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Redecorating Adventures

Another home project down! Sneaking this one in before vacation. Part of me is really, really happy about this project and another part is disappointed. I’ll break it down: I love the paint, love the wall stuffs rearranging and love that we finished (the bulk of) it before vacation. I’m disappointed that I rushed a bit (therefore didn’t stick to my “non-consumer” values) and bought some crappy rush materials. But did I mention the bathroom is beautiful and (99%) functional for us both right before and upon return from our vacation? Cause that really is the best part.

Our sad little bathroom has been in need of an update. It’s our only bathroom and it was so boring – all white with no excitement. The previous owner had updated this bathroom in 2001 (we have the receipts – she kept great records!) and added a great vanity and the cute white wall cabinet, but the room needs our own personality added to it. Plus it lacks a bit of function. The vanity is great for storing toilet paper and small appliances, but the wall cabinets, while cute, don’t give us tall enough shelves for what we need.

Here are some before pictures of our tiny white bathroom:

 photo 20140628_093027_zpsgc9fnlbd.jpg


 photo 20140628_093059_zpsx78g30zw.jpg


 photo 20140628_093238_zpsoak3i3yc.jpg


We got colorful towels when we moved in to try to give something interesting to the room, but this weekend I finally reached my breaking point and decided it was time to get it a makeover. Redecorating presents an unique set of challenges now that I’m trying to reduce consumption. When it comes to supplies needed and accessories wanted to finish the room, I can’t just go out and get everything I want if I’m going to stay true to my new mantra. But this bathroom really needed new paint and something to make it feel more functional in the small space. There’s got to be a happy medium between consumption and doing nothing!

 photo 20140704_123814_zpsfibnu01a.jpg

Still needs a little “styling” but at least it is functional!

There is a happy medium and I think it is just called being more resourceful. Here’s how I approached all the things I needed in order to pull off this “new” room:

    • Wall Paint: Did you know you can remix paint? You can take paint back to the store and have them mix it into another color for you! There are limitations, though. I didn’t know about the limits before this project, so I didn’t get to recycle my old paint, but I know the limits now so I can next time! The color you are remixing has to be similar to the color you want, both in terms of hue and saturation. I think this would be really helpful if you had a whole lot of different “beige” tones and you combined them into one consistent color with the help of a little new tint and the mixing machine. I tried to take one gallon of leftover blue paint from a project and turn it into one gallon of dark purple paint for this project. You can’t go that far apparently! The guy at the store said he’s not a magician. BUT he did give me a discount on a new gallon of a paint! I hate having leftover paint because I do get the no-VOC line of whatever I can. My go-to brand is Yolo Colorhouse (local to the Pacific NW!) but they have limited colors, so I have used Benjamin Moore’s Natura line in our master (Paladian blue) and now our bathroom (Fire and Ice purple).
      • Total cost: $48 and a contribution to a corporate paint company who may have questionable morals.
      • Score on this one: consumed.
 photo 20140704_123827_zpsllcenc5d.jpg

Still space for some future projects!

  • Ceiling Paint: reused from another project. I really wanted a high gloss finish for the bathroom ceiling, but we already had white flat paint so… I’m probably the only one who notices anyway!
    • Total cost: $0
    • Score: balanced.
  • Paint supplies: I had all the supplies I needed to paint the room since we had painted almost the whole house already. I had rollers, brushes, etc. I didn’t have a paint tray, though. I substituted a pieces of aluminum foil for the tray. It worked out pretty well! I had to add more paint every half dozen rolls or so, since it didn’t have much capacity, but at least I could use my roller!
    • Total cost: $6 (I did buy a new roller and paint tape)
    • Score: balanced.
  • Mirror: Reused from another place in the house (was stored in the garage).
    • Total cost: $0
    • Score: not consumed!
  • Mirror frame (phase 2): I’ll make a frame out of pieces of lath or model wood, we’ll see when we get to phase two (probably later in July). For now, no cost or score.
  • Shelves: Ugh, here’s my mega disappointment.So, I was all set to make some shelves out of scrap wood. I have a miter saw to cut the wood and I even bought a new blade with more teeth for better cuts. But then I totally broke the saw in the process of changing the blade. I’m sure it is fine, but someone with better expertise than mine is going to have to put that thing back together if the safety guard is ever going to work properly again. Bummer. This was right before July 4th and we were having friends over, plus we’re about to leave for vacation and this is the last thing I want lingering (why did I start this again?). So I gave in – I ordered crappy shelves from Home Depot and installed them quickly. Now they totally suck and I’m going to have to buy shelf brackets to make them functional (they’re floating shelves but gravity is making an attempt at shaming their namesake). Sigh. At least they do hold minimal supplies for now, so the upgrade can wait until our return. Double sigh.
    • Total cost: $46 and a bit of my dignity, plus whatever the cost is going to be for brackets to hold up these sad, cheap Home Depot shelves (why do I keep buying stuff from there?!?)
    • Score: consumed
  • Towel Hooks: cheap single hooks from Amazon. ‘Course we already had the colorful towels. Part of me wants to go back to all white towels now, but I kind of like all the color against the purple walls!
    • Total cost: $12
    • Score: consumed (but I bought them a couple months ago so that counts for a middle ground somehow, right?)
 photo 20140704_123847_zpswkslbscy.jpg

Hooks and frames – purchased months ago so they don’t count…. right?

  • Picture frames: frames I had impulse purchased a couple months ago from IKEA. I had to print the pictures.
    • Total cost: I don’t remember… $10 a frame? IKEA prices, you know.
    • Score: ugh, yes, I consumed again! But again, I bought these a few months ago too so they don’t count, right?
  • Jars: I’ve been keeping the glass jars that some of our food comes in – tomato sauce, honey, applesauce, etc. I used extra paint from another project to paint the inside of some of the jars. Other jars I collected from around the house. I put some paint in a couple jars to make them look Pinterest cool. An old honey jar now stores our toothbrushes. And I still have so many random jars to use!
    • Total cost: Free, with the purchase of food
    • Score: not consumed!


That’s two solid consumes, two balanced, two sorta forced balanced because I bought things months ago and abandoned them but eventually used them, and two not consumed. Hey, that’s not as bad as I thought! I’m now going to call this a quasi-success in my first attempt to redecorate without consumption. I bet I’ll get a lot better at this as time goes on!

Bringing Home the Bacon

Ah, grocery shopping. Other than meal planning, is there anything more fun? Add in a toddler who MUST walk for herself through the entire store and you’ve got a load of entertainment, let me tell you!

We’ve been changing up our grocery shopping habits a lot in the last six months or so. Our baseline was your typical shopper, I think: we got most foods from a big grocery store like Safeway or Fred Meyer. We didn’t buy anything special, a fair mix of packaged foods and fresh produce. I didn’t care if things were organic or not, they just needed to look okay. We shopped a little at some smaller, locally owned grocery stores, too, but I hated going to more than one store for food.

Then when I found out about GMOs and started my New Years resolution to improve our diet, I started doing more shopping at Trader Joe’s and a couple really sweet local grocery stores. I tell you what, local grocery stores are where it’s at. If you’re lucky enough to have them close to you, check them out. Local grocery stores are where we’re getting the vast majority of our produce right now. It’s almost like a farmers market, because most of the foods are sourced locally, but they still have out-of-season foods like the grocery stores (like strawberries in January). It’s so much easier to find the organic produce at the smaller spots.

The farmers market, though… that’s where I’d love to get the bulk of our produce from. The local grocery stores just aren’t as “local” as the farmers market. The problem is I have to go by the market’s schedule. With the grocery store I can go whenever I want, but with the market I have to wait for the brief weekly window in which the farmers gather. I shouldn’t complain – here in my city there’s a farmers market five or six days of the week. But I still find it difficult to get there! And I have to plan meals more carefully and seasonally because the farmers markets don’t grow all our favorites year-round like the commercial growers. The third con on my list for farmers markers is the cost. Most of the time I don’t find them to be cheaper than the store (but Mr. Handsome is way more observant about prices than I am. I just look for what I need and buy it but he actually tries to stay within a budget. Imagine that!).

Speaking of seasonal produce, I’m in love with these seasonal charts. I want to print them out and hang them in my kitchen – both as art and as meal planning tools! Here’s the veggie chart.

 photo Kitchen101-Seasonal-Vegetables1_zpsc1d2fd0b.jpg

Moving on… so produce buying is sort of a balancing act between what is available and reasonably priced at the farmers market and all the choices but not quite as locally-sourced foods at the smaller grocery stores. There are some discount produce markets around here that are open all week and year-round – those are a good “in between” option. Another in-between’er is our food buying club.

We joined this club… it’s kind of a combination of group buying (where a bunch of people go in on a big buy of something like 50 pounds of honey or a whole cow), bulk buying like Azure, and farmer cooperative. We have been getting just about all of our meat through the co-op farmers and have had good luck with random boxes of veggies. I recently ordered 15 pounds of coconut oil that I plan to turn into more toothpaste (imagine that!), soap, hair products, and maybe even food. When we all had bad colds a few weeks ago we nursed them with a couple bottles of elderberry syrup that I got for a good price through the club. I’d love to start getting sundries from the club, too, but right now I still go to the big grocery store for toilet paper, dishwasher soap, vinegar, epsom salt, aluminum foil, and paper towels (we have used washable towels more lately, and I have some strategies to eliminate paper towels altogether, but I haven’t been able to implement them yet).

Now my shopping order goes something like this…

  1. Food buying club weekly for milk, eggs, cheese; monthly for meat, bulk staples, bulk produce like lemons, garlic, onion, potatoes.
  2. Farmers market weekly for seasonal veggies (if the price is right) and “craft” items like vegan chocolate.
  3. Discount produce market weekly for more seasonal veggies (that were too expensive at the farmers market).
  4. Local grocery stores weekly or every other week for produce we couldn’t find already.
  5. Trader Joe’s, if we have to, maybe once a month (we get plain Joe’s O’s for lazy breakfasts a couple times a month, beer/wine, flowers, and other random stuff at TJ’s like more chocolate).
  6. Big grocery stores for paper products, maybe once a month.

Yes, we go to more than one store to get our food now. But we don’t go to every place in one day and ask you can see we don’t even go to every place each week. I have been going to the club weekly but I’d love to cut down to every other week if it weren’t for the fresh milk that we need to get every week (Baby2 loves milk and Kiddo1 has even been on a bit of a milk kick lately). I went to Safeway last week for the first time in at least a month. I needed toilet paper. They laughed at my reusable bags. It’s a different world at those grocery stores for me anymore!


Bra Switch-a-roo

Nursing bras are a fundamental part of successful breastfeeding. I’m lucky to have a few that I love but often it is a real struggle to find the right fit! If only some of the regular bras that we have come to know and love could be nursing bras, right?

Well, word on “the street” (meaning, the internet) is that Nordstrom will convert any bra, even a non-Nordstrom-purchased bra, into a nursing bra for a flat $10 fee. Amazing! I read about this initially on Science & Sensibility’s blog – here’s the post:

Happy last day of World Breastfeeding Week! Yesterday also marked the start of National Breastfeeding Month’s “20 Actions in 20 Days” campaign, an initiative to bring awareness, support and all kinds of good attention to breastfeeding. I hope to touch on at least a few of these topics in the coming weeks. Here’s the calendar from the USBC’s site:


Book Review: Petit Collage Deluxe Baby Book and Memory Box

PhotobucketSince the Humble Bumbles journal didn’t work out, I needed to find a replacement. I really wanted to buy a journal in a store so I could see it and judge it without having to buy it, even though I bought Humble Bumbles from a store and returned it anyway. Alas, I found the Petit Collage Deluxe Baby Book and Memory Box on Amazon after freaking out realizing that Humble Bumbles wasn’t a good fit. To my surprise, it not only arrived just before Baby2 was born but it is exactly what I’ve been looking for! Here’s why…

First, a recap what I’m looking for:

  • The journal needs to look nice, not too girly, not too baby. Gender-neutral is fine but a little girly without going over-the-top is nice, too.
  • Kiddo1’s baby book was formatted like a three-ring-binder, so I could add pages of pictures. It was also in a box so I could throw in other stuff like the hospital bracelet. This baby book needs to have some of that flexibility too.
  • The book can’t be religious, because Mr. Handsome and I aren’t religious and I feel like the book should definitely jive with our philosophical preferences (although that sounds way more heavy than it is, I think!).
  • Preferably only a year’s worth of pages to fill out, but it can go longer as long as the focus is the first year.
  • Also, there can’t be too much to fill out. I’d rather spend my time experiencing baby’s milestones than recording them!

Here’s what I love about this new journal, the Petit Collage Deluxe Baby Book and Memory Box:

  • It’s cute in an OMG-I’m-dying-from-the-cuteness way – super adorable baby bird motif that is not at all “too baby” but perfect for a baby! It could be gender-neutral but I think it leans to girly. Most importantly, it is not pastel pink, thank goodness!
  • PhotobucketThe book rests within a generously-sized box with a drawer to keep all the mementos. It comes with small and large vellum envelopes for giving precious objects a little extra protection. Like the vellum envelope in Humble Bumbles, these aren’t iron-clad containers, but within the protection of the box they just work just fine.
  • There is space for lots of pictures and the picture spots are thoughtfully placed. There’s even a piece of vellum between the month-by-month pages that have pictures facing each other (there’s only one page per month so the pictures could stick to each other without the vellum). There’s also enough room within the box’s drawer for a small photo album, if the picture count gets a little crazy.
  • This book is in no way religious, not even hinting at it. Fantastic.
  • The book only covers baby’s first year! So I don’t have to feel guilty about loosing track of keeping up with each birthday. Whew!
  • There aren’t too many blanks to fill in. Only a few “before baby” pages – one for mom, dad and a couple for the pregnancy. Then there’s a few birthday pages, a few “baby’s firsts” pages, pages for baby’s favorite things and then it’s on to the month-by-month section, with a page for every month containing a picture spot, height/weight and milestone blanks. In the back there are a couple pages for baby’s first birthday and a family tree.

I’m so in love with this journal right now that I can’t think of much I don’t like. One thing that jumps out at me is that, while there is a sheet of vellum between the months to protect the pictures, there isn’t a sheet between other opposing picture pages (baby’s first haircut and first bath pages face each other, for example). I can stick a piece of vellum in there myself, but it’d be nice if it was already attached. Oh, the price was a little steep, too; I found it on Amazon for $31 but suggested retail is $55! I don’t love this journal 55 dollars-worth.

Overall, a great find for blindly trusting the other Amazon reviewers!

Next Review: On Becoming Babywise by Gary Ezzo, MA and Robert Bucknam, MD

Book Review: Humble Bumbles Baby Journal

A good baby journal is a hard thing for me to find. I went to several stores to scope them out and I still didn’t get a home run on my first purchase, even though I tested this one out in the store. I have requirements to fulfill, just like I do for everything. I’m a hard one to please, what can I say?

Here are some of the things I am looking for in a journal:

  • The journal needs to look nice, not too girly, not too baby. Gender-neutral is fine but a little girly without going over-the-top is nice, too.
  • Kiddo1’s baby book was formatted like a three-ring-binder, so I could add pages of pictures. It was also in a box so I could throw in other stuff like the hospital bracelet. This baby book needs to have some of that flexibility too.
  • The book can’t be religious, because Mr. Handsome and I aren’t religious and I feel like the book should definitely jive with our philosophical preferences (although that sounds way more heavy than it is, I think!).
  • Preferably only a year’s worth of pages to fill out, but it can go longer as long as the focus is the first year.
  • Also, there can’t be too much to fill out. I’d rather spend my time experiencing baby’s milestones than recording them!

Sorry I didn’t get any inside shots while I had this!

After perusing the selections at several bookstores, I picked up The Humble Bumbles Baby Journal. Here are some things I like about Humble Bumbles:

  • No pastels! This book has a nice color scheme. It’s also gender-neutral, which wasn’t exactly a requirement for me, but I wouldn’t want the book to be too feminine either.
  • There’s a generous pocket for the trinkets that I would throw in Kiddo1’s box journal. However it is made of flimsy vellum paper and could tear easily. Three-dimensional objects won’t fit too well (you could get a flat hospital bracelet in there but not a little hat or sock or something).
  • There are appropriate blanks to fill out, but there aren’t too many and the blanks aren’t too long. There are only a couple pages that might be meant for pre-birth, which is great because I don’t want to focus too much on that either. It’s a book about the baby after all!
  • The attached growth chart. We always meant to keep one for Kiddo1, but I never thought to keep one on paper. As a child, mine was on a post in my basement. We never moved until I was in middle school. I knew we’d be moving a bit while Kiddo1 was growing (surprisingly enough, though, we’re only on our fourth place since he was born, if you count that apartment will lived in for the first month).

Things I don’t like:

  • The characters and the graphics in the book are a little too… cutesy. Not good cute, kind of cheesy cute. I could look past this because the book is for a baby, after all, but it’s for Mr. Handsome and me, too. Maybe more for us than for her, really.
  • There’s a page in each section for a picture, but it’s a small page. I would like more room for photo and memento space.
  • This book is a little too religious for my taste. The focus of the book is not religion per se, but there are quotes at the bottom of every other page and a good majority of them are bible quotes. There’s a little angel character that shows up now and then; again, not a focus, but it’s there.
  • This is a three-year journal, but the pages for years two and three are minimal, meant to be filled out at the little one’s birthdays. Kiddo1’s baby journal was like this and I never filled these pages out. I guess I had other things going on…

In the end, I couldn’t get over the religious tones of the book, so I ended up returning it and buying another. I was on the fence for awhile but ultimately I need something that suits my family preferences. Still, this would have been a fine book if I had to keep it. It’s good to know there are more options out there!

A note about options, though: it’s really hard to find baby journals at your typical Barnes & Noble-type bookstore. They had a very small section of books at two stores I visited in my area. Ultimately I wound up purchasing a journal at Amazon, sight-unseen. Perhaps a Babies-R-Us-type store would have more of a selection, but then I kind of doubt that too.

Next Review: Petit Collage Deluxe Baby Book and Memory Box

Tie Tuesday


Well, don’t I look triumphant? This was the first official day of maternity leave and a day or two before the anxiety had set in of wondering when this baby would come. Happy day!

It’s been hot this week and we don’t have air conditioning so jeans are pretty much off the clothing menu. Plus, I’m kind of afraid to put them on anyway! What if they don’t fit anymore? I don’t want to face the idea of it! But these shorts from the Gap worked fairly well, although by the end of the day, sitting in them was getting a tad uncomfortable. Still, it felt good to get at least one more wear out of these shorts, since I did only buy them like two months ago. Perhaps they’ll come in handy for the first couple postpartum weeks, too?

I went for this purple tank from Old Navy for some color – and to keep me cool as well! The Forever 21 necklace gave me a good “bling” feeling, too, although by the heat of 4:00 or so it had to go.



Knocking on my belly, starting to wonder when she’s going to come out! She doesn’t respond to knocking though – or any of the other tactics I’ve tried to coax her out!

In keeping with trying to stay cool, I steered away from pants again on Tuesday. This outfit is all Old Navy, except for the shoes. These Kenneth Cole Reaction sandals are apparently my go-to shoes of the week: they are comfortable to walk in and they let my toes be as free as can be! Plus I might as well take advantage of being able to sandal-it-up to my heart’s content now that I’m away from the office (not that being in the office really stopped me from wearing these, but I couldn’t get away with it every day I suppose).

This Old Navy skirt hadn’t been a favorite at first, but the last couple weeks I’ve been loving it. It’s loose and flowy, which makes me feel a little pretty, plus it’s a nice soft cotton. And it keeps me cool! Plus the waistband is super stretchy so it is not at all constraining, even as I continue to grow! Score!


Feeling pretty down on Wednesday, but I got up and dressed myself anyway! I’m slouching a little in this picture, but I think my belly still looks pretty low. It’s hard to tell – some days she seems at her normal height and some days, like Wednesday, I can feel her little bottom has sunk down a couple inches at least. I suppose she just hasn’t made up her mind yet!

On Wednesday we went to the science museum and this man told me I was having a boy. It was kind of awkward. But I guess that means my belly is looking pretty compact lately? He went on about his grandchildren and what not… Strangers are funny.

Anyway. this shirt is more Old Navy. It has a little sparkle mixed in with the print (although it’s hard to tell in this photo). People always seem to like the sparkle!

The straight skirt is knit from Forever/Love 21’s defunct maternity line. I like that it can sit above or below my belly. Nice versatility!


By Thursday, I needed to feel pretty. It’s funny, I don’t feel as big as I think I look sometimes. I catch myself in the mirror and I’m shocked at how big the bump is! But when I’m just sitting or walking around I don’t feel big at all. Especially when I’m laying down, I sometimes forget the bump is there. Weird.

I love this Old Navy dress. It’s so soft, I love the cut on the sides that pull the dress back to my body from the “waist” down (“waist” being defined as below the bump, in this case). This simple trick makes me feel like I don’t look huge, which is always a bonus! Some of my dresses that just hang straight down from the bump have gotten the, well, bump from my wardrobe lately. They just make me look so much bigger than I feel! And that’s not going to help anything right now!

To dress this up I added these two long necklaces, one from Target and one from Forever. These two necklaces always seem to go together, and lately they’ve been a handy set for any outfit I want to dress up a bit.


I needed to feel really pretty on Friday, as it was my due date and nothing was happening! I put on make-up and everything! It’s nice that my mind feels a little bit better when I do something as simple as dress nicely for the day. It only takes a few more minutes in the morning but the effect lasts all day!

I did discover that all my shoes are now too tight so I didn’t wear these pink flats for long. I changed into some bronze sandals but I was too lazy to take another picture. The dress only made it a little over half the day, too, until I changed into my Old Navy skirt and a tank because it was hot! Plus, this dress is one of those that just hangs from my bump, so I wasn’t too excited about it. It’s nice for the midwife’s office (which was the main event Friday morning) – easy access to the bump with this wrap style!

So that concludes week one of maternity leave. I’m writing this on Sunday and, of course, there’s no baby yet. I plan on keeping Tie Tuesday alive until Baby2 arrives, so who knows? Maybe we’ll have a Tie Tuesday post next week. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for not having one though!

Tie Tuesday

It’s the last-week-of-work Tie Tuesday post!


This week was really the first time that I seriously felt like I was running out of clothes. I know I have more than enough to choose from, but… still. My messed up not-wanting-to-make-decisions mind thinks I’m out of clothes. But somehow, I managed not to walk around naked all week. Score.

On Monday I went for comfort. This grey Forever 21 shirt is a long, non-maternity shirt that has proven quite useful over the last few months. It is soft and stretchy – just what I need! Plus it has pockets! Who doesn’t like that?

I also wore my $6 Forever 21 (actually Love 21) maternity jeans. You know what is totally awesome about these jeans? I only wore them for a few months and I don’t feel like I need to sell them to make myself feel better about spending the money on them! I can’t say the same for a couple pair of jeans that I had dropped some good cash for, wore in early pregnancy and then quickly grew out of them. Those need to hit ebay STAT! Who am I kidding, I should have sold them off already!


On Tuesday my team at work hosted a going-away potluck for me (on Tuesday, not Friday, because half the team was going to be out on vacation after the 4th). They’re so sweet, and the food was awesome!

I know I should wear something non-constraining on potluck days, because it’s a food fest all day, starting with donuts in the morning and ending with some kind of ice cream treat in the afternoon. We are a spoiled bunch!

My friend gave me this shirt (and a bunch of her other clothes!) because it no longer fits her – she’s been working out a ton and looks amazing! But she didn’t want her bigger clothes to go to waste. Good thing I can use them! Perfect timing, too, since I’ve had these “I’ve got nothing to wear” feelings.

I put it with this cotton Old Navy skirt, these Kenneth Cole Reaction sandals and a Forever 21 cuff. And I ate to my heart’s content.


Wednesday was the 4th of July and I was all set to go all red, white and blue with my blue Forever 21 necklace (another piece that I bought on a whim and haven’t worn until now), my white tanks and a red belt. But when I got dressed the red belt was no where to be found! Sad face. Maybe it was getting tattered so I tossed it. I know I’ve had it for awhile but I would think I’d remember getting rid of it! Oh well, blue and white was all I was going to get.

I added some summer yellow bright shoes to the mix and, later, a yellow cardigan for the fireworks viewing.

This blue necklace is kind of cool – it’s four strands of metal covered in blue plastic and those strands are woven with a thin metal chain. I should take a close-up picture of it, but I didn’t. I never know what to wear this necklace with, though. I guess I don’t feel like it goes with much of what I have. But it’s Forever so I only spent like $5 on it anyway. Still worth it for at least one day of wear!


I feel baby’s head really low in my pelvis, the midwife says it’s super low, but I don’t think it looks like baby has dropped at all. I guess they do say that the second baby sometimes doesn’t drop until labor starts, but since it has been nine years since my last pregnancy, I kind of thought that wouldn’t apply to me. Oh well, as long as her head is down low enough that she won’t flip to breech, I’m good!

This shirt/tunic is another non-maternity dress-turned-shirt. It is working hard with its stretch but, hey, it still covers me which is all I can ask for at this point! It and the belt (that always gets mistaken for a necktie) are both from Old Navy. So are these jeans, too. Well, I do tend to go all-outfit with my stores sometimes, don’t I? “My stores” being Old Navy and Forever 21, of course.

I also wore these Steve Madden tweed heels. By the time I got to work in the morning I was seriously questioning why I wore heels, but my feet didn’t really hurt. They just started to swell a bit by the time I got home. I didn’t take my usual lunch walk but that’s just the price I had to pay for getting to wear my cute shoes!


Ah, the last day of work before leave. It was kind of a bittersweet day! One that I figured I might as well dress up a little for, since I won’t have much of a need to “go professional” for the next 10 weeks.

People were so, so sweet on Friday. I got lots of compliments and well-wishes. I have appreciated all of my office mates so much in the last few months. To be honest, I was a little afraid of people’s comments going into this pregnancy. I mean, people can say some pretty mindless things to pregnant women. But everyone has been amazing and so complimentary – it’s a great office of kind people. No horror stories or questions about my size or anything! Whew!

I wore a knit skirt from the now-defunct Forever/Love 21 maternity line (good thing I got it and the $6 jeans when I did!) with a Gap favorite tee. The tee isn’t maternity and is pretty damn short now, but with the high-waisted skirt you can’t see that at all. This Forever 21 belt helps make a nice transition between skirt and tee. Plus I think it sort of matches these neutral Report wedges.


Tie Tuesday


Everyone likes a little color to liven up a Monday, right? Well, I do. So I wore this hot pink shirt from Old Navy, which is finally starting to fit pretty well! Good thing since I’ve only got a couple more weeks to wear it.

Over the weekend I stopped by the actual Forever 21 store (as opposed to the online store, which I typically frequent). I was looking for cheap accessories (and scoping out the non-maternity clothes, in the hopes that I can wear them soon!). I found this silver multi-strand necklace. It’s big and a little sparkly! It fits nicely with all the scoop-neck maternity shirts (why are there no crew-neck shirts?!).

These maternity jeans are from Old Navy. I think they’re probably my favorite pair of maternity jeans. I like the soft maternity band and how it fits nicely below my belly, without restricting me at all.

And these grey flats are by Report, one of my favorite Ross finds of all time ($15!).


Speaking of nice-fitting pants, these Old Navy trousers also fit nicely. They are the “real waist” style so they have a button and a real zipper fly and all that real pants stuff! And I can wear a belt with them (a size XL belt, but a belt nonetheless!).

This t-shirt is from the Gap. It’s very soft and is still long enough to cover me! It is maternity, though, so I should hope it can still fit well enough. It’s usually my evening/lounging shirt but I’m running out of things to wear to work lately. (I didn’t realize how huge it made my boobs look until now, though.)

To dress up this soft t-shirt, I wore a couple long necklaces. The black and silver one is from Target and the three-strand silver one is from Forever (of course).

These pants are long enough for heels, but I felt like sandals on Tuesday, so I had to roll the pants up a bit. Sure, flip flops aren’t entirely work appropriate but they’re nice enough, right? These are Kenneth Cole Reaction.


More Old Navy and Forever 21 today! Yes, my post-maternity wardrobe will need to be more diverse. Perhaps I will cut back on my online shopping. Perhaps… (but Old Navy did just come out with a whole bunch of summer dresses that I am lusting after. Why must they tease me?)

This is an Old Navy dress, paired with a Forever 21 cardigan (gotta keep those shoulders covered at work!) and necklace. These flats are from Target. Boom, my three favorite stores, all in one outfit. Not a lot of planning required there, I suppose!

I’ve been experimenting a little with my hair lately. I’ve started wearing actual bangs and tucking my “ear pieces” back. As it gets longer I have to do more to it. It’s kind of nice, though, having more hair to play with. I still haven’t decided if I’m growing it all the way out or not – I could go in for a trim and chop it all off again – but for now it’s just growing, doing its thing.


I almost left the house without these leggings on, and that would have been a big mistake seeing how short this dress is in this photo! (Plus, Mr. Handsome saw me bend over before I left for work and said something like, “That’s nice, but I wouldn’t bend over like that at work.” Isn’t he sweet?) Of course I had to pull the leggings out of the hospital bag, but it was worth it! They promptly went back in the bag at the end of the day (I’m planning to wear leggings and Mr. Handsome’s shirt during my hospital stay).

This green dress is from Target. It is soft and comfortable and quite forgiving, too, so it will come in handy post-maternity. Plus it’s probably going to be a good nursing dress too! What with it’s low-cut neckline and everything.

This hard-working belt is from Old Navy – poor thing almost gets folded in half since it’s smashed between my belly and boobs. I’m trying to convince myself that she’s dropping a bit but they I take off my poor folded belt and I regress a little! I adjusted the belt for this picture so it will look somewhat normal.


I was all set to wear this dress a little higher, but the band still sort of fit around my belly so I wore it normal style. Good for me because I’m much more of a fan of the maxi length than the tea length I would have had if I had adjusted the belt height. Of course, the waistband is working pretty darn hard, but it fits!

I really love this necklace – I never get to wear it since I don’t wear a lot of brown. It’s from Old Navy and I feel like I’ve had it forever. Well, seven or eight years at least, I think. It’s got a mother-of-pearl-like round pendant that is engraved with a swirly sort of design.

My Gap jean jacket, of course making an appearance to make me work-appropriate, since this is a sleeveless dress. Finishing it off are these bronze-ish flats from Target.

And that’s what covered me during my 38th week! Happy Tie Tuesday!

Tie Tuesday

Welcome to Tie Tuesday! For background, check out the prologue post.


We have had the weirdest weather up here in the Pacific Northwest this week. A couple days it was 80, a couple days were 60 and rainy. Summer just keeps flirting with us. What a tease.

Over the weekend, the weather was quite pleasant so I sported a big of a sunburn on my arms and nose come Monday. Luckily the red nose doesn’t stand out too much in this picture but at the office I was slightly self-conscious about it.

Does black minimize the intensity of a sunburn? If white intensifies it than maybe black does the opposite. Either way, I went for black on Monday – this tunic, doubling as a maternity shirt, is from (say it with me) Forever 21. The bronzish snaps reminded me of this bronze necklace from Target so I coupled them up. Don’t they make a cute couple?

Of course I needed more Forever 21 gear so these maternity jeans are also a Forever (Love 21) find – yes, they are the $6 pair and yes I will say that every time. Because I’m so damn proud of the find.


Tie Tuesday day! I purchased this pencil/straight skirt from the Gap a month (or so?) ago. I’m probably crazy to buy more maternity clothes so late in the game, so I’m trying to get my money’s worth. It’s getting snug at the waist so I’d better get use of it while I can! Any skirt with pockets is worth even one wear to me, though. Designers need to put pockets in more dresses and skirts!

To cover up any ill-fitting bits of this skirt, this purple maternity tank does the job. It’s from Old Navy and still fits really well, thank goodness. Plus it’s purple and I seem to be on a purple kick lately! Oh and it’s soft too. I like Old Navy’s tanks.

These purple heels from Madden Girl are one of my favorite pair of heels. The color is fun and they have a little ruffle all along the foot opening part (I have no idea what to call that part of the shoe!). They’re fairly comfy, too, and not too hard to walk in because they’re only about three inches tall, or less.

I believe this necklace is Forever 21, most likely!


This black maxi (Old Navy) is starting to become my favorite long dress. It’s a really good maternity dress because it has ruching on the side that draws the below-the-belly part of the dress back in. This way the dress doesn’t just hang from the widest part of my body. Much better than the other Old Navy dress I have (it’s a grey one with hot pink and fuchsia and is becoming not-so-flattering).

Because this is a tank-style dress, I wore it with my jean jacket, my go-to shoulder cover for summer in the office! It’s a Gap jean jacket and I’ve had it for so long I can’t remember when I got it. High school? Early college? Beats me, it’s pointless to guess.

Anyway, I wore it all with these Kenneth Cole sandals whose cuteness you cannot see because of this long dress. It isn’t the dress’s fault, I should have taken a better picture! At least my purple toenails get to make an appearance! I hardly ever wear sandals to work anymore!

Also pictured is another Forever 21 necklace (of course!).


This is a nursing dress from Old Navy. I like it well enough because it has all the goodness of my other Old Navy garments – softness, good color, decent fit, good price. This one is also great because it’s long enough to be office-appropriate at this point!

I bought this dress because of it’s nice purple color (see, totally a purple week!) but it has this weird bow-like twist thing that I don’t like. I always work cover the weird part with a belt of some sort. This time, this white scarf fulfilled the belt role. It’s nice to have a belt there anyway (as long as it isn’t some super cheesy bow-twist thing!). It gives the dress more shape and definition.

We’ll see what I end up doing with it when it’s time to use it as an actual nursing dress. It will certainly come in handy this summer when it’s hot and the boob has to be accessible.

I also wore my best neutral shoes, these wedges by Report.


Max would just not leave me alone so I made him sit down to be my picture buddy. It always takes a couple tries to get him to pose facing the camera, though. Good puppy!

Anyway, it was back to cold on Friday so I bundled up in my Doc Martin boots. Nice and cozy!

Another Old Navy find was this striped shirt – $5 on clearance! I think I bought this one almost exactly a year ago, when I was cruising the maternity section for dirt-cheap finds (and stuffing them in the back of my closet and trying not to forget about them). Also from Old Navy are these maternity jeans.

I don’t often bust out my “teacher necklace” but it seemed to be a good fit for Friday. It’s from Forever 21! Shocking, I know!

There you have it, dressing myself in my 37th week of pregnancy!

Tie Tuesday


Last weekend I got a bit of a sunburn – I have a bright red nose for most of the week! I can’t seem to stay out of the sun now that it is here. Thank goodness! I was starting to think summer would never arrive.

In keeping with the warm, bright weather I’m trying to have bright attire this week. This orange Old Navy shirt is a good start! It is starting to fit a little less loosely. It will probably last all the way until the end… as long as I continue to have pants that will accompany it!

I can still wear these non-maternity Forever 21 jeans, so that isn’t so bad. They still feel pretty good but the zipper won’t quite stay closed because the rise is being pushed down by my belly! All the legs on my jeans are starting to feel tight, though. Everything is starting to swell a bit, despite my best efforts. Maybe I need to start taking more baths?

These yellow sandals are from Zappos; I think they’re by Bandolino or something like that.


I’m loving these black pants from Old Navy more and more. They fit really well and are nice and soft, but they look nice for work, too. The only problem is that they collect lint super fast. I wore them to dinner on Saturday night, too, and it almost looked like my cloth napkin was still on my lap when I stood up – that much lint! I have discovered that my lint roller is indeed more productive than wrapping masking tape around my hand.

This Old Navy shirt still fits – score! It’s getting a little short but it’ll work for a while longer, I hope. I seem to be rejoicing when anything fits lately. I know a few things are on their way out already!

The black necklace is from Target – it’s a long necklace doubled up to fit above the neckline of this shirt. These shoes are super old – they’re black wedges by Report I think (I’m feeling too lazy to go check the brands of my shoes today!). They were Zappos finds, of course. Zappos is my favorite shoe store (I’m an online shopping addict!).


I took the day off work Wednesday for Kiddo1’s last day of third grade. It was a little chilly and I knew I’d be outside for a good part of the day (walking with the neighborhood kids to school in the morning, eating a picnic lunch at the school, hanging in the playground after school and walking back with all the kids in the afternoon). So I wore a sweater just in case things got chilly, and so I didn’t have to bring a coat with me. I certainly kept it bright though!

This cardigan is a little big so I like to belt it to keep it from flapping all over the place. Underneath I wore a couple Old Navy tanks – I’ve got to layer them otherwise my big ol’ flat belly button is even more obvious! Sometimes a tiny bit of it will stick out too. It’s rather amusing to Mr. Handsome.

These are also Old Navy jeans. Sheesh, other than the belt and shoes I think this whole outfit is Old Navy. Damn their constant emailed coupons on maternity sales! They sucked me in every time… I finally had to start blocking them!


This shirt is from Forever 21 and it is clearly working very hard to keep me covered. A couple of the beads on the front popped off while I was in the car. I’m sure that’s totally the seat belt’s fault… This shirt is a year or two old so maybe it’s just getting worn. It is from Forever 21, after all. It isn’t going to last, well, forever! Hahahaha…

The black skirt is another piece from Old Navy. It’s one of those soft cotton skirts with the rolling waistline thing. It is maternity but I don’t see why it wouldn’t work later on this summer, too. We’ll see how that goes. I like things to be versatile dang it!

These are my token black flats, of course, my Rocket Dog flats. The insoles on these are getting a little worn but they’re still holding up on the outside! I keep telling myself to get new black flats but I can’t bring myself to do it when these are still holding strong. I’m running out of shoe space anyway! Not a bad dilemma to have I suppose.


I’ve been dealing with my growing hair all week by styling myself some bangs, but on Friday I was just too lazy to do it! I haven’t used the blow dryer for almost a year, so you’d think blow drying a small part of my hair (bangs only) wouldn’t be so tiring! So I just pulled my bangs back into a couple pins for Friday. Works for me!

My favorite Banana Republic blazer officially can no longer be buttoned, but that doesn’t matter much to me. I can still wear it to dress up my tank top and jeans!

This pink tank is from Old Navy (of course) and is layered with another tank (of course) so my belly button isn’t on display for everyone to gawk at. Haha.

These jeans are the $6 Forever 21 maternity jeans that I love to point on the price on (they’re from the Love 21 maternity line before it was discontinued last year). I love a $6 jeans deal.

These gray Report flats were another great deal find, this time from Ross. The pink pearl necklace was my grandmothers. Yay for deals!