something else. Hell, I know I need different things than my husband or my kids sometimes. There is no such thing as a “one size fits all” solution to anything. Except for maybe drinking water… staying hydrated is good for everyone, right? If you think something that we’re doing isn’t right for you, don’t do it. I’m not here to say, this is what I think everyone should be doing and if you’re doing something else you’re wrong. On the contrary! I’m here to say, this is what I’m doing right now in an attempt to make my life and the lives of my family members better. If I feel like something is good for everyone, I’ll point it out, but if you pay attention I think you’ll see that’s pretty rare. I try to keep my mind open!
  2. What we know now is not what we knew then. With just about every new thing I learn I think, oh my damn, what have I been doing to my family all this time? All the time we didn’t know about GMOs, all the time we ate “convenience” foods, all the time we didn’t have family meals together or all the money we’ve wasted or all the needless products we bought. Sometimes I really want to beat myself up and punish myself for all these wrongs. But you know what? They weren’t wrongs. They weren’t wrong because they were the best things we knew how to do at the time. We didn’t know there was a better until we opened our minds to it. We can’t regret the things that we had no power over. Sure, you could say, well how come you didn’t become “aware” sooner or of course you should have known those frozen chicken nuggets were bad. Hindsight is 20/20, is it not? Mistakes are not recognized as such until they happen. Who says, oh I’m going to go make a giant mistake right now? No one, and especially not one who is genuinely just trying to get a child to eat something. We cannot change the past. All we can do is try to be better.
  3. Sharing information or even encouraging improvement is not judgement of others. I follow some breastfeeding and natural parenting pages on Facebook and it seems like every time an article comes out about the benefits of breastfeeding or the dangers of caesarian or tongue tie or whatever, there are always people who are commenting and basically saying, “Why are you trying to make me feel bad about what I did?” And they’re missing the point. The point isn’t to say, look how bad you screwed up, you should have done it this way! The point is, NOW we know better, so let’s educate people so we can do better next time. It sucks to find out after the fact, hell yes! Is it better to learn that there is a better way or is it better not to learn and therefore potentially make the same mistakes again? I think the former is better. I think it is better to learn. Learning is what I want to do now, and through this blog I will document it. And come up with words other than “better.”

Finally, I leave you with this image that one of my Facebook friends posted. It doesn’t have too much to do with the above, but I really liked it.

 photo 10758_520345478074128_1215931749_n_zps0567e9a7.jpg

PS – Today I updated the About page, the site header, and my list of blogroll links which now shows the blogs I actually try to keep up with and have provided me with inspiration. They’re like a backup of the bookmarks on my phone now!

Mother Mary and the Farmer 5000, by Kiddo1

Mr. Handsome found this in Kiddo1’s backpack. They were studying Tall Tales at school, and he wrote one about me! Here it is, preserved on the blog. I did replace my real name with my blog name. Otherwise, all spelling, punctuation, and formatting were copied exactly as written by Kiddo1. Enjoy!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Mother Mary is a very nice and delightful person. She grows food at her farm and sells them at the farmers market. Every day is the same, her picking and watering plants and taking them to the farmers market, then going back home. But today, it was different. When she got to the farmers market, she saw a huge grey box. She walked over to it. When she arrived, she was in a group of farmers. They were all muttering about this weird grey box. A small man stepped forward. “This, is the Farmer 5000,” he said, “and I am the owner and creator, Bob,” Bob finished.

“What does this Farmer 500 do?” someone asked. “Well, it farms and it can farm better than all of you… COMBINED!” he yelled. They all gasped and looked at Mother Mary. She stepped forward. “Not to be offensive, but no one is a better farmer than me!” Mother Mary said. “Then I challenge you to a grow off!” Bob said.

 photo 20140613_095950_zps09ssnjih.jpg

Cover Art by Kiddo1

The next day it started. The ref gave them pumpkin, watermelon, and strawberry seeds. The ref blew the whistle and off they went. They planted, they watered, Mother Mary added her homemade sauce stuff. Then they went to sleep.

The next morning they awoke to find that all of their plants have sprouted! And their ripe and huge! The ref came over and was amazed! He got his measuring tape and measured.

Mother Mary’s strawberries were 3 inches tall! Her pumpkins were 5 feet tall! And her watermelon were 2 feet! Farmer 5000’s strawberries were 2.5 inches tall! It’s pumpkins were 6 feet tall! And its watermelon were 2 feet tall! The Farmer 5000 won!

Now it was time for the taste test. The people of the town were the testers. Mother Mary’s strawberries were WAY better. Her pumpkin pie was AMAZING! And her watermelons were AWESOME! Mother Mary wins the grow off!!

And that’s how the rest of Mother Mary’s life went. People challenged her every week. She won every week. And if you every went out to country side where she lived, you’ll notice a very, VERY nice green patch of grass. That’s where she lived.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Updated to add a penmanship sample:  photo 20140616_102128-1_zpsqfsomvg1.jpg