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Tie Tuesday

Whoa! It’s the 20th Tie Tuesday post! Check this out to see where it all began…


The weather was so unbelievably nice this week! I got to bust out this pair of yellow sandals again. I think my feet are happier when they have some color on them!

This purple dress is from Old Navy. It’s technically a nursing dress, not a maternity dress, but it fits so I don’t really care! The only thing I don’t really like about it is that it has an odd twist-to-a-bow detail in the front that I don’t particularly care for – but I love the color so I bought the dress anyway! I just covered the weird part with this black wrap-style belt.

I do like the length on this dress, though. Most of my dresses are getting shorter and shorter (I must be getting taller right?!). So this slightly longer length is a welcome change.

Plus I’ll be able to wear it all summer and apparently have an easy time at nursing with it on because it’s got this faux cami thing that lifts up. Modest and stylish!



I recently purchased this maternity pencil skirt, as well as a pair of knee-length shorts both from the Gap (20% off sale!). I wonder if I’m crazy to buy any more maternity clothes with only two months left to go, but I know I’ll get a lot of uses out of these two pieces, heading into summer. It’s getting warm already and I only have so many dresses!

I’m already really liking this skirt anyway. It has pockets, what’s not to like! I just hope it fits for the next couple months. It is pretty form-fitting. Let’s hope my growing is confined to my belly and not my butt or hips!

This fuchsia shirt is from Old Navy, one of the clearance items I bought pre-pregnancy. It’s soft and nice but still super big – I have to roll up the bottom a bit so it doesn’t get all droopy.  I have another Old Navy shirt (or two) that is super big too so at least I know I’ll have something to wear all the way to the end!

I’m also wearing this long three-strand silver necklace from Forever (worn doubled up) and my black Rocket Dog flats.


This is another Old Navy maternity shirt. They really design their shirts to fit for awhile! This time I could just tuck it in to my jeans.

These are of course my black Forever 21 jeans that I purchased for $10 (I say of course because I’m pretty sure I mention the same things every time I wear these!). I don’t know what angel designed these jeans but the fact that they still fit me means they must have come from heaven, right?! I have maternity jeans that are tighter than these, it just doesn’t make sense! I suppose I’ll just accept it and move on.

These are my Rocket Dog flats again, my go-to staple shoes. I think I may have finally gotten all the muddy spring-ness off them too!

And this necklace was a clearance find from Target. I love cheap accessories. Have  I mentioned that before?




I’ve been loving wearing this jean jacket lately. It’s the perfect shoulder cover for some of my summer sundresses!

Apparently other KTFU ladies have been digging the jean jacket too, according to this brief article on The Scene Maternity & Style. Oh yeah, I’m so super trendy (ha!).

This Old Navy dress is not maternity but it is forgiving so it’s still working out okay. It’s getting short though! And the actual bust of this dress would not be anywhere near enough coverage for the girls right now, but with a pale pink tank it works out just fine I think. Doesn’t it look like it deserves pockets though? More dresses should have pockets, really; it makes them so much more functional!

These wedges are by Report. I like that they go with almost anything!




I finally got a haircut the day after I took this picture, so my mulletiness won’t be as severe any more! I still can’t decide if I’m growing my hair out or not, so for the time being I’m just cutting the inch or two of growth down my neck. It’s only been like six weeks since my last cut. It seems to have grown really fast! That or she just didn’t take enough off last time. I think I’ll go with the former, it makes me feel better. Hehe.

This purple tank is from Old Navy and it’s maternity. It’s also really long when I stretch it out which is great because it completely hides the maternity band on my Old Navy jeans. Yay!

These bright shoes are from Target, score, and the relatively-close-to-matching necklace is from Forever.

“See” you next week!

Tie Tuesday

Here’s more information about Tie Tuesday if you need it!


In keeping with my recent love of long dresses, I took this one out again which is probably my favorite long dress. If I could wear this one to the hospital I would be one happy lady! It’s a little flowy and it makes me feel both pretty and a little maternal at the same time. Perfect for early labor, right? Assuming it still fits in nine weeks!

I put on this black Old Navy cardigan too because this dress doesn’t have any shoulder coverage and uncovered shoulders in the office make me squeamish. Sure, it’s a casual environment but not that casual (that doesn’t stop some people from wearing bedroom slippers and pajama bottoms though!).

I have some black sandals on somewhere under here (well, they’re on my feet, but you know what I mean). I’m so glad the weather is getting warmer!

I also wore my new silver “everyday” necklace that I got a couple weeks ago. It really does go with everything!


One of the good things about maternity clothes shopping before pregnancy is the deals and clearance finds. However, once pregnancy “is on” the “pregnancy brain” can kick in and some of those deals will be forgotten.

I may have sort of, a little bit, forgotten about this knit skirt. I got it from Forever 21’s Love 21 maternity line (before they liquidated that line) for, I don’t know, less than $10 probably. It’s very no-frills, but I like the fit way more than my Old Navy skirt which is much more flowy and makes me feel bigger. Plus this one can go over or under the bump and I like that a lot!

I also wore a Forever 21 blouse that I haven’t been able to wear since the first trimester or so! Yay for high-waisted skirts! Plus this white Forever bracelet and black Rocket Dog flats.

I don’t usually include my bag in these shots but I felt like this look needed a bit more color. I love this Big Buddha bag and I get so many compliments on it!


Speaking of pre-pregnancy clearance finds, this shirt was procured that way, a find at Old Navy for $5. It’s still a little big so I kind of have to fold the waistline a bit so I don’t look like I’m swimming in it, but I’m happy that it will last awhile longer!

I found these wooden bangles at Target recently; these particular three are orange, yellow and hot pink. I think the fact that they’re wood was the big attractor; they must remind me of all the wooden and colorful baby toys that I’ve been going for lately! Plus I’m way more of a cuff-style bracelet person than a bangle person, so I’m trying to branch out a bit with these. I bought a black one and purple one too!

I also recently picked up these yellow sandals. Mama needed a new pair of summer shoes! I think these are my “the shoes” of this summer. Which is great because I’ve had the same “the shoes” of summer for the past three years or so! (A pair of bronze T-strap flats.) I love all the bright colors of this outfit!


I felt like I hadn’t busted out a blazer in awhile, so I wore this grey one on Thursday (which actually isn’t the Banana Republic one I wanted to wear but it was early and I wasn’t paying attention, so I got this one from The Limited instead! I think the BR one fits slightly better and isn’t as wide on my shoulders, but whatever, it still works I guess). I also wore it because I refuse to wear my winter coat anymore and I was a little cold on Wednesday so…

Without this blazer, all I have on are $6 jeans from Forever (the Love 21 maternity line again) and Target tank tops! I love how a blazer classes-up an otherwise very casual look! (So casual that these tanks are the same ones I wore when Mr. Handsome helped me take pictures later that day for my yoga update post!)

I also wore my gray Report flats (another great find at $15!) and one of my grandmother’s pearl necklaces. I actually felt very proper in my pearls and blazer!


I love, love, love this navy cotton dress from Anthropologie. I’ve had it for almost six years and it’s been my go-to dress for weddings over the years. If you know about Anthropologie, you know they don’t have many inexpensive pieces, and this simple number was no exception, but they are quality clothes so you get your money’s worth for sure! And the fact that it’s stretching so I can still wear it is a huge bonus!

I don’t get to wear these pastel tweed heels too often. They’re so cute but they do seem like a bit of a contradiction to me: tweed is like a fall/winter fabric but pastels are decidedly spring. When does one wear these shoes then?! I choose the spring so they don’t get out much. I think I’ve had them for probably eight years or so? Most likely they’re the pair I’ve had the longest!

Finally, this big white ball necklace is from Forever 21 (I think, I’ve had it for a few years too!).

I’m excited because next weekend I get a haircut so this mulletiness should be curbed soon! One more week of shaggy hair before it gets cleaned up again. Whew!

Tie Tuesday

Learn why it’s called Tie Tuesday, if you want!


It is a baby or a little torpedo in there?! I’m not so sure… Actually, I don’t think torpedos move on their own so I’m pretty sure I’m carrying a baby. And the ultrasound photos are pretty solid.

Anyway… Monday was kind of cold and I had the feeling it’d be one of our last days of wintery-weather (I was wrong: it rained almost all week) so I cozied it up with this ruched tee and boots. Mmmm so cozy!

This green soft shirt is a clearance find from Old Navy. It is soft (did I mention that?) and the ruching gives it lots of room to grow. I doubt I’ll need its warmth much in the next two months, but it IS nice to know it’s there!

These jeans are also very comfy and the fact that they were $6 from Forever 21 makes them even more awesome.

My Doc Martins stayed consistent with the comfort factor. It’s like I went to work in my pajamas on Monday, I swear!

The necklace that you can’t really see is from Target, the bronze one that I wear fairly often.


That’s right, I suited up for Tie Tuesday this week! I was excited to discover that the fabric of my Old Navy maternity pants is quite similar to my Banana Republic blazer (they are from the same company, after all).

I think it is difficult to find professional maternity clothes, which accounts for part of my excitement (the other part is just the joy of discovery!). Luckily I work in a casual office environment, but it has only been that way for just short of a year – I had really awesome timing.

Anyway, this shirt is another Forever 21 find. Apparently I was buying a lot of their longer shirts at one point, which is great now because they’re some of the few non-maternity shirts that will still work for me. I welcome anything that helps to extend my maternity wardrobe!

And these black heels are by Rampage I believe, and I should not wear them any longer than absolutely necessary because my poor feet are getting less and less tolerant of some of my footwear choices. Suck it up, feet!


I’m a super-duper fan of the long (aka maxi) dress lately. I am not a fan of the term maxi dress as I feel it is too similar to term that designates feminine hygiene products. But I digress.

So long dresses. What’s not to like?! They’re one piece to think about, they cover my white legs and what-I’m-pretty-sure-are-becoming-swollen ankles and the just feel all flowy and summery. They’re good times!

This one is from Old Navy. I think it will work all the way til July and maybe even after if I’m lucky.

This time I wore it with my black Rocket Dog flats, which you can barely see under all the long flowyness! That’s a bonus – if I can’t see my feet then you shouldn’t either right?!

Plus I added a gray pearl necklace that belonged to my grandmother. For that classy touch.


It rained on Thursday, but I didn’t care! I’m really into the loose garments lately (can you tell?!) and this green dress was just calling my name. Plus, I’m not too cold out and about lately. That probably has something to do with being a human incubator…

Anyway, this number is from Target. Yes, it is getting a little too short for the office and will probably have to be a “tunic” from here on out, but whatever. I’m going with it for now.

The belt is from Forever 21 (it was like $6!) and while it might not completely “go” with the ensemble (I’m not so sure!) I like this dress better belted than not. So there.

Pink seems to be my thing lately, even though I’m not really all that in to pink at all, but I’m going with it I guess. So my Forever 21 necklace is bright pink and so are my Target flats.

And my legs are bright white but at least the sun wasn’t out reflecting them all over the place, right?!


I went a little “menswear chic” on Friday. That’s still a style right? I’m so behind the times lately. But I saw this  pinstripe vest hanging all lonely in my closet and I thought, I can do something with you poor little vest. Come with me to work today.

The vest is, of course, from Forever 21 and of course it isn’t maternity so perhaps it looks a little small. I did a little “fat guy in a little coat” song for Mr. Handsome.

Also from Forever are the jeans ($10! non-maternity!) and the three-strand silver chain necklace. The other long necklace with black wooden beads is from, you guessed it, Target. It’s one or the other when it comes to most of my accessories, isn’t it? The black belt is also from Target, because their belts are cheap and, no, they don’t last long but I don’t want to keep a size XL belt around forever anyway.

Aaaand these are Report flats.

Til next week, happy dressing!

Tie Tuesday


So I was feeling a little fancy on Monday and busted out my peep-toe d’Orsay heels! Actually, I had to run by Mr. Handsome’s new restaurant after work and I wanted to look all hip and what not (although “hip” in this town tends to be a little more… dirty, no, unkempt, for lack of a better word, but whatever).

This shirt is, of course, Forever 21 and it is not maternity but it’s a little long (not quite a tunic) so it still works! It covers the maternity jeans belly band at least!

These are Old Navy maternity jeans, “below-the-waist” style. So comfy.

The turquoise-colored bracelet is also Forever 21. It’s beaded with several strands and one of those strands broke apart as I took it off about two seconds after I took this photo. I saved the beads and I could fix it (another strand broke off awhile back too!). We’ll see…


Oh my we are growing aren’t we? And the baby is getting bigger too! (By “we” I meant my boobs.)

Anyway, Tuesday I went to work for all of an hour to grab my meeting schedule and answer some emails, then I headed home to hang with a sick Kiddo1 (bad cold, swollen ear canal, who-knows-what but he’s feeling better now, although the cough lingers).

This Gap Maternity dress is so comfy I wore it all day, though. It’s a true wrap style so I can wrap it looser as the weeks pile up. I hope I can wear it after the maternity need has passed! Maybe just get the hem straightened up or something…

These shoes are from Target. I think part of the awesomeness of this dress is that there are so many colors I can pull from the dress to accessorize with it!


No maternity today! It’s simple pleasures like that sometimes, you know?

These are my loosest-fitting Forever 21 jeans. I’m shocked that they still work. But they were already pretty low-waisted.

This green blazer is also Forever (claro que si!) and it is a little, well, uncloseable at this point but whatever! Who said anything about closing it anyway!?

I’m also wearing two layered white tanks from Target and more Target flats. I like their flats – I keep looking for more when I’m there!

This necklace I think is Forever. It’s made of wood in funky shapes. I’ve had it for a couple years but honestly never worn it until Wednesday. I call it my Teacher Necklace. Kiddo1 says, “Yeah a Cool Teacher Necklace!” Aww, he’s a sweetie.


This shirt is a lightweight Gap sweater and it is nice and soft. $10 black Forever 21 (non-maternity!) jeans. But the belt from Target is size XL so, you know, you win some… Plus my Rocket Dog flats.

Another bit you can’t really see is my new necklace that Mr. Handsome got me for our anniversary (he actually got me the gift card that I purchase the necklace with – he knows I’m super picky). So I took a close-up shot. It’s my new go-to necklace I think!



Sleepy Friday! This dress is from Target (I’m seeing a store trend besides Forever this week!) and it isn’t maternity and it is barely fitting but it was comfy so I didn’t care! It stretches. I could pull the waist band up to empire height, and I probably will this summer, but I wanted to wear it “normally” at least once!

My Gap jean jacket is becoming a Friday staple. It makes me feel more comfortable in the office when I’m wearing strappy dresses.

The shoes are again from Target (same ones as Wednesday) and I think this necklace could be from there, too. It’s another one of those accessories that I’ve had forever and don’t wear often but have discovered that it is versatile and I should wear it more. Whew.

Plus I pulled my hair back and I’m not too sure how I feel about it but I do like that my hair is a little longer! I haven’t decided to grow it out or not but I’m not cutting it either. We’ll see how that goes.

Check in for more bump coverage next week!

Tie Tuesday

What the heck is Tie Tuesday?


I’m not really sure what the look on my face is for… Maybe Mr. Handsome was trying to make me laugh or something. It was a week ago so I’ve completely forgotten by now. Well, enjoy my strange expression.

Monday I was feeling my “old lady” accessories – I’ve got tweed shoes and a whole bunch of my grandmother’s pearls. I guess I was in a bit of a silly mood on Monday, what with my funny expression and “character” accessories!

Anyway… This purple dress is wonderful; it isn’t maternity but it is wrap-style so it still fits! The weather is starting to get warm so I wanted to get it in while I can still wear long sleeves. But I didn’t cave to tights! You will face the wrath of my white legs! Muhahaha.

I also wore a light pink tank underneath to go with my pink tweed heels. It’s too bad the heels don’t go with much because I do like them. But pearls go with everything!


For Tie Tuesday I thought I’d finally tuck my shirt into these “real waist” pants since I haven’t done that yet. I still feel like my belly looks really “beer belly” when I do that but I guess that didn’t stop me today (or tomorrow!).

These pants are so comfy, I love them, but I didn’t want to get them hemmed so I have to wear them with heels. Normally that’s fine but for some reason I picked these booties that are fairly high-heeled and I wore them all day – to work, to my son’s dentist appointment, to dinner. My feet were killing me for like two days afterward. I can still wear heels just fine but I think I’d better do a better job at pacing myself!

I also wore this white scarf because I needed an accessory, but it wasn’t really cold enough for a scarf. I love that the weather is getting warmer, though. I’m ready to put the winter stuff away!


See, I tucked again, even though it weirds me out. I guess I just want to take advantage of these “real waist”-type paints. Plus this shirt is a little long/big so I kind of needed to tuck! It’s funny because sometimes I still feel like I’m between real clothes and maternity, but I’m glad the maternity stuff is still big because I know I will be grateful for it in a couple months!

This shirt is from Old Navy, another one of my pre-pregnancy clearance finds. I’m glad that all the stuff I bought before I got pregnant is stuff that I’m actually able to use now! And most of it is summer stuff so I can keep wearing it for awhile. Double score! Triple if you count the savings too!

The turquoise-ish bracelet is from Forever 21, of course. I have had it for awhile, at least a few years. I think it’s slowly starting to come apart but whatever!

And these are flats from Target.


I like this soft purple shirt. It isn’t maternity but it is a flowy, empire-waist style. It hardly fits but I made it. Some of the buttons toward the top were working hard, some failing, causing me to look down almost all day to make sure I wasn’t starting to come undone! Good thing I have to wear a tank underneath, because the fabric is already a little see-through.

These are my Forever/Love 21 maternity jeans ($6! Yes I will mention that every time I wear them!) and a Forever bracelet again. The silver paint (or whatever it is) is starting to wear off, okay it’s beyond starting, but I think it makes the bracelet look like cool worn or something. Shabby chic if you will.

And these are my Report flats – they look a little wet around the soles because I was taking the dog out before I took this picture and the ground was all wet from an earlier rain. Yeah, you needed to know that.


I don’t remember this maternity tunic being so short the last time I wore it, but whatever I still like it and it has pockets! I wore it with leggings which are totally not tights but I get that they aren’t pants either so, you know, the risque thing could go either way. Nobody says anything at work or even looks at my twice, though. I think I get a “pregnant lady pass.” I’ll take it because I was comfortable!

Like I said, this is a great tunic, comfy and with pockets, but it has kind of an awkward cinched waist that just didn’t work for me the last time I wore it. So I added this black belt instead. I think the belt is from Old Navy? The leggings are Old Navy, I remember that!

Plus I wore my go-to black Rocket Dog flats. Love them.

That’s it for Tie Tuesday this week! Happy dressings!


Tie Tuesday

For more about Tie Tuesday (and some maternity style tips I collected!) check out the prologue post.


I’ve taken a liking to wearing dresses on Mondays; they make me feel more ready to take on the week for some reason. This is a new one I just got from Old Navy (damn you Old Navy and your constant online sales! If my husband sees one more package from you…). I’m excited to wear it all summer and hopefully (fingers crossed!) I can get it slightly altered to fit well after Baby2 arrives, too!

I’ve also been feeling the belts lately, but most of my belts are getting small (are they shrinking?!) so I used a purple scarf instead. It tied around twice so, big fist pump for that. I thought it would go fairly well with these Steve Madden purple heels which, I’m also proud to say, I wore all day without changing into flats. I will take advantage of this until the third trimester swells kick in!

Finally, these huge boobs and growing belly round out the whole look. I mean, sheesh, I’m like all boob there. Sigh.


Sure, this skirt is quickly on its way out, but it is non-maternity so I’m milking it for all it’s worth. It may not fit the next time I reach for it, but I’m prepared, emotionally, for that. I think. Deep breath. After Baby2 arrives I’ll need this one altered, too, because it was too big before and I kind of like being able to wear it now. It’s funny how something will just sit in my closet until one day I think, well that wouldn’t be so bad…

So the skirt fit, which was great, but I didn’t know what to put with it! I put the focus on bright accessories: a super bright necklace from Forever 21 and similarly bright flats from Target. I think they made for a spring-time look!

I am determined to stay away from tights now that the weather is (slowly) starting to warm up here. This makes things a lot more comfortable for me, although I force bystanders to shield their eyes from my glaring-white legs. Sorry everyone!


I tried tucking in my shirt on Wednesday, and I still think my baby belly looks a little beer belly-ish, but I’m giving it a try. I suppose I have to show off these non-maternity Forever jeans somehow right? These jeans make me really love the Forever people. And did I mention they were $10?! Happy, happy.

This is another Old Navy shirt. I like their shirts because they are plenty big with room to grow, they’re soft 100% cotton and they aren’t too expensive if you find them on sale (I just don’t want to pay $20 for a shirt that I’m only going to wear for a few months – I’m cheap like that). So I have a lot of Old Navy maternity shirts. And dresses. And other stuff.

My poor Rocket Dog flats are all muddy from the rain that day. Oops! Time to clean them! And this is the black Target necklace that I currently can’t get enough of. It goes with seriously everything!


I felt like I hadn’t brought out a blazer in awhile, and I felt like I had nothing to wear on a sorta cold Thursday, so blazer to the rescue! All I needed was a tank and a scarf for a bit of color. Outfit complete!

Blazer are great because no matter how big I get they still fit! I just don’t button them. My winter jacket is getting to be that way, too; the top buttons are the only ones that have gotten to close for awhile now. But I refuse to buy a maternity coat! Did I mention I’m cheap?

These jeans are also from Old Navy. They’re super comfy. Maternity jeans are great because they are oh so comfortable but I hate trying to find shirts that will completely cover the belly band, even when I’m sitting, bending over, etc. I noticed that the band is just slightly poking out here and that drives me crazy!

Anyway, I put on my Report flats to match with the blazer. Grey on a grey PacNW day!


It was warm and sunny again on Friday! The weather is so close to being nice all the time – I love summers up here.

This dress is another Old Navy frock but it isn’t maternity, just a little flowy. Not a lot of boob room on this one though, which I desperately need right now! So I put a pink maternity tank on underneath which went really well with the few very light pink flowers on this dress (which you can’t really see in the picture but I swear they’re there. I swear).

I recently rediscovered my jean jacket and all of a sudden it goes with everything! Funny how that works! It’s coming in really handy to make these sundresses office-friendly.

These Report wedges are also coming in handy – I feel like they go with all my summer dresses that just don’t go with any other shoes. I think I’ve had them for about four years now. What will I do when they fall apart?!

Til next week!

Tie Tuesday

If your curious about Tie Tuesday’s start, you can read the prologue post. Fascinating stuff.

You may notice that the crib is missing this week. That’s because Mr. Handsome and I put wheels on it so I can roll it away when I need to! The wheels also come in handy for getting to my closet (which is just to my left) because my belly doesn’t fit around it so well anymore. Wheels are so fantastic in a tight space.


I had planned on wearing a flowery spring dress on Monday, but I quickly discovered that it wouldn’t zip up. At all. Oh well, at least I tried! That dress is too pretty to put in “the box of unfittables” so I will allow it to hang it my closet, from where it will taunt me… but also inspire me to stay fit so I can wear it before the warm season ends this fall!

A suitable replacement was found with this navy dress from Anthropologie. I got this over five years ago for a friend’s wedding rehearsal dinner. It’s a simple cotton number with some gathered fabric around the middle (emphasizing the waist is always a “do” on What Not to Wear!). I thought the gathered fabric would kind of get in the way, but it really isn’t too bad! And hey, it fits so who am I to complain?

It was another beautiful sunny 60 degree day in the Pacific NW, so I went without tights. I don’t think I’m going to wear anymore tights now – we’re supposed to have weather in the 60s all this (current) week. I hope it sticks around!

I’m also wearing a bronze-ish necklace from Target and Report wedges.


Tie Tuesday! I took advantage of these very comfortable Old Navy slacks. They have a real waist but I haven’t really showed that off yet. My belly looks just kind of beer-bellyish when I tuck in shirts right now. So I’ll leave that feature for use a couple weeks in the future…

This shirt is from Forever 21 and isn’t maternity, although I feel like it looks maternity since it is so long! It’s sort of a tunic fit and has these pockets with zipper detail on the sides. Again, I’m just glad it fits, so I will wear it! And rejoice in its non-maternity status!

This is another necklace from Target which has come in very handy the last few weeks. I like that I can wear it long or doubled up so it’s shorter, too. Versatility always wins.

Aaaaaand my Report flats which were an awesome score from Ross at $15. Yay!


I finally got all my jeans back from the tailor’s on Tuesday night! I was so excited – I tried them all on immediately. These are my most expensive pair of maternity jeans – a pair of Rock & Republic “real waist” flare fit jeans. I don’t usually wear a flare fit on my jeans, but I wanted something to wear with sneakers every now and then. This are awesome, although they are a bit tight and quite low-waisted so I fear they won’t last long. I’m trying to wear them often (I wore them all weekend!) to stretch them out, although they have a surprisingly low amount of stretch for maternity jeans.

It was cold and rainy on Wednesday so I wore this Old Navy long sleeve maternity tee that I found on clearance last summer (yeah, I totally watched the clearance finds before I was even pregnant). It is so comfy and has lots of room for growth. I hope it can come in handy on cool summer nights because I expect our weather to stay warm now! (I have high expectations.)

I’m also wearing yet another necklace from Target – it has a big mother-of-pearl (or fake) pendent which doesn’t see the light of day too often, but I keep it around because I still like it, even though it doesn’t go with much of my wardrobe. Another Target accessory are these flats. I like Target.


I stayed home with Kiddo1 on Thursday (doc says it’s a mild ear infection). Lately, whenever I’m home I like to take advantage of clothes that are right on the edge of making it into “the box,” like this Banana Republic shirt. Clearly, it is too short for the office (I was pulling it down all day and didn’t take my coat off at the doctor’s office!). I’m glad I got one more wear out of it before banishing it to “the box” though! It has some interesting detail at the top which does not at all come through in the photo. Oh well.

I also wore these Forever 21 jeans that I don’t have to roll up anymore thanks to the alterations! And they’re not maternity and they still fit really well! A whole day of no maternity – I am doing a happy dance for pulling this off at 26 weeks. Very happy indeed.

I wore the Report flats again and no other accessories – I’m so lazy on days off sometimes!


This “tunic” is actually a dress – I wore it with leggings and a black belt back in my second Tie Tuesday post. But when I put it on on Friday it was only a couple inches longer than what you see here. Clearly too short for anything but especially the office! So now this dress is a shirt. But at least I can still wear it.

So instead of leggings I put on these Old Navy maternity jeans (which were also a clearance find that I bought before I was pregnant). I normally don’t wear jeans at this length with heels but I’ve been seeing it a lot lately so I decided to try it out. I think I like it!

I found this belt at the Forever accessories store for like $6 or something. I bought an extra large and planned to wear it with some dresses. I don’t know why I feel like this dress, I mean tunic or shirt or whatever, needs a belt but I do.

I also wore these Report wedges again. I very much meant to put on a necklace but I was so wrapped up in the dress becoming a shirt that I totally forgot. Pregnancy brain is funny.

Here’s to warm weather for next week!

Tie Tuesday

It’s Tie Tuesday! I was on Spring Break all week so I went a tad more casual than normal – there was hardly much of a real Tie Tuesday at all!


For the first official day of Spring Break, the weather was amazing – sunny and about 60 degrees. I could go without a jacket or sweater! Of course I still wore a jacket when I went out because I’m a wuss and get cold even in 60 degree weather, but whatever.

This shirt and these jeans are both from Forever 21 but they aren’t maternity so yay!

This shirt is so soft and cozy. It was a good shirt for just hanging out in and walking around the zoo for a couple hours. It’s a little loose so I hope to get a few more wears out of it in the coming weeks. We’ll see how that goes! I hope my shirts start to surprise me with amazing amounts of stretch!

And, of course, these are my Rocket Dog flats. Speaking of shopping, it may be time to invest in another pair of black flats…



The weather wasn’t quite as good on Tuesday but other than our trip to Ikea I didn’t leave the house much anyway (so much framing going on!).

This nice soft dress was great – super comfortable and good movement for all the bending and stretching I had to do while framing.

I was excited that this fit – it is another non-maternity Forever 21 item. The chest part actually fit better this time! I suppose I have more to fill it out with now… I still need to put a tank underneath though because it is so low cut!

I also wore this white cuff from Forever. Huh, I guess it was another completely Forever day. I’ll take them while I can I guess! Once I can start non-maternity shopping again I really need to branch out to a few more stores…



There’s a crib in my space! Mr. Handsome and Kiddo1 put it together Tuesday afternoon. It is holding all my project supplies right now, but those are quickly becoming completed projects that need to be hung, like the framed posters in the back.

Since all my jeans are still at the tailors getting shortened, I’m down to just my black Forever jeans and these Gap maternity ones, which I usually wear heels with. But since my day consisted mostly of gluing yellow circles on a paper lantern to make one of the poofs for the very large mobile, I wore my sneakers and rolled up my jeans for any outside time that we did.

Mr. Handsome got me these Adidas shoes for Christmas five or six years ago. They’re the only sneakers I own!


It was super rainy on Thursday so I busted out the Hunter wellies again. We had a good amount of things to do out and about so they really came in handy! I like when my feet are dry. You can’t live in the Pacific NW without having good rain boots, especially in the spring. Or you could just let your feet get wet. I don’t think the latter is the better option though.

Boots like these go so well with skinny jeans – there’s so much less fabric to stuff in! And since these are the only skinny jeans in my closet right now… they will work!

This yellow t-shirt is from American Apparel. Their shirts are so soft, and organic! But they do shrink on the first wash which I always fail the remember! So this shirt probably won’t last too long. Luckily I have another one and it is huge!



I bought this black dress from Old Navy with a nice discount a few weeks ago. I’ve been itching to wear it but it was too cold to go sleeveless again on Friday. Not that the cap sleeves from this t-shirt at too much warmth, but whatever. I’m glad I can use this long dress as a skirt too!

One of Mr. Handsome’s regular restaurant customers crocheted him this black scarf. His regulars are so nice. I think it was the same couple that gave Kiddo1 a game for his birthday (it was a replica of a first edition Monopoly game. The first time we played the game lasted for like three days! I lost first. Mr. Handsome was over built the slum properties and I couldn’t stop landing on them. Anyway…)

So I thought I would borrow the scarf on Friday to keep a little more warm. It was cozy! Such nice regulars.

Tie Tuesday

Happy Tie Tuesday! As always, you can learn more about why it’s called Tie Tuesday here.


I purchased these Gap maternity jeans off Ebay a few months ago. They were huge back then and now I’m afraid they barely fit on my waist! They’re the “real waist” style so there’s a real zipper fly and pockets and everything! Although the pockets are a lot closer to the side seems, but whatever I guess. There are elastic pulls on the inside of the waistband so you can adjust them but I’ve already got them on their loosest setting. Oh well, at least they fit now!

This bright pink shirt is from Old Navy and it is also maternity. I put all the maternity clothes in my closet about a week ago so I’m actively using them now. Especially since so many of my non-maternity clothes have gone in “the box” of unfittables, I need the maternity clothes to stretch the wardrobe possibilities a bit!

The purple heels are from Steve Madden – I love their purple color. And, of course, the big white necklace is from Forever 21.


Continuing the trend of pants-that-didn’t-fit-months-ago, I also bought these Old Navy black work pants and they were HUGE when I tried them on. But they were my size and they have the same “real waist” and elastic pulls on the inside so I went for it (I probably had a coupon code or something too).

Now, they fit like a dream. The waist is just a bit loose and nice and low so they’ll last for awhile. Thank goodness as they’re the only “work” pants that I have now. Being able to wear jeans to work is like my saving grace for this pregnancy!

This white shirt from Old Navy was a clearance find. It is maternity but I fear how long it will last because it fits really well right now. It’s a little thin but I just put a white tank underneath and it was no biggie.

I layered the black necklace from Target with a few silver chains from Forever. The black heels are by Rampage I believe.


Whoa this dress got short! And I didn’t really notice the extent of the shortness until now! Oops. I guess this really is a tunic from now on… But hey, no maternity clothes today!

The dress, I mean tunic, is from Urban Outfitters. I’ve had it for maybe five years or so and have only recently discovered it again and have started wearing it. It’s v-neck is very deep but with a white tank it works great.

I also just recently rediscovered this jean jacket too – I think it will come in very handy this summer as a quick shoulder cover for the office. I think it works really well with some of my spring dresses!

I also decided to go tights-less on Wednesday (I hope my white legs aren’t too blinding!), which was a big gamble because it was not exactly warm, but my Doc Martins kept my feet toasty at least!


More maternity on Thursday! The tee and skirt are both from Old Navy. I think the cotton skirt is better for spring and tights-less weather, but my legs were cold yesterday so… out came the tights again. Even though I didn’t really like the skirt with tights. I just feel like it’s too flowy – I guess I like my winter skirts more structured.

I do like this skirt and I think it will come in handy this summer. Thank goodness it isn’t too short! It has a fold-over waist, too, so I can make it even longer if I need to. I like that the hem is cut so that the front is a little bit shorter, that way it looks even when I wear it under my belly.

This shirt is nice and comfy, but it bothers me that the only neck options in maternity seem to be a scoop neck (by far the most available) and v-neck. Where are all the crew neck shirts? I can’t seems to find them.

Anyway, and these, of course, are my Rocket Dog flats. A week can’t go by without them!


Another non-maternity day – that’s two this week! Yay! Small victories, I tell ya. I’ll take what I can get!

I’ve always professed my love for the blazer. Without it I’m in jeans and a tank top here. This Banana Republic blazer is probably my all-time favorite. It fits the best out of all my blazers. Although it doesn’t really button anymore, but I don’t need it to (actually this guy at work noticed me trying to button it and he said, “Don’t worry, my blazers don’t button anymore either.” Ha!).

These are my $10 Forever 21 black jeans and I love them so, so much because they still fit really well. I don’t see them going away too soon – I hope they stick around forever!

I threw in this purple scarf for a little bit of color against all the black and gray – some of the gray is from these Report flats.

Until next week!

Tie Tuesday

Check out this post to learn more about Tie Tuesday.

This week you’ll notice a couple things:

  1. It was St. Patrick’s Day last week so I wore green all week in keeping with my annual tradition to do so. Green is my favorite color so I own a lot of green clothes. It only seems natural to me to wear them all during one of my favorite weeks – I love when everyone wears green! Of course, though, on St. Patrick’s Day itself I forgot to wear green (it was on Saturday). What’s that all about?
  2. You’ll see that the wall decor that serves as my background has changed. I framed this poster last week and it is loosely hung for now (I need to install a better hanging device on the frame and put some actual nails in the wall – right now I’m using push pins so I only have the frame up when I take my picture!).

Let’s get to it!


It’s been a while since I’ve broken out the long sleeve shirt and scarf combo, which was known as my lazy outfit. I guess I haven’t been feeling all that lazy lately, so I haven’t been using this combo!

This felt really comfortable though. This long sleeve shirt from Old Navy is getting a bit short (in fact, it just made it into “the box of unfittables” over the weekend) so I put a white tank underneath just to make sure the maternity band was covered all the way. It weirds me out when the band part of my jeans starts peaking out. It’s like people know I’m cheating or something…

These jeans are from Old Navy. They’re the under-the-belly style so they have about a five-inch wide band of stretchy fabric that sits under my belly. This is by far my favorite style of all the maternity bands on pants. I don’t really like the constraining feeling of the over-the-belly bands. But I have friends who swear by that style, too, so it’s just a matter of preference.

My Rocket Dog flats finish it off!


I’m so happy this Banana Republic skirt still fits! I come back to it every third week or so and I’m shocked every time I can zip it up. This is probably the last wearing – it’s starting to pucker in the back a bit because it is not meant to be worn so high. It probably isn’t used to my new bubble butt either!

I actually pulled this green Gap shirt out of “the box.” It is far too short to wear anymore but with this high-waisted skirt it totally works. Yay!

I got this necklace on clearance at Target. At first I wasn’t sure about it – the black pieces are kind of sparkly which normally I wouldn’t do – but it works just fine I think. Not too back for $8.

Another thing I wasn’t sure about were the fishnets I’m wearing. Usually I don’t feel like wearing fishnets to the office. I know there’s nothing wrong with it I just couldn’t do it all the same. For some reason I felt differently on Tuesday and took the plunge. I think they worked out pretty well with these Report wedges!


I feel like I just wore this green sweater, even though it was nearly a month ago on my birthday. So I put this black Banana Republic blazer over it to make myself feel better. I suppose it works out pretty well. It’s been cold here lately, too, so the extra layer was pretty nice. Luckily it’s a lightweight sweater so it wasn’t too bulky.

These are my $6 Forever maternity jeans. I finally went to a tailor over the weekend to get them altered so I don’t have to roll them anymore. The alternations cost $20 which is more than I’ve paid for all but one of my four maternity jeans (and that one pair is Rock & Republic and was $80 so I guess it all evens out). I don’t get the jeans back for two whole weeks though! I hope it is worth it!

I wore this sort of bronzey necklace that I got from Target a couple months ago so I thought it would pair nicely with these bronzy/goldy shoes that are also from Target (pairing due to color, not store. hahaha).


Yeah this cardigan is waaaay too short but I didn’t really care on Thursday – I needed something green to wear! I probably could have worn it open but I felt like it made my belly look like it was way sticking out so I didn’t. However wearing it closed kind of made my belly disappear a bit… only a bit though! I can’t hide the belly anymore even if I wanted to.

I can’t believe these non-maternity jeans from Forever still fit (they’re my black $10 ones, as opposed to my regular blue $10 ones that no longer fit). I’m down to just these and one other non-maternity pair. I’m so happy these do still fit, mostly because they’re my only jeans that are a color other than dark blue. I miss my gray jeans so much, I even thought about trying to find a cheap pair of red jeans or something and having them altered to maternity (although if hemming alone is $20 then altering to maternity is probably not worth it). When you wear jeans to work it is important to have options!

Of course a week can’t go by without these black Rocket Dog flats.


This is one of my favorite dresses, mostly because it is green. I wanted to wear it on my birthday but I found a small stain on it (it nearly ruined my morning!). Luckily I was able to get the stain out! Thank you, Shout Stick. Yay!

I was so unsure about the tights with this one – I think I changed tights like three times on Friday morning. I would love to start going without tights (especially since I have to wear them so low so that they won’t constrain my belly). It’s just too cold here still in the Pacific NW to do that, at least for me. I like warm legs, what can I say? Hopefully in a month or so I can start going bare… Anyway, I suppose these tights worked out fairly well, I just felt like there was a lot of black going on this whole week I guess!

This is another necklace from Target (I’m having a Target accessories week I think). I like it better than the one I wore Tuesday. It’s a less sparkly and less flashy all around. I tend to like relatively simple accessories, for the most part. Anyway, thanks to Target for being my accessories wing man this week!

New week: probably no green at all! But no guarantees…