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Breastfeeding Progress and Recovery Update

Where the hell is time going? Baby2 is already three weeks old as of yesterday and Kiddo1 just turned nine and a half earlier this week! I can’t believe Kiddo1 has half a year until he’s ten. That’s just insane.

Anyway, since we’re going strong on National Breastfeeding Month, I thought I’d post about how Baby2 and I are doing with our own nursing efforts.

At my last update I noted that Baby2 was only eating in five minute increments. That hasn’t changed. Sometimes she’ll eat for ten or fifteen minutes, but most of the time I get five minutes. She doesn’t fall asleep or anything, she’s just… done, I guess. I tried stretching out her feedings to see if she’d eat more, but no luck (and sometimes waiting three hours just isn’t possible!). I change her diaper after five minutes and sometimes she’ll eat more but usually not. I can try to change sides, wait 20 minutes and try again, all kinds of stuff but, still, I only get five minutes.

Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone AppI was worried and spoke to the pediatrician about it at Baby2’s two week checkup. The thing is, Baby2 is perfectly… normal. Her weight gain is fantastic – she gained back to her birth weight by one week (a full week earlier than needed) AND she gained another half pound by two weeks of age. So no need to worry. And I wasn’t worried until this week when she stopped pooping – we haven’t seen a poop since Saturday (which happened to be a massive one at the movie theatre!).

Our pediatrician tells us that breastfed babies can poop five times a day or once every two weeks. Both are normal. But this lack of poo is still freaking me out! Where the hell is it? Her body is not big. Where is she keeping the poo?! Fingers crossed for a big load soon.

Ah, the things a parents thinks about.

Anyway. I’ve been pumping every day, too, and the more I thought about my pumping quantities the better I felt about Baby2’s short meals. I can usually get 2-3 ounces from one breast in less than five minutes (I have a double electric Avent pump so I’m getting four to six ounces per session). I’m thinking about donating some of the milk I’ve saved up (I have almost 100 ounces already!). Initially I wanted to have a business month’s worth of milk reserved – 20 12-ounce days or 240 ounces. But why do I need that much? I’m sure I could part with my whole current stash and still be okay when I go back to work. So I’m looking in to that. I’ll post an update!

We haven’t yet used a pacifier. I’d like to see if we can get away without ever using one, but I won’t be sad if we do. We do have two that have been sterilized and are ready for us, just in case!

My Recovery

As far as my postpartum recovery, I feel pretty damn good, almost back to normal. The only time of day that I don’t feel pretty great is when I’m getting dressed – maternity clothes are too big but non-maternity clothes don’t quite fit right. Dresses are my go-to right now but I’m honestly getting a little tired of them. I miss pants! The time will come, though.

To expand on things that don’t fit:

  • My regular jeans don’t fit. Lame. I can wear the last two pair of non-maternity jeans that fit throughout pregnancy, but they feel tighter. What’s that all about? So I wear a lot of dresses.
  • My boobs are seriously huge and I have to structure outfits around their accessibility, which still feels odd. There are a few pre-pregnancy shirts I would love to wear but I can’t get to the feed bags so I don’t wear them. I’m starting to experiment with layering shirts so I can wear more normal stuff, but it’s still touch-and-go.
  • My shoes feel a little snug. Anything but sandals straight up did not fit after about 39 weeks of pregnancy but still three weeks out they don’t feel normal. I’ve gotten by but I’m going to need to wear my regular shoes soon. Fingers crossed that they will fit. As awesome as shoe shopping sounds I don’t want to have to replace my beloved shoes!

Some regular things that make me feel normal:

  • My midwife cleared me to exercise but because it has been So Damn Hot I haven’t actually done anything yet.
  • My wedding rings don’t feel tight at all.
  • The postpartum bleeding has stopped! I think I’m going to swim soon!
  • I haven’t wanted to mention this until now, for fear that I might jinx myself, but here goes… I didn’t get any stretch marks! I have a couple from my first pregnancy but none this time! Yay!!

Some not-so-normal things:

  • I’ve lost 14-16 pounds so far. I’m sure the other 20 pounds are in my boobs, right?
  • My linea negra is still around. Can’t I just scrub it off? (No, I’ve tried.)
  • I find myself telling myself to calm the hell down sometimes. I’ll get all antsy and impatient about things, especially if it involves Baby2’s eating or not eating or anything involving eating. I can calm myself, but I have to tell myself to be calm. I don’t remember being this uptight, but maybe that comes with the hormones?

Lots is happening in the next week or so. I’ll probably post another update around Baby2’s one month birthday!

Tie Tuesday: Special Finale Edition

Welcome to a special finale edition of Tie Tuesday! This week is a two-part post: first, Monday and Tuesday’s outfits of last week and second, some style tips I’ve picked up from “What Not to Wear.” Since I started this series with maternity style tips, I figured I’d end it with more style tips! This time they aren’t maternity-related, though, because I don’t need to wear maternity clothes anymore! Although some of the dresses are still in rotation because I love them so much (and they’re great for breastfeeding!).

This will mark the end of Tie Tuesday. I may make a random fashion-related post now and then (baby style? Breastfeeding style? We’ll see…). No more weekly outfits, though. Now that I don’t have a baby belly to show off any more it seems kind of odd to post regular outfits! I am keeping my motivation going for dressing nice to feel nice, though. I find that I feel so much better about my own self image when I dress up a little. Other than the day we spent in the hospital, I’ve worked hard to get myself in something presentable every day. Woohoo!

On to this “week’s” looks…


This was one of the few days in the past week or two that I wore jeans. I was seriously running out of skirts in general and dresses that I didn’t feel huge in, so I pulled out my loosest-fitting jeans, these awesome $6 Forever/Love 21 maternity jeans. I think that’s the best $6 I’ve ever spent. These jeans just kept on working and they still look great! I may have said before that they don’t have front pockets (which I always forget and try to use pockets anyway!) but neither do my Old Navy maternity jeans and those cost several times more!

This Old Navy shirt finally almost fits. Old Navy doesn’t really have consistent sizing when it comes to their maternity stuff. I always buy the same size yet some of the shirts stopped fitting weeks ago and some are still a bit big. What gives Old Navy? But I will miss these soft cotton shirts. I hope I can find a good home for them! Boxing up the maternity clothes will be bittersweet. But busting out the “box of unfittables” will be awesome! It’ll be like shopping in my closet!

Anyway, I wore these yellow Bandolino sandals as well, as my feet swelled and I couldn’t fit into any of my flats. I hope they go back to normal soon! (I tried on some flats yesterday and they were still a bit tight!).


The day before Baby2’s birthday! Oddly, that night I chose not to hang up my clothes as I usually do, but I just tossed them on the floor for some reason. Good thing I did, because I was able to get them on again early Wednesday morning before we jetted off to the hospital! It was this very outfit (minus the necklaces) that I gave birth in. Yep, I was wearing this skirt and shirt the very moment Baby2 was born. Crazy!

When I first wore this Old Navy skirt, I wasn’t too sure about it. It seemed almost too flowy for me. But I grew to love it more and more and it was a wardrobe staple for the last few weeks!

I think this might be my absolute favorite picture of the whole Tie Tuesday series. If I can get vain for a second, I think that for being four days overdue I look super happy and glowy in this picture. I never considered myself as having a “glowy” look during this pregnancy, but I certainly did on Tuesday. Ah, my last day of my last pregnancy. Makes me feel super awesome even now.

So that’s it for Tie Tuesday! Bye-bye pregnancy outfits! On to part two…

Sometimes I’ve mentioned my love of TLC’s “What Not to Wear.” Often when I’m preparing what to wear for myself, Stacy and Clinton’s rules pop in my head. Their rules are timeless and foolproof, so I thought I would share some of my favorites today. There are more, of course (I’m struggling to remember the basic three rules for patterns), but here’s what I usually think about:

  1. Neutrals can be paired with any color. ANY color! Including other neutrals! Patterns can go together too as long as they have similar colors and scale (but don’t over-do it!).
  2. Items don’t have to match but they do have to go.
  3. Shoes that look nicer than tennis shoes can still be comfortable. Plus they look nicer!
  4. Finding heels that don’t hurt not only elongate your legs and overall physique but they make you walk with better posture and tend to give you more confidence.
  5. A good tailor can be your best friend and he or she can open the door to so many more wardrobe opportunities. Found the perfect pants but they’re too long? Alter them! Love that dress but it’d look better with a cap sleeve? Change it! A small fee for tailoring is usually worth it (as long as the original garment was of good quality, of course).
  6. Bigger clothes make you look bigger. If you want to look thinner, highlight the smallest part of you. Emphasize the waist to draw attention away from the hips. Select a wide neckline to highlight the collar bones over a large chest.
  7. Most importantly – everyday life is an event and it deserves nice attire. Even if you’re just going to the grocery store, looking your best can’t hurt! Dressing well makes me feel good about myself, no matter where I am. Plus, if I run into someone (especially someone I don’t like or who doesn’t like me!) I present my best self. What if I ran into a celebrity and could take my picture with them? I’d want to look my best. So I try to always think of that every time I go out. Some may say this is vain. I say anything that helps one’s self-esteem (as long as it doesn’t hurt others!) is a win.

That’s it! Thanks for following Tie Tuesday!

Tie Tuesday


Well, don’t I look triumphant? This was the first official day of maternity leave and a day or two before the anxiety had set in of wondering when this baby would come. Happy day!

It’s been hot this week and we don’t have air conditioning so jeans are pretty much off the clothing menu. Plus, I’m kind of afraid to put them on anyway! What if they don’t fit anymore? I don’t want to face the idea of it! But these shorts from the Gap worked fairly well, although by the end of the day, sitting in them was getting a tad uncomfortable. Still, it felt good to get at least one more wear out of these shorts, since I did only buy them like two months ago. Perhaps they’ll come in handy for the first couple postpartum weeks, too?

I went for this purple tank from Old Navy for some color – and to keep me cool as well! The Forever 21 necklace gave me a good “bling” feeling, too, although by the heat of 4:00 or so it had to go.



Knocking on my belly, starting to wonder when she’s going to come out! She doesn’t respond to knocking though – or any of the other tactics I’ve tried to coax her out!

In keeping with trying to stay cool, I steered away from pants again on Tuesday. This outfit is all Old Navy, except for the shoes. These Kenneth Cole Reaction sandals are apparently my go-to shoes of the week: they are comfortable to walk in and they let my toes be as free as can be! Plus I might as well take advantage of being able to sandal-it-up to my heart’s content now that I’m away from the office (not that being in the office really stopped me from wearing these, but I couldn’t get away with it every day I suppose).

This Old Navy skirt hadn’t been a favorite at first, but the last couple weeks I’ve been loving it. It’s loose and flowy, which makes me feel a little pretty, plus it’s a nice soft cotton. And it keeps me cool! Plus the waistband is super stretchy so it is not at all constraining, even as I continue to grow! Score!


Feeling pretty down on Wednesday, but I got up and dressed myself anyway! I’m slouching a little in this picture, but I think my belly still looks pretty low. It’s hard to tell – some days she seems at her normal height and some days, like Wednesday, I can feel her little bottom has sunk down a couple inches at least. I suppose she just hasn’t made up her mind yet!

On Wednesday we went to the science museum and this man told me I was having a boy. It was kind of awkward. But I guess that means my belly is looking pretty compact lately? He went on about his grandchildren and what not… Strangers are funny.

Anyway. this shirt is more Old Navy. It has a little sparkle mixed in with the print (although it’s hard to tell in this photo). People always seem to like the sparkle!

The straight skirt is knit from Forever/Love 21’s defunct maternity line. I like that it can sit above or below my belly. Nice versatility!


By Thursday, I needed to feel pretty. It’s funny, I don’t feel as big as I think I look sometimes. I catch myself in the mirror and I’m shocked at how big the bump is! But when I’m just sitting or walking around I don’t feel big at all. Especially when I’m laying down, I sometimes forget the bump is there. Weird.

I love this Old Navy dress. It’s so soft, I love the cut on the sides that pull the dress back to my body from the “waist” down (“waist” being defined as below the bump, in this case). This simple trick makes me feel like I don’t look huge, which is always a bonus! Some of my dresses that just hang straight down from the bump have gotten the, well, bump from my wardrobe lately. They just make me look so much bigger than I feel! And that’s not going to help anything right now!

To dress this up I added these two long necklaces, one from Target and one from Forever. These two necklaces always seem to go together, and lately they’ve been a handy set for any outfit I want to dress up a bit.


I needed to feel really pretty on Friday, as it was my due date and nothing was happening! I put on make-up and everything! It’s nice that my mind feels a little bit better when I do something as simple as dress nicely for the day. It only takes a few more minutes in the morning but the effect lasts all day!

I did discover that all my shoes are now too tight so I didn’t wear these pink flats for long. I changed into some bronze sandals but I was too lazy to take another picture. The dress only made it a little over half the day, too, until I changed into my Old Navy skirt and a tank because it was hot! Plus, this dress is one of those that just hangs from my bump, so I wasn’t too excited about it. It’s nice for the midwife’s office (which was the main event Friday morning) – easy access to the bump with this wrap style!

So that concludes week one of maternity leave. I’m writing this on Sunday and, of course, there’s no baby yet. I plan on keeping Tie Tuesday alive until Baby2 arrives, so who knows? Maybe we’ll have a Tie Tuesday post next week. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for not having one though!

Tie Tuesday

It’s the last-week-of-work Tie Tuesday post!


This week was really the first time that I seriously felt like I was running out of clothes. I know I have more than enough to choose from, but… still. My messed up not-wanting-to-make-decisions mind thinks I’m out of clothes. But somehow, I managed not to walk around naked all week. Score.

On Monday I went for comfort. This grey Forever 21 shirt is a long, non-maternity shirt that has proven quite useful over the last few months. It is soft and stretchy – just what I need! Plus it has pockets! Who doesn’t like that?

I also wore my $6 Forever 21 (actually Love 21) maternity jeans. You know what is totally awesome about these jeans? I only wore them for a few months and I don’t feel like I need to sell them to make myself feel better about spending the money on them! I can’t say the same for a couple pair of jeans that I had dropped some good cash for, wore in early pregnancy and then quickly grew out of them. Those need to hit ebay STAT! Who am I kidding, I should have sold them off already!


On Tuesday my team at work hosted a going-away potluck for me (on Tuesday, not Friday, because half the team was going to be out on vacation after the 4th). They’re so sweet, and the food was awesome!

I know I should wear something non-constraining on potluck days, because it’s a food fest all day, starting with donuts in the morning and ending with some kind of ice cream treat in the afternoon. We are a spoiled bunch!

My friend gave me this shirt (and a bunch of her other clothes!) because it no longer fits her – she’s been working out a ton and looks amazing! But she didn’t want her bigger clothes to go to waste. Good thing I can use them! Perfect timing, too, since I’ve had these “I’ve got nothing to wear” feelings.

I put it with this cotton Old Navy skirt, these Kenneth Cole Reaction sandals and a Forever 21 cuff. And I ate to my heart’s content.


Wednesday was the 4th of July and I was all set to go all red, white and blue with my blue Forever 21 necklace (another piece that I bought on a whim and haven’t worn until now), my white tanks and a red belt. But when I got dressed the red belt was no where to be found! Sad face. Maybe it was getting tattered so I tossed it. I know I’ve had it for awhile but I would think I’d remember getting rid of it! Oh well, blue and white was all I was going to get.

I added some summer yellow bright shoes to the mix and, later, a yellow cardigan for the fireworks viewing.

This blue necklace is kind of cool – it’s four strands of metal covered in blue plastic and those strands are woven with a thin metal chain. I should take a close-up picture of it, but I didn’t. I never know what to wear this necklace with, though. I guess I don’t feel like it goes with much of what I have. But it’s Forever so I only spent like $5 on it anyway. Still worth it for at least one day of wear!


I feel baby’s head really low in my pelvis, the midwife says it’s super low, but I don’t think it looks like baby has dropped at all. I guess they do say that the second baby sometimes doesn’t drop until labor starts, but since it has been nine years since my last pregnancy, I kind of thought that wouldn’t apply to me. Oh well, as long as her head is down low enough that she won’t flip to breech, I’m good!

This shirt/tunic is another non-maternity dress-turned-shirt. It is working hard with its stretch but, hey, it still covers me which is all I can ask for at this point! It and the belt (that always gets mistaken for a necktie) are both from Old Navy. So are these jeans, too. Well, I do tend to go all-outfit with my stores sometimes, don’t I? “My stores” being Old Navy and Forever 21, of course.

I also wore these Steve Madden tweed heels. By the time I got to work in the morning I was seriously questioning why I wore heels, but my feet didn’t really hurt. They just started to swell a bit by the time I got home. I didn’t take my usual lunch walk but that’s just the price I had to pay for getting to wear my cute shoes!


Ah, the last day of work before leave. It was kind of a bittersweet day! One that I figured I might as well dress up a little for, since I won’t have much of a need to “go professional” for the next 10 weeks.

People were so, so sweet on Friday. I got lots of compliments and well-wishes. I have appreciated all of my office mates so much in the last few months. To be honest, I was a little afraid of people’s comments going into this pregnancy. I mean, people can say some pretty mindless things to pregnant women. But everyone has been amazing and so complimentary – it’s a great office of kind people. No horror stories or questions about my size or anything! Whew!

I wore a knit skirt from the now-defunct Forever/Love 21 maternity line (good thing I got it and the $6 jeans when I did!) with a Gap favorite tee. The tee isn’t maternity and is pretty damn short now, but with the high-waisted skirt you can’t see that at all. This Forever 21 belt helps make a nice transition between skirt and tee. Plus I think it sort of matches these neutral Report wedges.


Tie Tuesday


Everyone likes a little color to liven up a Monday, right? Well, I do. So I wore this hot pink shirt from Old Navy, which is finally starting to fit pretty well! Good thing since I’ve only got a couple more weeks to wear it.

Over the weekend I stopped by the actual Forever 21 store (as opposed to the online store, which I typically frequent). I was looking for cheap accessories (and scoping out the non-maternity clothes, in the hopes that I can wear them soon!). I found this silver multi-strand necklace. It’s big and a little sparkly! It fits nicely with all the scoop-neck maternity shirts (why are there no crew-neck shirts?!).

These maternity jeans are from Old Navy. I think they’re probably my favorite pair of maternity jeans. I like the soft maternity band and how it fits nicely below my belly, without restricting me at all.

And these grey flats are by Report, one of my favorite Ross finds of all time ($15!).


Speaking of nice-fitting pants, these Old Navy trousers also fit nicely. They are the “real waist” style so they have a button and a real zipper fly and all that real pants stuff! And I can wear a belt with them (a size XL belt, but a belt nonetheless!).

This t-shirt is from the Gap. It’s very soft and is still long enough to cover me! It is maternity, though, so I should hope it can still fit well enough. It’s usually my evening/lounging shirt but I’m running out of things to wear to work lately. (I didn’t realize how huge it made my boobs look until now, though.)

To dress up this soft t-shirt, I wore a couple long necklaces. The black and silver one is from Target and the three-strand silver one is from Forever (of course).

These pants are long enough for heels, but I felt like sandals on Tuesday, so I had to roll the pants up a bit. Sure, flip flops aren’t entirely work appropriate but they’re nice enough, right? These are Kenneth Cole Reaction.


More Old Navy and Forever 21 today! Yes, my post-maternity wardrobe will need to be more diverse. Perhaps I will cut back on my online shopping. Perhaps… (but Old Navy did just come out with a whole bunch of summer dresses that I am lusting after. Why must they tease me?)

This is an Old Navy dress, paired with a Forever 21 cardigan (gotta keep those shoulders covered at work!) and necklace. These flats are from Target. Boom, my three favorite stores, all in one outfit. Not a lot of planning required there, I suppose!

I’ve been experimenting a little with my hair lately. I’ve started wearing actual bangs and tucking my “ear pieces” back. As it gets longer I have to do more to it. It’s kind of nice, though, having more hair to play with. I still haven’t decided if I’m growing it all the way out or not – I could go in for a trim and chop it all off again – but for now it’s just growing, doing its thing.


I almost left the house without these leggings on, and that would have been a big mistake seeing how short this dress is in this photo! (Plus, Mr. Handsome saw me bend over before I left for work and said something like, “That’s nice, but I wouldn’t bend over like that at work.” Isn’t he sweet?) Of course I had to pull the leggings out of the hospital bag, but it was worth it! They promptly went back in the bag at the end of the day (I’m planning to wear leggings and Mr. Handsome’s shirt during my hospital stay).

This green dress is from Target. It is soft and comfortable and quite forgiving, too, so it will come in handy post-maternity. Plus it’s probably going to be a good nursing dress too! What with it’s low-cut neckline and everything.

This hard-working belt is from Old Navy – poor thing almost gets folded in half since it’s smashed between my belly and boobs. I’m trying to convince myself that she’s dropping a bit but they I take off my poor folded belt and I regress a little! I adjusted the belt for this picture so it will look somewhat normal.


I was all set to wear this dress a little higher, but the band still sort of fit around my belly so I wore it normal style. Good for me because I’m much more of a fan of the maxi length than the tea length I would have had if I had adjusted the belt height. Of course, the waistband is working pretty darn hard, but it fits!

I really love this necklace – I never get to wear it since I don’t wear a lot of brown. It’s from Old Navy and I feel like I’ve had it forever. Well, seven or eight years at least, I think. It’s got a mother-of-pearl-like round pendant that is engraved with a swirly sort of design.

My Gap jean jacket, of course making an appearance to make me work-appropriate, since this is a sleeveless dress. Finishing it off are these bronze-ish flats from Target.

And that’s what covered me during my 38th week! Happy Tie Tuesday!

Tie Tuesday

Welcome to Tie Tuesday! For background, check out the prologue post.


We have had the weirdest weather up here in the Pacific Northwest this week. A couple days it was 80, a couple days were 60 and rainy. Summer just keeps flirting with us. What a tease.

Over the weekend, the weather was quite pleasant so I sported a big of a sunburn on my arms and nose come Monday. Luckily the red nose doesn’t stand out too much in this picture but at the office I was slightly self-conscious about it.

Does black minimize the intensity of a sunburn? If white intensifies it than maybe black does the opposite. Either way, I went for black on Monday – this tunic, doubling as a maternity shirt, is from (say it with me) Forever 21. The bronzish snaps reminded me of this bronze necklace from Target so I coupled them up. Don’t they make a cute couple?

Of course I needed more Forever 21 gear so these maternity jeans are also a Forever (Love 21) find – yes, they are the $6 pair and yes I will say that every time. Because I’m so damn proud of the find.


Tie Tuesday day! I purchased this pencil/straight skirt from the Gap a month (or so?) ago. I’m probably crazy to buy more maternity clothes so late in the game, so I’m trying to get my money’s worth. It’s getting snug at the waist so I’d better get use of it while I can! Any skirt with pockets is worth even one wear to me, though. Designers need to put pockets in more dresses and skirts!

To cover up any ill-fitting bits of this skirt, this purple maternity tank does the job. It’s from Old Navy and still fits really well, thank goodness. Plus it’s purple and I seem to be on a purple kick lately! Oh and it’s soft too. I like Old Navy’s tanks.

These purple heels from Madden Girl are one of my favorite pair of heels. The color is fun and they have a little ruffle all along the foot opening part (I have no idea what to call that part of the shoe!). They’re fairly comfy, too, and not too hard to walk in because they’re only about three inches tall, or less.

I believe this necklace is Forever 21, most likely!


This black maxi (Old Navy) is starting to become my favorite long dress. It’s a really good maternity dress because it has ruching on the side that draws the below-the-belly part of the dress back in. This way the dress doesn’t just hang from the widest part of my body. Much better than the other Old Navy dress I have (it’s a grey one with hot pink and fuchsia and is becoming not-so-flattering).

Because this is a tank-style dress, I wore it with my jean jacket, my go-to shoulder cover for summer in the office! It’s a Gap jean jacket and I’ve had it for so long I can’t remember when I got it. High school? Early college? Beats me, it’s pointless to guess.

Anyway, I wore it all with these Kenneth Cole sandals whose cuteness you cannot see because of this long dress. It isn’t the dress’s fault, I should have taken a better picture! At least my purple toenails get to make an appearance! I hardly ever wear sandals to work anymore!

Also pictured is another Forever 21 necklace (of course!).


This is a nursing dress from Old Navy. I like it well enough because it has all the goodness of my other Old Navy garments – softness, good color, decent fit, good price. This one is also great because it’s long enough to be office-appropriate at this point!

I bought this dress because of it’s nice purple color (see, totally a purple week!) but it has this weird bow-like twist thing that I don’t like. I always work cover the weird part with a belt of some sort. This time, this white scarf fulfilled the belt role. It’s nice to have a belt there anyway (as long as it isn’t some super cheesy bow-twist thing!). It gives the dress more shape and definition.

We’ll see what I end up doing with it when it’s time to use it as an actual nursing dress. It will certainly come in handy this summer when it’s hot and the boob has to be accessible.

I also wore my best neutral shoes, these wedges by Report.


Max would just not leave me alone so I made him sit down to be my picture buddy. It always takes a couple tries to get him to pose facing the camera, though. Good puppy!

Anyway, it was back to cold on Friday so I bundled up in my Doc Martin boots. Nice and cozy!

Another Old Navy find was this striped shirt – $5 on clearance! I think I bought this one almost exactly a year ago, when I was cruising the maternity section for dirt-cheap finds (and stuffing them in the back of my closet and trying not to forget about them). Also from Old Navy are these maternity jeans.

I don’t often bust out my “teacher necklace” but it seemed to be a good fit for Friday. It’s from Forever 21! Shocking, I know!

There you have it, dressing myself in my 37th week of pregnancy!

Tie Tuesday


Last weekend I got a bit of a sunburn – I have a bright red nose for most of the week! I can’t seem to stay out of the sun now that it is here. Thank goodness! I was starting to think summer would never arrive.

In keeping with the warm, bright weather I’m trying to have bright attire this week. This orange Old Navy shirt is a good start! It is starting to fit a little less loosely. It will probably last all the way until the end… as long as I continue to have pants that will accompany it!

I can still wear these non-maternity Forever 21 jeans, so that isn’t so bad. They still feel pretty good but the zipper won’t quite stay closed because the rise is being pushed down by my belly! All the legs on my jeans are starting to feel tight, though. Everything is starting to swell a bit, despite my best efforts. Maybe I need to start taking more baths?

These yellow sandals are from Zappos; I think they’re by Bandolino or something like that.


I’m loving these black pants from Old Navy more and more. They fit really well and are nice and soft, but they look nice for work, too. The only problem is that they collect lint super fast. I wore them to dinner on Saturday night, too, and it almost looked like my cloth napkin was still on my lap when I stood up – that much lint! I have discovered that my lint roller is indeed more productive than wrapping masking tape around my hand.

This Old Navy shirt still fits – score! It’s getting a little short but it’ll work for a while longer, I hope. I seem to be rejoicing when anything fits lately. I know a few things are on their way out already!

The black necklace is from Target – it’s a long necklace doubled up to fit above the neckline of this shirt. These shoes are super old – they’re black wedges by Report I think (I’m feeling too lazy to go check the brands of my shoes today!). They were Zappos finds, of course. Zappos is my favorite shoe store (I’m an online shopping addict!).


I took the day off work Wednesday for Kiddo1’s last day of third grade. It was a little chilly and I knew I’d be outside for a good part of the day (walking with the neighborhood kids to school in the morning, eating a picnic lunch at the school, hanging in the playground after school and walking back with all the kids in the afternoon). So I wore a sweater just in case things got chilly, and so I didn’t have to bring a coat with me. I certainly kept it bright though!

This cardigan is a little big so I like to belt it to keep it from flapping all over the place. Underneath I wore a couple Old Navy tanks – I’ve got to layer them otherwise my big ol’ flat belly button is even more obvious! Sometimes a tiny bit of it will stick out too. It’s rather amusing to Mr. Handsome.

These are also Old Navy jeans. Sheesh, other than the belt and shoes I think this whole outfit is Old Navy. Damn their constant emailed coupons on maternity sales! They sucked me in every time… I finally had to start blocking them!


This shirt is from Forever 21 and it is clearly working very hard to keep me covered. A couple of the beads on the front popped off while I was in the car. I’m sure that’s totally the seat belt’s fault… This shirt is a year or two old so maybe it’s just getting worn. It is from Forever 21, after all. It isn’t going to last, well, forever! Hahahaha…

The black skirt is another piece from Old Navy. It’s one of those soft cotton skirts with the rolling waistline thing. It is maternity but I don’t see why it wouldn’t work later on this summer, too. We’ll see how that goes. I like things to be versatile dang it!

These are my token black flats, of course, my Rocket Dog flats. The insoles on these are getting a little worn but they’re still holding up on the outside! I keep telling myself to get new black flats but I can’t bring myself to do it when these are still holding strong. I’m running out of shoe space anyway! Not a bad dilemma to have I suppose.


I’ve been dealing with my growing hair all week by styling myself some bangs, but on Friday I was just too lazy to do it! I haven’t used the blow dryer for almost a year, so you’d think blow drying a small part of my hair (bangs only) wouldn’t be so tiring! So I just pulled my bangs back into a couple pins for Friday. Works for me!

My favorite Banana Republic blazer officially can no longer be buttoned, but that doesn’t matter much to me. I can still wear it to dress up my tank top and jeans!

This pink tank is from Old Navy (of course) and is layered with another tank (of course) so my belly button isn’t on display for everyone to gawk at. Haha.

These jeans are the $6 Forever 21 maternity jeans that I love to point on the price on (they’re from the Love 21 maternity line before it was discontinued last year). I love a $6 jeans deal.

These gray Report flats were another great deal find, this time from Ross. The pink pearl necklace was my grandmothers. Yay for deals!

Tie Tuesday

What’s Tie Tuesday all about? This post will tell you more.


I pulled out this dress-that’s-now-a-tunic that I bought from Urban Outfitters during my college days oh so long ago. I have never worn it so much in my life as I have these last few months of pregnancy! Funny how the things with extra room are getting so much use right now…

The flowy things look way better belted and with a very fitted bottom piece to balance things out. This poor black wrap-style belt from Old Navy is seriously suffering right now though. Not only am I giving it a lot of use but the space between my belly and boobs is quite limited. By the end of the day the poor belt is practically folded in half!

These leggings are from Old Navy, too. Boy do they come in handy. All my dresses-that-are-now-tunics need something underneath them, lest I flash all passerby.

And these, of course, are my most favoritest Rocket Dog flats.


It’s kind of nice when I start to feel like I’m running out of options for things to wear because it makes me dig back deep in my closet to find things. Then I discover outfits that I wouldn’t normally think of putting together!

This knit skirt is from Forever 21’s old maternity line (it was actually Love 21 but whatever). It’s very stretchy and I can wear it as high or low as I feel like on that particular day. On Tuesday I wore it a little high so this Forever 21 belt would still fit. It’ll creep up to wear it is in this picture anyway so why fight it?

Then I found a non-maternity white t-shirt which is of course way too short for a normal-waisted skirt but not a super high-waisted one! Thank goodness it works here because I really miss regular crew-neck shirts.

I love that these Report wedges match the belt almost perfectly (just a couple shades off!) AND I love that I’ve had them for at least four years and they’re still going strong. Yay long-lasting shoes!


I know I said these black jeans were on their way out because, time to face the music, they are starting to get a bit tight. Oh non-maternity jeans, I suppose it is time to finally bid you farewell. But I don’t wanna, so you get one more week.

Plus, this lightweight Gap sweater is still big so I’ve got to tuck it in to something! (Fortunately, I washed it in hot water this weekend and I believe it is now sized to fit. It’s stretchy too so I don’t think I shrank it out of productivity. I hope. Because it is a nice soft sweater and perfect for the “summer” weather we are currently having, which is like 20 degrees below normal temps for early June.)

I went with my Rocket Dog flats again because they are so versatile. This necklace was a clearance find at Target. Score! Target’s accessories are more expensive than Forever’s most of the time, so a clearance find evens it out a little bit, I think. Even this plain ol’ belt was the price of a few of Forever’s $6 belts. Each has its place though, I’m not complaining! I AM rambling though…


Ugh, Thursday. You know what bothers me about this picture? It’s that I do not feel as big as this picture makes me look. I feel like my regular self most of the time, except for when I’m sitting and slouching and my bellyboobs get all compressed.

This Old Navy dress is really soft and comfy and flowy but ugh this picture just bothers me. There’s nothing to balance the flowyness – the bottom half of the dress just kinda jets straight down from the largest part of me, making me look even bigger.

Perhaps it would look more slimming if I belted it under my belly, but since there’s a self-belt at the top I think two belted spots would just look weird. I don’t know…

I might be saving this one for days around the house only from this point forward. I like this dress a lot but I like pumping up my self esteem too.

I think it will work great after pregnancy is over though! I’ll have to experiment with the neckline a bit but it could be a good nursing dress. We’ll see what the future holds for it…


My hair is starting to get longer so I either have to pin it off my face or start styling some bangs! Doing yoga without getting hair all up in my way is becoming more of a challenge!

The Old Navy tank does make me feel a little big but the scarf-turned-belt kind of helps and the pockets allow me to draw it in when I walk so I don’t feel as self-conscious about it!

I wore Old Navy maternity jeans with it too. Once in elementary school I wore jeans under a dress because it was super cold (but I was super girly) and I got made fun of so bad for it! I thought of that a few times on Friday, but it didn’t stop me from wearing jeans with this tunic! Take that elementary school bullies!

Til next week!

Tie Tuesday


Monday was, of course, Memorial Day, so I got to wear something that I wouldn’t be able to wear to work. I’ve been waiting to wear this outfit for awhile actually! And it was finally warm enough on Monday.

This tank (from Old Navy) was another pre-pregnancy find. I thought it was nice enough, no big deal really. But then when I found the bronze necklace I’m wearing at Target I got really excited because it matches perfectly with the bronze circles that randomly dot this tank. PLUS I’ve had these bronze t-strap flat sandals forever so put them all together and I’m super bronzed and happy! (I got the sandals for university graduation in 2008. When you live in Arizona you can wear minimalist sandals for any occasion.)

The only problem with this tank is that it is already getting a little too small! And I purchase it for these last couple months especially (because I knew it would get warm eventually). So I’m wearing it with non-maternity Forever 21 jeans because for some reason I feel okay about bare belly peaking out but I will not show my maternity band. That’s just how I roll.


With the holiday, Tie Tuesday totally snuck up on me this week! How does that happen? It’s not like I don’t know it’s coming. Anyway…

I love this skirt that I got a couple weeks ago. Since I purchased it with only a couple maternity months left I’m trying to make the most of it. This time I wore it with a simple white tee (that is also getting to be too small already!) and dressed it up with a bunch of pearls and springy heels.

I know I’ve said before, but these pearls belonged to my grandmother and I am very happy to have them in my┬ápossession. I love to layer them up together. The pink one is a lot longer than the others so I put a knot in it (I’m so OCD about those things!). I think it gives it some interest too.

These Steve Madden tweed heels are becoming pretty useful this spring! Normally I struggle finding ways to wear them but I’m loving putting them with pearls lately. Makes me feel kind of like a hip old lady. Hehe.


Heels two days in a row! What was I thinking? I know, I was thinking that I like to wear heels. And wedges don’t really count, do they? I mean, they’re so much more supportive. My feet didn’t complain too much; I suppose that’s all that matters.

This navy dress is a non-maternity piece that has morphed into a tunic. I bought it early in this pregnancy because I thought it was fairly flowy and would work as a dress for awhile, but it didn’t last much after the first trimester before it had to become a tunic! But hey, I can still wear it, period, so I’m not complaining!

This time I belted it with this Old Navy D-ring belt that I’ve had for so long I don’t remember when I got it, just that it is from Old Navy. I keep thinking that maybe it’s from high school but that can’t be right. Can it? This one is pink and navy striped and I have another that is green and navy striped. Sometimes people think they’re neckties, but they aren’t.

These jeans are also from Old Navy. No worries about my maternity band showing with this tunic!


I’m getting to the point that I can’t even begin to button my blazers anymore, but I can still wear them! This is my absolute favorite blazer from Banana Republic. I think I have pants that match it but I feel like I haven’t seen them in so long, maybe they don’t really exist! I’m sure they’re buried deep in the “box of unfittables” that is stashed in the basement.

I wore this blazer with a white maternity tank from Forever (and I’m pretty sure you can see my belly button through it if I wasn’t standing at an angle, eek!) and non-maternity jeans from Forever. I love these jeans, I’ve said it before, but, alas, I think it’s about time to retire them. They still fit but they are starting to leave deep marks in my belly if I sit down for awhile. They are just getting to the slightly uncomfortable point. I could probably hang on to them for a couple more weeks but do I really want to? I do have other jeans.

I threw on this hot pink Forever necklace for a splash of color (and, obviously, this outfit needed a little more Forever 21 representation).


I would love this dress so much more if it didn’t just fall straight from my belly, making me look so much bigger! But I do love the rest of the cut and I love all the colors, so I’ll still take it!

This wrap dress from the Gap is decorated with two colors of pink, some light brown/nude colors, orange and probably some other colors too. So I wore some bright colored accessories (all from Target) with it this time – a hot pink tank and shoes plus these wood bangles in pink, orange and yellow.

Bright colors for a Friday! They wake me up on a slow work day.

More next week!

Tie Tuesday

For more about Tie Tuesday, visit the prologue post.


Baby is getting bigger! It’s hard to believe we only have seven weeks until her arrival. And she and I have so much more growing to do!

This is a Forever 21 tunicish shirt; it isn’t maternity but it is so very long that it still fits the bump just fine. Long enough to cover the belly panel on these Old Navy maternity jeans, so it works for me!

I looked for something to add a little color to this outfit, I hate going all grey, but it was Monday morning after all so I just went with what matched instead of what “goes,” as Stacy and Clinton would say. I haven’t been watching too much WNTW lately – I suppose my evenings have been filled with reading more than TV, as I’m trying to catch up on my book reviews at the moment.

Anyway, I digress! In keeping with the grey theme, I wore these Report flats to match my tunic. I suppose I figured I’d match the grey weather that we had this week!


For Tie Tuesday I wore my Old Navy maternity pants with the “real waist.” I’m feeling less like my belly is really “beer belly”-looking when I tuck in my shirts so I’m more comfortable showing off the waist on these pants. Yay for real-looking pants making me feel a bit more normal!

This shirt is also from Old Navy – another one of my pre-pregnancy clearance finds I think. Some of the leaves on the shirt have silver sparkle things on them. Sparkles weird me out in the office a little bit BUT this shirt is kind of subtle and the work environment is casual so I go with it anyway.

This silver basket-weave bracelet looked like it would be a good accessory for this shirt. It’s a Forever bracelet and the silver is starting to wear off – I wonder if I can find a spray paint to make it look all new again? Or perhaps just let it age…

I also wore these black heels (I think they’re Rampage? I’m too lazy to go look at the box right now). I’m still wearing heels but I can’t wear them everyday or my feet will just hurt too much. Too much extra weight over my feet!


This maternity dress is from Old Navy. A good thing about these maternity dresses is that they are long enough! My non-maternity ones keep getting shorter as my belly gets bigger.

I just got this short sleeve blazer off Ebay. It is from Black House White Market, which I usually love, but it must be a bit old because the sleeves are longer than I’d typically go for and the shoulder pads are a bit more paddy than I’d like. Overall it isn’t too bad for an Ebay find, but I don’t know if I’ll keep it. I’m piling up the clothes to sell or give away after I no longer need them. Anyway…

I found this silver necklace in my forgotten jewelry stash. It’s actually really long but I just doubled up the chain so it would work with the neckline on this dress. I think it worked out rather well since this dress has kind of a leafy print going for it. Not so bad!

For some color I wore these hot pink flats from Target. Pay more attention to the shoes than my ankles – it’s been two weeks since I’ve been to the pool which has not helped the swelling that has started. Sad face!


I have to bend over a bit more now to be able to see my shoes! Luckily I can still put my shoes on by myself, though (of course most of my shoes are slip-on so I shouldn’t loose this ability… I hope).

This whole outfit isn’t maternity which made me pretty happy on Thursday! The shirt is another Forever 21 tunic that is really a shirt now. It originally had a belt attached to it but it hit in the middle of my belly so I cut it off. That belt got in the way normally anyway.

These jeans are also Forever (another $10 pair!). Magic Forever jeans that still fit. It’s probably a combination of the stretchy material and the low rise – whatever it is, it makes me happy. I do a little happy dance every time I put these on and I can zip them up AND they don’t cut into my skin. Joy!

The flats are again from Target. I like finding cute shoes when I’m supposed to be buying fabric softener and cereal.


Another cozy maxi dress to close out the week! This is from Old Navy – a lot of my maternity clothes are from Old Navy. That’s because they send me coupons and I’m a sucker for the deal. So I buy online and the stuff shows up at my house and Mr. Handsome just kind of shakes his head at me. I have a problem, I know. I just can’t seem to shake maternity or online shopping!

I still love my jean jacket – lately it’s hard to limit myself to wearing it only so often! I have so many strappy summer dresses and there’s this big crack down in the office about not wearing sleeveless stuff (let alone little straps!) so what’s a girl to do? Jean jacket it is.

The necklace is a triple chain that I doubled up from Forever. These shoes are once again from Target – I love their pop of color. I wish I had more but by the time I gave in to these the other colors they were offering were sold out. That’s probably a good thing, actually, as I am running out of room for shoes!

Have a great week readers!